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a. Employees’ Provident Fund (EPF)
  • EPF, VPF, RPF, etc.
  • Computation of Monthly PF Contribution
  • Computation of Interest & Penalty
  • Computation of Monthly Pension
  • Computation of EDLI Amount
  • Penalty
    • Practical Session
    • Online Registration of Establishment
    • Online Generation of UAN
    • Online Submission of KYC
    • Online ECR Generation
    • Online Bulk Exit
    • PF Report in Excel Sheet
    • Registers and Records
    • Various Forms
b. Employees’ State Insurance (ESI)
  • Computation of Monthly ESI Contribution
  • Computation of Interest & Penalty
  • ESI Benefits
  • Contribution Period & Benefit Period
  • Penalty
  • Practical Session
    • Online Registration of Establishment
    • Registration of Branch/ Sub-Code
    • Online Generation of TIC
    • Online IP Mapping with Aadhaar
    • Online Challan Generation
    • ESI Report In Excel Sheet
    • Registers and Records
    • Various Forms
c. Payment of Bonus
  • Calculation of Bonus
  • Calculation of Allocable Surplus
  • Computation of Set-on & Set-off
  • Penalty
  • Practical Session
    • Registers & Records
    • Return
    • Display
d. Payment of Gratuity
  • Calculation of Gratuity
  • Maximum Gratuity & Taxability
  • Group Gratuity Policy
  • Practical Session
    • Various Forms
    • Display
  • The Pay Structure
  • Basic, HRA, DA, Conveyance, Medical allowance, LTA, Lunch Allowance etc.
  • Salary Break up and Designing CTC.
  • Calculation of Gross , Net Salary & CTC
  • Calculation of Overtime & Leave Encashment.
  • Discussion on Compensation and Benefits.
  • Attendance & Leave Management (CL, EL, SL, and ML)
  • Preparation of Salary Sheet, Pay Slip, Full n Final Settlement.
  • PF Report in Excel sheet
  • ESI Report in Excel sheet
  • Professional Report Tax
  • Live Payroll Software Training (New Topic Added)
  • LWF Slab Rate
  • PT Slab Rate
  • Income Tax Slab Rate
  • Tax Exemptions of Various Allowances.
  • Tax Deduction under Chapter VI-A
  • (80C, 80D, 80E, 80G, etc.)
  • Rebate  U/S 87A
  • Education Cess
  • Routine Tax Planning (Investment Declaration Form)
  • TDS Certificate (Form 16)
Module 2.1 – MS Excel- Lab Session
  • What’s Disciplinary Action?
  • Definition of Misconduct/Violation of Code of Conduct.
  • Preparations of Show Cause Notice/Charge Sheet.
  • Domestic Inquiry
  • Termination
  • Objective
  • Applicability
  • Registration & License
  • Returns(Report)
  • Facilities
  • Registers and Records
  • Displays
3. SHWW Act, 2013 (New Topic Added)
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Internal Complaints Committee
  • Definition
  • Condition/Clause
  • Function
  • Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Objective
  • Applicability
  • Registration
  • Conditions of Work
  • Registers to be maintained
  • Displays(Notice)
6. FACTORY Act, 1948
  • Objectives
  • Applicability
  • Licensing Procedure
  • Employment Conditions
  • Facilities
  • Committees
  • Statutory Appointments
  • Registers & Records
  • Various Returns
  • Various Forms
  • Displays
7. INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES Act, 1947 (New Topic Added)
  • Purpose
  • Scope
  • Forms and Formats
  • Regulatory Body
  • Employer’s Obligation
  • Keywords used
  • Objective
  • Applicability
  • Notification
  • Provisions
  • Registers to be maintained
  • Returns
  • Display(Notice)
9. APPRENTICESHIP Act, 1961 (New Topic Added)
  • Objective
  • Contract of Apprenticeship
  • Termination of Apprenticeship Contract
  • Obligation of Employers Toward an Apprentices
  • Obligation of Apprentices
  • Payment to Apprentices
  • Health, Safety and Welfare of Apprentices
  • Rules and Guideline
Performance Management System (Advanced Topic Added)
  • Design a PMS System
  • Goal Cascading
  • Mapping the KRAs and KPIs
  • Link Reward System to Achievement of KRAs
  • Timelines Quarterly & Mid-Year Reviews
  • Performance Counseling Techniques
  • Reward & Recognition System.
  • Performance Report & Dashboard
Module 4.1 – Learning & Organizational Development (Advanced Topic Added)
A. Policies (New Topic Added)
  • Why Policies, Steps to Frame HR Policy?
  • Attendance Policy
  • Leave policy
  • LTA & Reimbursement Policy
  • Code of Ethics & Business Conduct
  • Email, Internet & Computer use Policy
  • Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Policy
  • Effective Retention Policies
B. Employee Relationship Management
  • Joining Formalities and Relieving Procedure
  • Exit Interviews
  • Employee Engagement
  • Grievances
Module 5.1 – HR -Business Partner (Advanced Topic Added)
  • End-to-End Recruitment Process & Head Hunting.
  • Hands on Experience on Job Portals i.e., Naukri / Monster with Sourcing Methodologies.
  • Boolean Search, Industry Mapping
  • Screening, Short-Listing of Resume.
  • Interview Checklist (Primary & Secondary)
  • Topics to be Covered:
  • Myths & Reality
  • Building Right Attitude for Interview
  • Skills Required for Interview and How to Demonstrate Those Skills
  • Techniques to Improve Interview Performance
  • How to Prepare Yourself for Interview
  • Communication During Interview (Verbal/Non Verbal)
  • Importance of Physiology & Nonverbal Cues in Interview
  • 5 Stages of Interview and Giving Your Best at Each Stage
  • Commonly Ask Interview Questions and Their Answers
  • Resume Writing

Inquiry for Advanced HR Generalist & Analytics Training

Please find the Hr Generalist Course Duration. Classes & Course can be designed/customize as per request

Batch Timings (Branch – Delhi, Gurgaon)

Days Time Duration Class Duration Course Duration
Sunday 10:00/11:30 AM 3-4(Hours) 4-6 Months
Sunday 1:00 /02:30  PM 3-4(Hours) 4-6 Months
Sunday 03:30  PM 3-4(Hours) 4-6 Months
Saturday/Sunday 10:00 AM & 2:00 PM 3-4(Hours) 2-3 Months
Monday to Friday 09:30 AM 2-3(Hours) 1.5 – 2 Months
Monday to Friday 12:30 /  3:00 PM 2-3(Hours) 1.5 – 2 Months




How to become a Professional HR?

In order to become a professional HR, you first need to gain the proper knowledge and skills by attending a degree or certification course from a reputed training institute. Learn about HR responsibilities, different management tools, and other processes. A bachelor degree in HR can certainly increase your chances of becoming an HR, however, gaining relevant industry-focused experience is extremely important after completing your studies. For that, you can join an internship program in a company and perform the duties and responsibilities of an HR under expert guidance with your learned skills. This will allow you to become an experienced candidate and your acceptance chances as an HR will be much higher in any reputed firm.

How do I know If I have the capability to become an HR?

Surely an HR is one of the most important people in the company. He or she is responsible for processing the majority of tasks, from identifying the necessity of people to posting job offers on the Internet and conducting interviews to make the final decision. They also help the employees in personal and professional development through training and make sure their stay in the company is satisfactory and trouble-free. However, only a person with brilliant communication and analytic skills along with relevant knowledge on laws and ethics of business is able to become a professional HR.

You can find out if you are capable of being an HR by understanding your skills while pursuing your degree. Or you can just join a certification course in HR followed by an Internship that would certainly help you discover whether HR is an ideal career option for you. If not, then you can easily choose some other job profile from the knowledge and skills you have developed.

Why pursue a career in HR?

An HR is the heart of the business organization and it matters a lot in the success of the organization. Other than being a critical role for any business enterprise, there are many reasons HR career can benefit you greatly.

HR is the most important role in the organization as it is responsible for all the processes.

HR has an enormous career advancement chance, which is unmatchable in any other field.

Outstanding compensation is another reason to pursue a career in HR.

Learn to deal with different people, which is a vital part of HR’s everyday routine.

Discover new talents while working as an HR

What is HRIS and its Elements?

HRIS stands for Human Resource Information System, which is a useful HR tool that allows tracking and automation of essential HR needs. It allows the human resource department to link and work coordinately with information technology and track the progress of the employees. It has the tendency to support various HR practices such as workforce planning, pay budget, employee relationship, staffing, compensation, and benefits, etc. Some major elements of HRIS are personal tracking, payroll, time and attendance, recruiting and administration. It is used extensively in Middle-level human resource department.

What sort of qualities and skills should one have to become an HR Generalist?

An HR Generalist is a very important person in the Human Resource department who is responsible for day to day tasks and manage the administration of the policies. To become an HR, one must have these skills:

Multitasking: The responsibilities of an HR Generalist are huge and he or she must be able to perform them simultaneously without any compromises.

Great speaker: HR Generalist is required to speak the mind of the company and hence, must possess brilliant interaction and speaking skills.

Analytical mind: Collecting data from different sources and using them to identify solid material for the company and make profitable decisions can be achieved with an analytical mind.

Future planning skills: He or she must be able to predict the future of the company and the market condition after gathering and analyzing the data.

Leadership: It goes without saying that an HR Generalist is someone who solves issues for everyone, which is impossible without leadership skills.

I have completed my BBA/MBA in HR. Can I become an HR with no experience?

Well, it all depends on your skills, qualifications, passion and expertise. And of course, which company are you planning to join. If you have all the required skills and qualifications for the job profile, then you can get selected as an Assistant HR in any newly established or small scale industry. However, in order to join a reputed and experienced firm, you need to have some sort of experience in the HR field. You can join a 6 Weeks or 6 Months HR summer internship program from SLA Consultants India, which will provide you all the required working experience and knowledge, which will surely enable you to crack HR interview of any reputed firm.

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