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Human Resource 6 Week Summer Internship Training

The human resources the backbone of the company and is the main reason behind the success and failure of the company. Whether it is a recruiting new hire or training the employees in order to contribute more to the company, HR is responsible for all the functionalities in the company which leads to more productivity and increased revenue. Therefore, whenever a company is in need of a professional human resource, the position cannot be acquired easily due to the strictness of the business owner and massive requirement of the position. If you are looking to pursue a career in the field of human resource then you may have already understood the Hard Way You are going. Becoming a professional human resource and acquiring that position in a reputed firm is simply not possible for a fresher candidate regardless of his or her educational qualifications and level of expertise. The only reason behind this is the lack of practical experience which is one of the main requirements of the human resources job position. So if you want to become a human resource then you may try to consider finding a reliable internship in the field. A Human resource internship is an excellent way to move toward the path of human resource and gain some practical experience.

SLA Consultants India is offering is making human resource management and attractive proposition for all the students by providing human resource 6 weeks Summer Internship training. We offer the best and well designed along with methodically executed human resources internship, which is important for both organisations and students in numerous ways. We help the Aspiring human resource develop various tactical planning skills in order to build and maintain the image of the company. Whether you are an amateur in the field of human resource are looking to enhance your skills as an HR this internship program can be of utmost value to you. An HR internship is the most outstanding way to acquire some valuable experience in human resource. Depending on your current skills and expertise in the field of HR we will decide whether you will be a paid or non-paid intern. However, after the completion of the internship, you will find no difficulty in getting your dream job as an HR even though the job market today is highly competitive especially in the human resource job.

As mentioned above, HR is one of the most competitive job fields in the current market and thus the requirement for attending the HR internship also required some tough eligibility criteria to complete. Below are mentioned some qualifications, skills, and abilities the Aspiring candidate must possess in order to join our human resource 6 weeks Summer Internship training program.

  • Candidates in their last year of graduation or hold a degree can attend the course. Post Graduation students in HR are highly preferred.
  • Ability to interact with different types of people and work independently in a dynamic environment.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills along with strong customer service skills.
  • Problem-solving abilities and decision-making skills to accomplish the HR duties and tasks and escalate the procedure.
  • Exceptional planning and organisational skills.
  • Brilliant computer and networking skills such as MS Office, accounting tools, database etc.
  • At the time of admission and intern test or an interview will also be conducted.

An internship in human resource is a great way to get your feet what in the field and identify your strong areas by working under highly expert and professional HR.  Our human resource 6 week Summer Internship training will provide quality HR compliance and administrative experience to the aspiring human resource, allowing the intern to support the HR team in performing all the functionalities required.

The training process will start soon after the admission and learners will require learning several duties and responsibilities taught by our highly experienced trainers. These duties and responsibilities are as follows:

  • Developing and maintaining HR compliance by working on current HR laws and regulation.
  • Identify the areas in the company where improvement is required and bringing new technologies to improve them.
  • Perform all the documentation related work.
  • Assisting the HR department in decorating new hires and providing them with training and development.
  • Posting new jobs and relieving resumes along with conducting telephonic interviews and face to face interview for the required job profile.
  • Resolve payroll related issues and help the HR department in providing a better working environment for the employees.
  • Maintain employee benefits management program and process all the policies and laws associated with it.

SLA Consultants India has designed this internship for both educational and practical purpose and by attending this internship the students will be able to increase their skills and expertise and gain industry-focused experience in the HR field.

The job market is currently very competitive and acquiring a job in human resource is especially a very troublesome thing to achieve. Most of the candidates either go back without having the job or has to compromise with their salary. However, with the help of our Summer Internship program, you will receive enormous benefits I had in the future. SLA Consultants India provides the intern with necessary skills to design and write job descriptions, recruit new hires, train employees to contribute more and perform all the duties and responsibilities with accuracy. Here are mentioned some remarkable benefits you can enjoy during and after our human resource 6 weeks Summer Internship training.

On the job training: The first and foremost benefit of this internship is on-job training we will provide to all the interns, which will give damn Avast opportunity to work on wild varieties of projects and jobs in different environments. This training is focused on teaching the intern how to give the best to the company without making any errors. The training makes them comfortable with their duties and gives them greater confidence to perform them.

Wide job opportunities: Acquiring human resource knowledge and skills could make you a suitable candidate for the human resource job profile for many Industries, however, with internship training the job opportunities you can pursue increases drastically. You will be able to work as a human resource administrator, HR Generalist, HR Finance, HR payroll, HR executive and much more.

High salary package: One area where all the Freshers get disappointed due to lack of experience is salary package they are provided. Since they require a job in order to gain experience they tend to accept the job, regardless of the pay they are offered. But this is not the case with candidates who poses Summer Internship as they are trained and experienced and thus, Gets a better salary package as compared to the others.

Attractive Resume: Having an internship highlighted in your resume increases the impression of you to the recruiter and thus incrementing your chances of acceptance. Recruiters tend to sort out the resumes with experience section and with this internship you are most likely to find yourself in the better direction.

During our human resource 6 week Summer Internship program, we tend to provide the interns with various projects which they have to complete within their time with us. These projects are from our real life clients where the interns will help us in assisting the recruiters, interviewing, conducting orientation, developing recruiting service, working with compensation and benefits, designing Logistics, coordinating staff training and much more. The internship will also allow the participants to make network and ask for feedback about their performance which will increase their confidence. By working on these projects we will figure out how the HR processes performed and gain appreciation. At the end of the internship, we also tend to provide interview training to the interns, allowing them to give their 100% at the time of interview.

Module 1 - Statutory & Legal Compliances
Module 2 - Compensation And Benefits
Module 3 - Corporate IR / Labour Law Compliances
Module 4 - Performance Management System (Advanced Topic Added)
Module 5 - Policies (New Topic Added)
Module 6 - Recruitment & Selections
Module 7 - Workshop on Interview Skills (New Topic Added)