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SAP HANA Training Course @ Delhi & Gurgaon

  • Overview of SAP HANA
  • What is SAP ERP and its modules
  • History of HANA
  • HANA vs BWA
  • HANA features
  • SAP HANA IMDB storage types
  • SAP HANA compression and memory allocation
  • SAP HANA evaluation
  • Row and column oriented storage
  • Memory allocation
  • Compression and portioning
  • Overview of SAP HANA Architecture
  • IMCE and surroundings
  • Benefits of In-memory studio
  • Benefits of Request Processing/Execution Control
  • Session management
  • Persistence layer
  • Reporting
  • Load controller, Disk Storage and managers
  • Relational engine and request processing
  • Importing data in HANA
  • Benefits of Replication Agent
  • SAP HANA licensing
    • SAP HANA version
    • Platform edition
    • Enterprise edition
    • Enterprise extended edition
  • Perspective, content and catalogue
  • Developing schema
  • Developing package and attribute view
  • Creating hierarchy and analytical view
  • Benefits of Description Mapping
  • Creation of Analytical View & Hierarchies
  • Distribution making, data Foundation, text join and logical
  • Calculation view
  • Union, join and projection
  • Importance of Save, Attributes, Measures, Variables
  • Find Column
  • SQL script related to HANA
  • Decision table
  • Develop hierarchies and analytical view
  • Analytical privileges
  • What is data provision?
  • Data provisioning using BODS Server
  • Management of metadata
  • Text data analysis
  • Functioning with BODS
  • Repository and job server
  • Development of datastores, projects, formats and batch jobs
  • Batch jobs monitoring and scheduling
  • Dataflows and connections to HANA DB
  • Load data into HANA database through excel file
  • Load data into HANA database through flat file
  • Template tables
  • Load data into HANA database through SAP ECC
  • Load data into HANA database through SAP ECC using ABAP dataflow
  • Load data into HANA database through SAP BW
  • Load metadata into HANA database through SAP ECC
  • a) Data provisioning using SLT and its features
    • Main benefits of SLT replication server and trigger based approach
    • Architecture for SAP and non SAP source replication
    • Start load replication
    • SLT best transformation concept
    • Filter and selective data replication
    • Configuration and monitoring dashboard for HANA LTR
    • Stop and suspend replication
    • Developing new configuration for SAP and Non SAP sources
    • Status monitoring in HANA studio
    • Advanced replication settings
    • Launching data provisioning UI in HANA Studio
    • New configuration of SAP and Non-SAP sources
    • SAP Landscape replication server for HANA
  • b) Data provisioning using SAP direct Extractor connection DXC
    • Using business content extractor
    • ABAP data flow
    • Importance of DXC
    • Data source extractor concept
    • Tracking data loads
    • SAP business content data source extractors
    • Comparison with different data acquisition methods
    • Develop info package and data load scheduling
    • Data source activation in source system
    • Handling of delta processing through activation mechanism
  • Crystal Reporting in HANA
  • WEBi reporting
  • Designing business layer on IDT environment
  • Relational Connectivity with HANA
  • Excel-based reporting
  • Crystal reporting
  • SAP BO analysis
  • Developing connection, business layer, dashboards and data foundation
  • Lumira
  • What is web intelligence?
  • Developing folder and connections
  • Connections relational and OLAP types
  • Inserting tables
  • Developing business layer using data foundation through single and multiple sources
  • Create objects and classes
  • Resolving loops
  • Types of join and its creation
  • Exporting business layer
  • Export business layer into repository
  • Create web intelligence document using Universe
  • Modify existing web intelligence document
  • Restriction of information returned by queries
  • Create a report and calculate data using formulas and variables
  • Analyze data and forming report
  • Work with drilling, purging, prompts, sub reports, filter query, breaking, etc
  • Develop hyperlinks and formulas with char and date strings
  • Designing a form and report
  • Webi reports creation on SAP Bex query
  • Convert tables into graph
  • Web intelligence report developing using info cube and BW query
  • Planning report with universe
  • Formatting and distributing reports
  • Applying section formatting and conditional reporting
  • Report templates and formulas
  • Using hyperlinks to reports
  • Develop formulas
  • Section formatting and conditional formatting
  • Creating parameterized reports
  • Organizing data and using report section
  • Developing a model
  • Making connection model
  • Connecting with crystal reports and WEBi reports data
  • Live office data
  • Connectivity components
  • Developing dashboards using above methods
  • Creation of dashboard using alerts, dynamic visibility, components and query browser
  • User and role Creation
  • Assigning roles to the user
  • Assigning analytical privileges to the role
  • What is Transport Connection?
  • SAP Transport Connection
  • ANA Transports
  • System
  • SQL
  • Granted Role
  • Package
  • SAP HANA Referential Join
  • Procedures and calling procedures
  • Creating Types of Table
  • Control Statements and Support Mode
  • Understanding and using Currency Conversations in SAP HANA
  • Generate Auto Documentation
  • Import & Export Models
  • Delivery Units and Developer Mode
  • Documentation and Translations
  • Managing model Content and Schemas
  • Security & Authorizations
  • Privileges in HANA
  • Creating Users and Assigning Privileges to the Users & Roles
  • HANA BW DB2 Migration Process
  • BW with HANA DB vs DB2

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SAP ABAP  40 – 50 (Hours)




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