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Cake PHP Training

  • Importance of Cake
  • OOPs Programming
  • Encapsulation and inheritance
  • Abstract classes and objects
  • Class constants
  • Models
  • Views
  • Controllers
  • Working with database
  • Setting up Cake PHP
  • Scaffolding
  • Helpers
  • Set up routines
  • Designing database
  • CRUD operations
  • TMP folder for Cake
  • Default behavior of MVC
  • Naming controllers, views and models
  • Best practices
  • Convention over configuration
  • Core components and behavior
  • Create views in Cake PHP
  • Launching Bake to build views
  • CRUD Views
  • User interaction
  • Form submission
  • HTML Form
  • Pagination
  • Methods for reading, finding and saving
  • HTML Helper
  • Cake’s in-built helpers
  • Form, Ajax, Javascript Helpers
  • Paginatior, Session and Text Helpers
  • Reverse Routing
  • Rewriting URLs in the Router
  • Admin Routing and Route Parameters
  • Using Components
  • Authentication
  • Session, cookie, email, vendors
  • Installing third party plugins
  • Data sources and behaviors
  • Live Project

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Please find the Cake PHP Course Duration

Course Module Course Duration
Cake PHP Training 30 – 35 Hours




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