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Why SLA Consultants India offers Best HR Training Course Delhi Noida

HR Training has been gaining a lot of importance lately. It is especially due to the fact that all companies need a solid HR team to keep the organizational atmosphere positive, deal with people problems and reduce attrition. If you also wish to make a career in this amazing field, you should know that SLA Consultants provides the best HR Training to professionals, students and even non-working people who wish to make their life more productive.

In case you are not sure whether our course is dependable or not, let us help you. Here we have explained the key aspects of our course and the details of each of our modules to help you develop a better understanding of what all you will learn when you sign up for it. Do read on and know how much we can offer you in a short time.

  • Statutory & Legal Compliances: Abiding by the legalities regarding payment of bonus, EPF, ESI, and gratuity are a few things that must be known to all human resource professionals as it helps them to offer the basic levels of compensation to all the employees and avoid any legal suites.
  • Compensation and Benefits: When you know how to compute payroll by keeping in mind the tax regulations, you won’t receive a threatening letter from the income tax department. You will also get the benefit of keeping employees hooked to the company by giving them the salary they earn and deserve in a timely fashion.
  • Corporate IR / Labour Law Compliances: Complying with labor laws is a necessity now and every human resource professional should keep up with the current legalities to ensure that the company never accidentally breaks one of the laws.
  • Performance Management System: This is an advanced topic that was added to our HR generalist training in order to help the human resource professionals to map out the performance of every member of a company. It also helps in weeding out the low performers and improving them.
  • Policies: This new topic guides you on every type of policy be it a leave policy to attendance policy, computer use policy to retention policy and many more policies. All these policies help an organization to work efficiently and effectively so they must never be neglected.
  • Recruitment & Selections: Once you learn the end-to-end recruitment process from us, you will never fail in hiring the right person for the right job. We also train you to complete the process in a timely manner by using different sourcing methodologies.
  • Workshop on Interview Skills: In this new topic, we will train you on the art of interviewing. Always remember that a right candidate can make or break your organization’s success. So, we’ll teach you to find a worthy candidate to take your business forward by teaching you tried and tested methodologies.
  • SAP HCM – End User: When you become a tech-friendly HR person, no company will be able to resist hiring you. Hone your technology skills by learning SAP HCM from our experts who can make complex technologies simplified to meet your level of understanding, especially if you are not from a technical background.

We are sure that after reading the crux of each of our training modules, you will also agree that we have the Best HR Training Center. So what are you waiting for? Sign up now and build a career in HR field that will shine!! Contact us now to know more!!

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