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AngularJs Training

  • Introduction to Single-Page-Apps (SPA)
  • Fitment of AngularJS
  • How AngularJS Web App Works
  • Bindings: declarative connections between data and on-screen
  • Angular Expressions
  • Controllers
  • Scopes
    • Root Scope
    • Isolated Scopes
  • Understanding Digest Loop
  • Routing
    • Simple Routing
    • Nested Routing
  • filters
    • Inbuilt Filters
    • Writing custom filters
  • Forms and validation
  • Organizing your code with modules i.e. MVW*
  • Dependency injection
  • Get Data from Web Services
  • Services
    • Inbuilt Services
    • Writing your own Services
    • Types of custom Services
  • Directives
    • Inbuilt Directives
    • Writng your own Custom Directives
  • Events and event propagation
  • Concept of Promises in Detail
  • Using Defered Objects
  • Assignment after every session

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Course Module Course Duration
Angular Js 30-40 (Hours )




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