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Big Data Hadoop Practical Training

  • Big Data Overview
  • How to Process Big Data?
  • What is Hadoop?
  • Features and Elements of Hadoop
  • Uses of Hadoop
  • Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Data Analytics Structure
  • Rdbms Vs Hadoop
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Importance Of Hdfs
  • Hdfs Features
  • Daemons Of Hadoop
    • Name Node
    • Data Node
    • Secondary Name Node
    • Job Tracker
    • Task Tracker
  • Hadoop 2x Configuration Files
  • Data Storage In Hdfs
  • Accessing Hdfs
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Hdfs Federation
  • Understand Hadoop Mapreduce Framework
  • Working With Mapreduce In Hdfs
  • Concepts Of Input Splits, Combiner And Partitioner And Demos In Mapreduce
  • Traditional Wav S Mapreduce Way
  • Why Mapreduce
  • Hadoop 2x Mapreduce Architecture And Components
  • Yarn Workflow
  • How Mapreduce Works
  • Mapreduce Algorithms
  • Writing Mapreduce Program
  • 3mapper And Reducer
  • Input And Output Format In Mapreduce
  • Data Localization
  • Hadoop I/O
  • Understanding Pig
  • Pig Use Cases
  • Pig Vs Mapreduce
  • Pig Scripting And Running Modes
  • Programming Structure In Pig
  • Data Types In Pig
  • Execution Modes In Pig
  • Loading Data And Exploring Pig
  • Latin Commands
  • Learn About Hive Concepts
  • Data Types In Hive
  • Loading And Querying Data In Hive
  • Hive Scripts And Udf
  • Hive Vs Pig
  • Hive Architecture And Components
  • Partitions And Buckets
  • Hive Vs Rdbms
  • Introduction To Hbase
  • Advanced Hive Concepts
  • Hbase Architecture And Design
  • Hbase Vs Rdbms
  • Read And Write Pipeline
  • Hbase Commands
  • Hbase Shell
  • Client Api And Data Loading Techniques
  • Zoopkeeper Service
  • Hadoop Integration
  • Introduction to Talend
  • Loading Data From Rdbms Into Hdfs Using Sqoop and Talend
  • Managing Real Time Data Using Flume
  • Other Important Data Analysis Features with Hadoop Elements
  • Solving Big Data Issues
  • Discussing Data Sets
  • Live Training Under Expert Supervision
  • Module Wise Assignments

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Course Course Duration
Big Data Hadoop 50 – 60 Hours
Note: Service Tax Applicable on all Course Module



What is the difference between Hadoop and Traditional RDBMS?
On what concept the Hadoop framework works?
What is Hadoop streaming?
Differentiate between Structured and Unstructured data.
What are the main components of a Hadoop Application?
What is the best hardware configuration to run Hadoop?


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