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Human Resource 6 Months Summer Internship Training

The responsibility of being an HR is incredibly huge in every business enterprise price whether it is small or big. HR is the key person all departments in the organization who is responsible for identifying the requirements of the company, recruiting and selecting the appropriate candidate for the job profile, provide training and development to the Employees, implement code of conduct within the organization maintain a healthy relationship between the employee and the employer and develop A Remarkable working environment for everyone so that they can contribute their best. However, learning these responsibilities and becoming a professional HR is not an easy task to accomplish. It takes a lot of effort, hard work and time for one to secure a place in the company's HR department. And If you are also willing to become HR then just having educational qualifications won't aid you to achieve your career goals. You would require gaining relevant and industry focused work experience as an HR if you want to position yourself as one of the most important assets for any reputed organization.

SLA Consultants India has come up with a reliable internship program for Aspiring candidates, allowing them to receive expertise from our highly certified and experienced professionals and work with us to improve their knowledge and gain Momentum and experience in the fields of HR. We understand the kind of hardship a fresher has to endure until he or she gets appointed for a job profile they never expected and to receive mere pay scale just because of their lack of experience. It won't matter to most companies what qualifications you possess on how much human resource management skills you have learned as long as you don't have industry proven knowledge. Our HR 6 month Summer Internship industrial training is designed to assist passed out graduates and guide them to the right path so that they can accomplish their career goals in a short period of time. During your stay in our training organization, you will receive proper theoretical and practical knowledge on several vital topics of human resources such as a statutory and legal compliance, compensation and benefits, corporate IR and Labour Law Compliances, performance management system HR policies recruitment and selection along with the workshop. This internship would act as a bridge between your educational qualification and required experience by organizations and give you an enhanced confidence in your expertise to carry out any human resources activity with deliverance and accuracy. Depending on your education, expertise, and knowledge we will hire you for a certain position and decide whether you will be a paid or non-paid intern. However, you will be able to learn an extensive knowledge in this period of 6 months, which would be more than necessary to make your presence known in the market.

Human resource 6 months Summer Internship industrial training is a highly necessary program for any Aspiring HR candidate as it could forge their entire career and give them a reason to earn a better livelihood. But this doesn't mean that anyone can join this prestigious program and thus we have developed eligibility criteria which every applicant must pass in order to take admission in this internship. This would cause and help our team to acknowledge your expertise and recognize if the applicant is worthy of this program and possess the capability to transform their career using it as a ladder. The educational requirement to pursue this internship program includes:


  • Highly analytical mind and strong communication skills are required.
  • Ability to interact with different kinds of people and give them his piece of mind.
  • Outstanding customer service skills and problem-solving techniques to accomplish the task and duties effectively.
  • Candidate must possess a graduate degree in relevant field or equivalent. Students who are in their last years can also join.
  • Excellent organizational and planning skills along with the ability to take decisions involving employees and the clients.
  • A team player who quickly Learns and acquire new skills and knowledge and share his or her expertise to form a strong and reliable team.
  • Performs their duties in strict deadlines and works independently in a dynamic environment.
  • Basic computer skills along with MS Office.
  • Must pass our intern test and interview to understand the clear conscience and capabilities of the applicant.

The human resources internship program is designed to help both BBA and MBA students who have received their education in HR field gain the working knowledge of HR tools and system and perform their duties with expertise and deliverance. Soon after the admission, the candidates are provided with a set of responsibilities based on their qualifications and skills and also offered required education in the theoretical form. The intern after acquiring enough knowledge provided with projects perform under an expert team of HR. While working under the guidance they will learn to support specific HR programs and Critical functional areas of HR. They will also receive knowledge on different forms of HR roles such as HR generalist, HR executive, and HR management along with the roles and responsibilities in the organization which is as follows:

  • Work under direct supervision and assisting in providing advice to the management on HR and business processes based on a business analysis.
  • Help the management in performing best practice research on different programs and Systems.
  • Developing and implementing business Strategies and plans for key programs and becoming familiar with the recruiting process while assisting generalists in interviewing candidates.
  • Auditing of Human Resource related files and updating in maintaining employee personnel record.
  • Analyzing policies and procedures by the HR to improve the effectiveness of the employees and increasing the satisfaction level to achieve higher productivity.
  • Interacting with senior managers to build relationships with potential employees all over the world and make critical decisions.
  • Gaining and understanding of business prospects such as finance, operations, and strategic views.
  • Participating in cross-functional projects and working with different teams across the business.

The biggest advantage of this internship would be gaining proven industry in HR, which would be more than effective in helping you attain a promising job opportunity in the field. However, the benefits do not cease to exist there as you can enjoy several more profits which are as follows:

  • Learn by doing: One could learn a lot by performing the HR activities instead of just getting theoretical knowledge of the same, which could improve the skills of the candidate greatly.
  • Grab best HR opportunities: The demand for a professional HR is overwhelming and you can easily grab any promising opportunity at a reputed firm and become their valuable representative.
  • Get higher salary: Having experience in the field gives you wider benefits that also include fair wages even though it would be your first permanent job.
  • Attract the attention of the recruiter: With an interactive resume highlighting internship in HR from a reputed training firm creates a trust for you among the recruiters which makes them take extra interest in your profile.

Our highly experienced and certified trainers make sure you acquire enough expertise through proper training and guiding the interns by working closely with them on numerous projects. This includes hours of practical training using the latest tools, explaining them how to perform different tasks and ensuring that they don’t commit any grave mistakes during the process. At the end of the training, you will be provided with proper interview preparations and other job placement assistance so that you won’t get any issue whatsoever while searching for a relevant job in any industry.

Module 1 - Statutory & Legal Compliances
Module 2 - Compensation And Benefits
Module 3 - Corporate IR / Labour Law Compliances
Module 4 - Performance Management System (Advanced Topic Added)
Module 5 - Policies (New Topic Added)
Module 6 - Recruitment & Selections
Module 7 - Workshop on Interview Skills (New Topic Added)