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How to Make Remote Employees More Productive?

Hiring remote employees to save costs may seem like a perfect idea when you don’t pay them as much as a regular employee but when they actually start working for you, you soon realize that they may not be as productive as your other employees. So how can you make them more productive? This blog on how to make remote employees more productive might give you a viable answer. Read on to get some amazing tips that are cost-effective and worth the effort.

  • Online Sharing

The first thing you need to remember is that every employee, be it a remote employee or a regular office worker gets access to the same data. Do not let the remote worker feel that he or she is not part of the team. For example: If you have hired an MBA HR fresher to assist you with recruitment, give that person access to the sign in information of job portals like to get access to candidate data. It will be more efficient than letting an office worker find the candidates and forward it to the remote worker.

  • Achievable Goals

The next thing to remember is to set only achievable goals. If you set too big goals, like an HR trainee working remotely, needs to hire 20 people every month, the remote employee may give up and not even try hard. If the goal is achievable like the recruitment of 5 people every month and has incentives attached to it, the remote worker would put in the best effort to achieve it. Another thing you can do is to increase the goal and the incentive attached to it every few months to keep the person challenged and boost productivity.

  • Hold Gatherings

There is no better way to boost the productivity of a person other than making him or her feel a part of the family. For that, you should hold team gatherings after every few weeks. This will allow the freelancer working for you to connect to the team and meet the people he or she reports to or works with. It will also boost the loyalty and the person will feel more dedicated towards your company.

  • Remember the Time

When you are setting daily goals for a person who works from home, you should give them some extra time. You should understand that if a person is working from home, he or she might have some responsibilities. So, you should give longer deadlines to a remote worker. If you don’t do that, the worker may rush things and deliver unsatisfactory results.

  • Maintain Communication

You should also remember to maintain communication with every person working for your organization. Hold telephonic conversations with the work from home employees at least twice a week to get their reports and know how comfortable they are with the job as well as the job role. It will make them feel valuable and the employee loyalty will boost. Remember, a loyal employee always works harder and rarely leaves the organization without a solid reason.

  • Offer Growth

Last but not the least, you should remember to offer growth opportunities to the people who work for your company from home. Growth doesn’t just mean in offering growth in terms of payment. It also means letting the employee learn new skills and training him or her. The training should only be in the relevant field. For example, if you have an HR person working from home, you should offer him or her human resource training by helping the person to learn all about HR management, HR software, real-time employee problems, etc. It will make the person a multi-tasker and hence increase the productivity.

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