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  • Overview of Selenium
  • Java Setup
  • eclipse setup
  • why java for selenium
  • First eclipse project
  • First Java Program
  • Concept of Java class
  • Data types in java
  • String class, if statement, Loops, Array
  • Practical usage of array and loops in selenium
  • Local variable, Global variable
  • Static/Non static variable/function
  • Object creation
  • constructors
  • Call by reference and call by value
  • OOPS-Inheritance, overriding, overloading, Object class
  • Packages, Access modifies
  • Exception handling -Exception/Error, different type of exception
  • Collection API
  • Practical usage of Java concept in concept in selenium
  • Reading writing text file
  • POI api, reading and writing in XLS
  • Reading from XML file
  • Junit/TESTNG overview
  • JUNIT configuration
  • JUNIT annotations
  • Skipping Test
  • Parameterization
  • Assertion
  • What is ANT
  • JUNIT-Maven
  • HTML Report generation Using ANT
  • Overview of TESTNG
  • TestNG annotations
  • Parameterization
  • Grouping of test
  • Setting priority
  • skipping test
  • Report Generation
Listeners and custom reporting
  • Installation of IDE
  • Recording of script
  • Running script
  • Wait
  • Verification/Assertion
  • User Extension
  • Regular expression
  • RC introduction
  • Overview of webdriver
  • configuration
  • Drivers for FF.IE, Chrome
  • Firepath and firebug addon installation
  • Inspecting element in FF, IE and chrome
  • Finding element
  • Absolute and relative xpath
  • cssSelector as compare to xpath
  • Handling dynamic object/ids on the page
  • Handling Alert
  • Handling multiple windows
  • Close and quite difference
  • Open and navigate
  • Overview of is data driven framework, keyword and Hybrid
  • Why framework is required?
  • Framework generation and structure design
  • Test case creation
  • xml
  • Create util function, validation function
  • Report and logging
  • Screenshot
  • Reading from XLS
  • Run with ANT
  • Overview of page object mode
  • Page object model practical use
  • Build maven project
  • build page classes
  • Build base page classes
  • Create complete structure of framework
  • Execution
  • Overview of webdriver3
  • Queries session?
  • Technical Assignments (4 Assignments)
  • Aptitude Test Papers like (HCL, IBM, Wipro etc.)
  • Resume Design by Dedicated Placement Cell
  • Mockup Interview by Corporate Professionals
  • Schedule Interview with valid reference in Software Companies
  • Candidate Analysis (RCA), if candidate is not getting the job

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Automation Testing – Selenium Course 35-40 (Hours)




What is Selenium and what is composed of?
How will you find an element using Selenium?
What is the use of X-path?
What is Selenium 2.0 ?
Explain what is assertion in Selenium and what are the types of assertion?
What is the difference between verify and assert commands?

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