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AngularJs Training

  • Introduction to Single-Page-Apps (SPA)
  • Fitment of AngularJS
  • How AngularJS Web App Works
  • Bindings: declarative connections between data and on-screen
  • Angular Expressions
  • Controllers
  • Scopes
    • Root Scope
    • Isolated Scopes
  • Understanding Digest Loop
  • Routing
    • Simple Routing
    • Nested Routing
  • filters
    • Inbuilt Filters
    • Writing custom filters
  • Forms and validation
  • Organizing your code with modules i.e. MVW*
  • Dependency injection
  • Get Data from Web Services
  • Services
    • Inbuilt Services
    • Writing your own Services
    • Types of custom Services
  • Directives
    • Inbuilt Directives
    • Writng your own Custom Directives
  • Events and event propagation
  • Concept of Promises in Detail
  • Using Defered Objects
  • Assignment after every session
  • Modules,Components,expressions & ng-model
  • 1-way-2-way binding, interpolations, template binding, cloning & event binding .
  • @Input, @Output & Eventemitters.
  • Angular Component Life Cycle.
  • Providers, Services, and Dependency Injection.
  • SPA(Single Page Application) using Routing.
  • Validation using Angular forms.
  • Making HTTP POST calls to REST service (WebAPI) using Angular 2.
  • Lazy loading using Angular 2.
  • Use WebPack for Angular 2 application.
  • HashLocation strategy

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Please find the Angular Js Training Duration

Course Module Course Duration
Angular Js 30-40 (Hours )




What is the best way to learn AngularJS?

There are many ways you can learn Angular JS which include watching online video tutorials practising on your personal computer or through joining a respected training institute for the Angular JS training course. Online video tutorials on one of the best ways to learn the open source Java framework however your learnings would be Limited due to lack of communication interaction between the teacher. Furthermore, you won't be able to practice your learning on your computer as you will require the help of an expert. Therefore the best way to learn Angular JS is by joining SLA consultants India where you will receive proper training using this effective tool.

Which is the best institute for Angularjs training?

There are many training institutes in Delhi for Angular JS, claiming to be one of the best and leading training facility available. However, only a few of them have the reputation in the market for providing the most trustworthy and industry focused Angular JS knowledge. SLA consultants India is one of those highly reputed and immensely experienced Angular JS training institutes who have strengthened the career of many Aspiring Java developers and assisted them in acquiring a decent job opportunity in the field. We have been on the market for over seven years and with our responsive training, thousands of candidates have become a professional Java developer using Angular JS within a matter of months.

Which is the best free JS and AngularJS tutorial?

Some of the free and most reliable JS tutorials are provided from code academy, learn Street, Khan Academy, code combat, code Avengers.
Where is best and free Angular JS tutorials include code School, egghead Komal learn angular Angular JS a comprehensive guide NG newsletter, shaping up with AngularJS, tutorials point and learn angular beta.
Using these above mentioned tutorials you can easily learn Angular JS, however, it would be highly recommended to use the help of a professional for teaching.

What are the best AngularJS tutorials for beginners?

Learning Angular JS could be very troublesome through its official documentation, however, video based tutorials offer some convenience in learning. Below are provided with some of the best Angular JS tutorials for beginners which will help them understand the basic concepts of the framework and proceed towards advanced features.

  • Year of Moo
  • Angular JS on code academy
  • AngularJS tutorial on tutorials-point
  • Angular JS tutorial by Todd motto
  • Angular JS from beginner to expert
  • Angular JS in 60 minutes
  • Egghead
  • Intro to angular
  • And shaping up with angular.

You can choose any of these tutorials which would offer you clear insight on the working of Angular JS from the beginner's point of you.

How to master Javascript and AngularJS ?

You can master Javascript and Angular JS by attending a reliable training course provided by the best and reputed training institutes. There are many online and in-house Javascript and Angular JS Training courses provided by many institutes, however, SLA Consultants India offers the best of both. During the course, it is highly necessary to practice your learning by developing any blog, website or application, which is simple enough. Use internet tutorials to improve your learning and increase your level of understanding. Take the help of your friends and teachers to build something big. Clear your doubts and proceed with your practice. It is necessary to experiment with your work to learn new concepts. Once completed, share it with your colleagues and teachers and ask for a review.

Angular JS is front end or back end?

Angular JS is a front-end framework which is used for creating a single page application to enhance the performance of the website. It is a powerful JavaScript Framework developed by Google in order to identify the issues programmers face during the development of web page applications. Whenever requests are made from the website the user will receive the file from the front end. It helps in fast navigation between pages in web browser.

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