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Selenium is an open source portable software testing framework designed for web applications which offers record and playback tool for testing without the need to learn test scripting language. SLA Consultants India offers the most reliable and placement focused quality Selenium Training to the students who wants to learn all the concepts of Selenium that includes Selenium IDE, Selenium Client API, Remote control, WebDriver and Grid. Our course is designed to cover the basic and advanced level of selenium course, which helps the students to get better placement in MNC companies.  SLA Consultants India provides the student with the platform they need to become a professional software tester with our quality and real time Selenium Training Course.

Programme Highlights


Industry acceptable certification for all training which help fresher/Experienced to up-skill at corporate.

Experienced Faculty

Lead Test Engineer will provide real time project based training for Selenium Testing.

Placement Assistance

After completion of 70% training our dedicated placement team arrange interview till placement.

Lab Facility

Practical Training help to gain exposure like corporate level with technical test series.

Workshop Sessions

Real time projects & best case study makes SLA workshop very unique and lively for learners.

Admin Support

For Learner's, Our admin team fresh batch schedule/re-scheduling classes/arrange doubt classes.

Selenium is a highly useful and widely utilized software testing tool developed by Jason Hugging in 2004. This course is specifically designed including vital concepts like Java, Selenium features, Ajax, testing, debugging, building and running test cases, which will enable the participant to garner deep knowledge on how to use the tool to benefit their respective company. SLA Consultants India possesses some great trainers who have immense expertise and experience in teaching that will be responsible for guiding the students to the success. We offer flexible timings, quality lab facility, hands-on experience, latest and competitive course materials and live projects to make sure you become a professional in no time.

We understand that every business organization needs to build innovative and unique web applications and for that software testing is one thing they can’t overlook. Thus, the scope of selenium is broad and we make sure every student takes this opportunity to get the best out of it. Our Short Term Job Oriented Training Course will get you the best exposure required to enlist as an expert software tester in any MNC company. The duration of the course is 2 - 2.5 months and anyone who have the will to learn programming and web development can opt this course. Once the course is finished, the participant can get 100% job placement in any of our reputed associated industry for a good salary package.

  • Since Selenium is free and open source tool, it is used by thousands of organizations, giving a fair amount of opportunity to aspiring programmers and software testers.
  • Supports Ajax and CSS applications in automated testing.
  • Support testing in multiple browsers and major operating system and contain playback and record facility.
  • Incredible for GUI Intelligent field selection
  • Selenium IDE can be used to record scripting languages, which makes it easier for the tester to give commands.
  • Highly used to create bug reproduction scripts.
  • Very easy to learn and operate. Anyone with basic web application knowledge can learn Selenium easily.
  • Perform more work in less time.

Selenium Training is a must for every aspiring tester as it would give them needed comprehension and knowledge to crack interviews and perform end to end operations in software testing with accuracy.  SLA Consultants India provides this course at a very reasonable rate in a very short span of time. We also provide students with access to our 24/7 online forum and tutorial where they can learn more by clearing their doubts at any time of the day. Thus, if you are looking for a genuine platform to fulfill you dreams of becoming a web developer and tester, then Selenium Training Course by SLA Consultants India is just what you need.

Course Duration: 35 - 40 HRS with Highly Skilled Corporate Trainers
(Selenium Training) for 11 Modules - Weekdays / Weekend


Do you know the solutions of following?
  • How to design automation frameworks? What are the key considerations, while designing an automation framework?
  • What are the different automation methodologies?
  • How object identification works in Selenium and other functional automation tools?
  • How to build small utilities that will ease your day to day work and distinguish you from other professional.
  • How build and code management work for Selenium? How maven works for Selenium?
  • Do you want to just record and playback or want to be a code bee?
  • How to install, customize and use different tools for Selenium such as Selenium IDE, Web-driver, Eclipse, Maven etc?
  • What you want to learn, automation or a specific tool such as Selenium or QTP?

If you already know solutions of above questions, then probably you don’t need this course. However if not, then become a Selenium and automation expert with us.

SLA Consultants India - Selenium Certification Training Delivery Method:

Web / Desktop Base.
Instructor-Led Classroom Sessions.
Presentations/Demonstration/Practicals of concepts.
Handouts/Assignments/Real-time Exposure to work on Clients.

NOTE: Classes Are Also Available On Module Basis

programme modules

Advanced Selenium Training Course

  • Overview of Selenium
  • Java Setup
  • eclipse setup
  • why java for selenium
  • First eclipse project
  • First Java Program
  • Concept of Java class
  • Data types in java
  • String class, if statement, Loops, Array
  • Practical usage of array and loops in selenium
  • Local variable, Global variable
  • Static/Non static variable/function
  • Object creation
  • constructors
  • Call by reference and call by value
  • OOPS-Inheritance, overriding, overloading, Object class
  • Packages, Access modifies
  • Exception handling -Exception/Error, different type of exception
  • Collection API
  • Practical usage of Java concept in concept in selenium
  • Reading writing text file
  • POI api, reading and writing in XLS
  • Reading from XML file
  • Junit/TESTNG overview
  • JUNIT configuration
  • JUNIT annotations
  • Skipping Test
  • Parameterization
  • Assertion
  • What is ANT
  • JUNIT-Maven
  • HTML Report generation Using ANT
  • Overview of TESTNG
  • TestNG annotations
  • Parameterization
  • Grouping of test
  • Setting priority
  • skipping test
  • Report Generation
Listeners and custom reporting
  • Installation of IDE
  • Recording of script
  • Running script
  • Wait
  • Verification/Assertion
  • User Extension
  • Regular expression
  • RC introduction
  • Overview of webdriver
  • configuration
  • Drivers for FF.IE, Chrome
  • Firepath and firebug addon installation
  • Inspecting element in FF, IE and chrome
  • Finding element
  • Absolute and relative xpath
  • cssSelector as compare to xpath
  • Handling dynamic object/ids on the page
  • Handling Alert
  • Handling multiple windows
  • Close and quite difference
  • Open and navigate
  • Overview of is data driven framework, keyword and Hybrid
  • Why framework is required?
  • Framework generation and structure design
  • Test case creation
  • xml
  • Create util function, validation function
  • Report and logging
  • Screenshot
  • Reading from XLS
  • Run with ANT
  • Overview of page object mode
  • Page object model practical use
  • Build maven project
  • build page classes
  • Build base page classes
  • Create complete structure of framework
  • Execution
  • Overview of webdriver3
  • Queries session?
  • Technical Assignments (4 Assignments)
  • Aptitude Test Papers like (HCL, IBM, Wipro etc.)
  • Resume Design by Dedicated Placement Cell
  • Mockup Interview by Corporate Professionals
  • Schedule Interview with valid reference in Software Companies
  • Candidate Analysis (RCA), if candidate is not getting the job

Please Find Automation Testing – Selenium Course Duration

Course Module Course Duration
Automation Testing – Selenium Course 35-40 (Hours)


What is Selenium ?

Selenium refers to a free (open source) automated testing set for web applications crossways various browsers and even platforms. It is extremely similar to HP Quick Test Pro (QTP now UFT) just that Selenium converge on automating web-based applications. Testing done with the help of Selenium tool is normally titled as Selenium Testing.

What are the limitations of Selenium Software?

There are numerous limitations associated with Selenium Software and it doesn’t assist the non web-based applications, it just assists web based applications. It is a well known open source tool so in case of any technical problems, there is no need to rely on the selenium community forums to find your issue resolute. It is really important to know that it should have one of the supported languages quite well in order to mechanize your application successfully.

How you specify browser configurations with Selenium?

If you are looking out to specify browser configuration with selenium, you should
know that following driver classes are normally used for browser configuration. It includes
InternetExplorerDriver,IPhoneDriver,IPhoneSimulator Driver and RemoteWebDriver.

Why Use Selenium Testing Software?

Selenium is known as an open source testing tool and therefore it serves for affordable automation testing.Taking into thought the automation tools, Selenium possess the capability to work on every OS. This software directly assists several languages which include Python, PHP, .NET (C#), Pearl, Ruby, and Java. You are necessary to be relaxed in just anonly language in order to control Selenium in order to find the better outcomes.

What is the Selenium IDE ?

Selenium IDE that is also known as Integrated Development Environment is the easiest method in the Selenium Suite. It is a Firefox append that produces tests quite speedily with the help of its record -as well as playback functionality. This characteristic is just like to that of QTP. It is easy to install as well as friendly to learn. Due to the extreme simplicity, Selenium IDE should just be used as a prototyping instrument, not a general solution for developing as well as maintaining difficult test suites.

What is WebDriver?

Selenium WebDriver directly provides support to different powerful features which are not assisted in the ancient Selenium rc 1.x. Learning curve for Selenium Web Driver is with a reduction of, as you don’t require to have a familiarity of Selenium RC and you can straightaway begin working on WebDriver. One benefit related over the Selenium testing on RC is that there is no need to begin the server before to performing test scripts.


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