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SAP HANA Adminstraton Training Course @ Delhi & Gurgaon

  • Getting started with SAP Hana
  • SAP Hana Technology
  • In-memory computing
  • Hardware innovation
  • Business intelligence clients
  • Rapid Development Solutions
  • Row stores and columns storage
  • Architecture overview
  • SAP Hana row and columns
  • Persistent layer
  • Data modeling
  • Backup and recovery
  • IMCE and surrounding
  • Sizing and scaling out
  • SAP Hana studio
  • HDBSQL command line tool
  • DBA cockpit
  • Preparing Hana installation parameters
  • User creation
  • Prepare installer configuration file
  • Review of installation
  • Command based installation
  • GUI based installation
  • Post Hana installation
  • Starting and stopping SAP Hana system
  • Registration in Hana system
  • User security
  • Monitoring Hana Landscape
  • System configuration parameters
  • Data backup and recovery concept
  • Area backup
  • Backup file configuration and catalog
  • Database copy
  • Recovery scenarios and options
  • High availability
  • Developing roles and users
  • Maintaining authorization and users
  • System Privileges and SQL privileges
  • Analysis and reporting privileges
  • Data provisioning overview
  • Data provisioning using SLT
  • SAP data replication
  • Replication tracking
  • Setup data replication
  • Learn monitoring SAP HANA
  • DBACOCKPIT monitoring
  • SAP early watch alert
  • Remote support
  • Upgrade SAP HANA studio
  • Update SAP HANA system
  • Bringing changes in the system
  • What is BODS?
  • BODS configuration
  • Data upload from SAP to HANA
  • DXC (Direct Extration Connector)
  • Tips and Tricks in SAP HANA

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Duration of Module:-

Course Module Course Duration
SAP HANA Admin  40 – 50 (Hours)




What is SAP HANA Administrator Education?
How many years of Experience does the trainers have?
Do you provide the course certification after completion?
Who'll be the trainers for SAP HANA Admin?
Do you provide batches at Weekend as well?
I am from non-technical background. Can I learn and make career in SAP HANA Administrator?

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