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SAP SD Training Course @ Delhi & Gurgaon

  • SAP SD Overview
  • Business function modules
  • Duties of responsibilities of SAP Consultants
  • Sales and distribution module
  • Financial accounting
  • Organizational entities
  • Logistic general and execution
  • Material management
  • Consistency check
  • Number of ranges and account groups
  • Sales customer groups
  • Master data for marketing
  • Shipping schedules
  • Functions of partners
  • Determination procedure
  • Developing customer master - Centrally and sales
  • Multiple customer network scenario
  • Different types of materials
  • Material management and groups
  • Inventory management
    • Stock posting
    • Stock report
  • Warehouse management
  • Sales document types
  • Level control in sales docs
  • Header data
  • Number of ranges
  • Categories and data in sales docs
  • Assigning item category
  • Inquiry
  • Sales order processing
  • Quotation
  • Copy Controls (Header, Item and Schedule Line Level)
  • Delivery types
  • Header level control
  • Delivery items
  • Item level control
  • Goods receips using warehouse management
  • Storage bins
  • WM process
  • Stock report
  • Picking Process in Delivery Level Using Warehouse Management
  • Maintaining billing types
  • Controlling revenue account determination (SD and FI)
  • Master data
  • Process of revenue account determination
  • Assigning G/L accounts
  • Pricing strategies and account keys
  • Maintaining field catalogue and access sequences
  • What is condition types?
  • Maintaining procedures and developing conditions tables
  • Customer and document process for cross-selling
  • Concept of pricing in sales
  • Condition technique overview
  • Condition tables and types
  • Pricing procedure determination
  • Condition records and discounts
  • Condition exclusion
  • Free goods pricing
  • Pricing anlaysis in sales docs
  • Transfer of Requirements (Classes and Types)
  • Material block
  • Rule check for availability
  • Schedule line category
  • Checking groups
  • Rush order and cash sales process
  • Credit, debit memo
  • Free deliveries
  • Credit control types
  • Risk categories
  • Simple and automatic credit check
  • Maintaining credit master data
  • Releasing credit block documents
  • Information of customer material
  • Determination of material
  • Product proposal
  • Consignment fill-up and issue
  • Consignment pick up and returns
  • Condition technique
  • Sales-output
  • Delivery and billing docs
  • Scheduling Agreements And Contracts Process
  • Route Determination Process
  • Overview of Variant and CIN

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Duration of Module:-

Course Module Course Duration
SAP SD  40 – 50 (Hours)




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