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SAS (Base & Advanced) 6 Months Summer Internship Industrial Training

SAS stands for a Statistical Analysis System which is an integrated system of software solutions by SAS institutes which allows the user to perform several tasks such as data management report writing, graphic design, statistical analysis business prediction, decision-making process, and project management along with application development. SAS is extensively used by many business organizations in order to record maintained and analyze a large amount of data into their system and identify the areas where improvement is necessary. For this reason alone, business organizations dealing with customers constantly look for skilled and experienced SAS operator for their business process. An SAS operator gathers vital information from various databases, transforming it into a singular database that would allow a better Research and Analysis and help the top management to make better organizational decisions. And SAS Analyst is a business or financial risk and list who uses SAS software products and other analysis tools in order to collect and understand the relevance of data in order to predict the future Trends and forecast market conditions. He or she is also required to drive force behind the integration of data, Technology, analysis and business expertise to increase the profit of the organization by incrementing the overall productivity. This may include on everyday basis the deployment delivery and management of the statistical analysis techniques for the database such as documentation of analysis, the presentation of the results to upper management.

If you are also Aspire to become and SAS data and list then you are required to attend high-quality SAS training course from a reputed training institute or acquire a certain graduation degree in the field. However, it may not be enough for you to attain a promising job as many Industries these days demand a professional with industry proven record and experience. For Freshers, it is a very frustrating and troublesome task to get appointed as an SAS data analyst just after graduation. To overcome this struggle, SLA Consultants India has designed a powerful and highly reliable who wish to become a statistical data analyst and perform their duties with full efficiency and accuracy. With our 6 months Summer Internship program the candidate will receive the much-needed experience and practical knowledge in the SAS field which would give them self-confidence and motivate them to pursue their dreams with much compassion. Our certified and well admin team of professionals would offer you the best of knowledge and practical training in statistical analysis system by working closely with them on several clients projects and teach you the ways of competitive job market. 

There are certain eligibility criteria which every Aspiring student must complete in order to take admission in our SAS 6 months base + Advanced Summer Internship industry training program. It is necessary as it will allow us to understand the background skills and expertise of the student and provide them with preferred tasks and stipend as per their skills. Below mentioned some of the required elements for admission in this Summer Internship program.


  • Thorough understanding of statistical data analysis.
  • Basic Knowledge on database management system and MS Office.
  • A bachelor degree in IT related field or equivalent.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills along with customer service focus.
  • Academic knowledge and experience in programming languages such as, Java, PHP etc.
  • Ability to work in the dynamic environment and with people of a different attitude.
  • Some Working knowledge of operating systems such as UNIX and Windows is beneficial but not necessary.
  • Analytical mind and problem-solving techniques is a must.

The participant will also have to give an intern test followed by an interview and based on the result he or she will be given proper tasks in the organization.

Once the admission is confirmed the intern will be provided with necessary training in order for them to familiarize with the concept of SAS and get a better idea of their duties and responsibilities they will be performing after the completion of the internship. During this period the participant the participants will be taught of SAS Technologies and data analysis by our highly experienced teachers until they are skilled enough to perform the duties of SAS data analyst. Once reaching that benchmark they will be shifted to the statistical analysis team where they will work with professional experts on different projects provided by real life clients.

During this time period, the intern will learn and practice the duties and responsibilities of an SAS operator and gain essential experience and familiarity with the job profile. They will gain knowledge of the below-mentioned duties under expert guidance so that they won't make mistakes and develop confidence in the process.

  • Assisting in the evaluation of current data warehouse environment and integrate data from one source to another.
  • Verifying and troubleshooting the implementation of SAS and other tools.
  • Providing Ad-Hoc query support to customers and stakeholders with ad hoc data calls.
  • Customizing report generation and data analysis.
  • Offering data analysis tools support and proper guidance to customers who are using it for business intelligence.
  • Collecting data and document reporting from business owners and business analysts.
  • Supporting user acceptance testing of data warehouse features and new reports.
  • Creating database queries in SQL, PL/SQL with Oracle and other databases.
  • Working closely with end users to gather the requirements of reports and ensure proper ETL and validations takes place.
  • Helping in developing work plans, proposals, schedules and implementation strategies.
  • Collaborating with data providers to make sure the data processed and submitted is correct.
  • Assisting in project management that includes planning, cost estimation, coordinating the execution of system development, return on investments, etc.

SAS software and its importance have been recognized by all world leaders and organizations understand its usage for the management of their data. Therefore, our SAS (base+ advanced) 6 months summer internship industrial training will give the aspiring candidates to learn and perform its features in an accurate and effective manner, thus, giving them an opportunity to secure a permanent place in any reputed industry as an SAS data analyst. Below are given some of the benefits you will receive from this internship training program:

  • Improvise your skills: The main reason to attend the SAS internship program is to enhance your data analysis and management skills and become a more suitable candidate for the job profile.
  • High Job Scope: You will be amazed to know about the jobs available in the SAS field, which you can easily target with your knowledge gained through educational institutions and experience from our internship.
  • Gain practical knowledge: The main aim of the internship is to provide the participant with real life training and experience of SAS by working closely with experts on numerous projects.
  • Increase your earnings: The average pay of an SAS data analyst is much higher than any other personnel in the same field, thus allowing the user to earn a great deal.
  • Utilize your previous knowledge: Learning and training SAS won’t let you abandon your previous data management skills you have learned from other fields. It will allow you to utilize that knowledge, such as DB2, Oracle, SQL, etc. with SAS.

The intern will be offered different roles at a different stage during their stay in the organization, allowing them to learn numerous abilities and identify their main area of interest to seek career in. By working on several projects, they will develop the needed expertise and familiarity with the work they will perform in their permanent job, giving them more confidence and accuracy. At the end of the internship, the intern will be given 100% job placement assistance with interview preparation so that they won’t get any difficulty in clearing the job interview from reputed industries.

Module 1 - Introduction to SAS Programming
Module 2 - Working in the SAS Environment
Module 3 - Working with the windows
Module 4 - Overview of libraries
Module 5 - Basic concepts
Module 6 - Understanding data step processing
Module 7 - Options
Module 8 - Statements
Module 9 - Input styles
Module 10 - Pointers
Module 11 - Informats and formats
Module 12 - Informats
Module 13 - Formats
Module 14 - Functions
Module 15 - Combining SASA datasets
Module 16 - Control statements
Module 17 - Reading raw data from external file
Module 18 - Writing data to external files
Module 19 - Output delivery system (ODS)
Module 20 - Debugging of errors
Module 21 - Card
Module 22 - Recognized
Module 23 - Found
Module 24 - Procedures
Module 25 - SAS/GRAPH
Module 26 - SAS/STAT
Module 27 - Procedures
Module 28 - SAS/MACROS
Module 29 - Retrieving data from single table
Module 31 - Through facility
Module 32 - Through facility
Module 33 - Through facility
Module 34 - Retrieving data from multiple tables
Module 35 - SAS/ACCESS