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Big Data Hadoop 6 Months Summer Internship Industrial Training

The advancement in technology, communication and devices has increased the processing of data in a rapid pace and in abundance of quantity, which is extremely hard to evaluate and manage using your conventional means of data management. Referred as the big data, it includes information is such a large amount that it is impossible to be processed using traditional computer techniques and tools. And with big data comes more responsibility of managing it with utmost accuracy and deliverance and incapability can only accomplish a hazardous drawback which any company would want to avoid at any cost. Some of the finest examples of big data include social media data, stock exchange data, black box data, power grid data, transport data and search engine data. Big data consists of data with high volume, velocity and variety, which can be classified into three different categories: Structured, Semi-Structure and Unstructured. One of the most important tools to process and manage big data these days is Hadoop which is an open source software package used extensively for storing a high amount of data and running applications on different systems. With Hadoop, one can store any kind of data at any amount, perform processing on such data and achieve the needed results in order to make better financial decisions.

Companies who deal in large data often search for candidates with big data analysis skills and expertise on Hadoop along with other database management tools such as MS Excel, SQL, Oracle, DB2, etc. If you have expertise in these fields and wishes to pursue a career in the big data analysis and Hadoop development, then it is just as necessary to gain relevant experience as studying and learning the concepts and techniques through reputed and accredited institutions. The current demand from industries is to appoint a candidate not only with skills and knowledge but also experience in the field, which doesn’t seem to be the case with college students and Freshers. For this reason, SLA Consultants India has designed a specific program named Big Data and Hadoop 6 months summer internship industrial training, which aims at helping the students to improve their working knowledge and expertise and gain practical experience of the job by collaborating with professionals on numerous projects from real clients. We contain the latest and industry focused modules taught by the very best teachers during the first half of the internship, followed by familiarity with the work by indulging the intern in different assignments. Thus, if you are facing difficulties in getting a promising job in big data and Hadoop, then join this internship program and give yourself a better chance of acceptance.

Becoming a Hadoop developer requires innovative skills, knowledge and creative thinking, which one can also achieve during their first job. However, to get such a job in the first place, it is required to gain some experience from our 6 months summer internship program. Below are mentioned some vital requirements in order to students to take admission:


  • Basic Knowledge of Hadoop and its components, features and uses and big data analysis would be appreciated.
  • Candidates should either hold a graduate degree in IT field or equivalent or be in their last year to attend the training.
  • Know how to operate the basic functions in Unix and Linux operating system.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills are required.
  • Highly analytical mind along with problem-solving skills.
  • Enjoy working on tight schedules and don’t hesitate taking new tasks.
  • Ability to work with different people in dynamic environments.
  • Database management and warehousing knowledge with OLTP and OLAP.

It is also necessary to pass an intern test and interview to allow the management get a better understanding of candidates’ skills and expertise and decide their tasks and wages accordingly.

The training of the intern begins soon after the admission, where in the first few weeks, they are given with Hadoop learning and its concept in order to solidify their knowledge of the tool. In this time period, they improve their skills and expertise as our highly experienced instructors guide the students through the entire process and answer any doubts they have. Once their teaching is completed, they have shifted the working department where they will collaborate with our professional team of Hadoop and database management. It is here the interns learn and perform the duties of a Hadoop developer and forge their career. The responsibilities include:

  • Installing, configuring and maintaining the enterprise Hadoop environment.
  • Loading data from different sources and deciding the file format to provide efficiency. They collect information from various platforms and put it into Hadoop platform.
  • Identifying the requirements of input to output transformations.
  • Cleaning the unstructured data as per the requirement of the business with the help of streaming APIs or user defined functions.
  • Developing distributed, scalable and reliable data pipelines to process the data effectively in real time.
  • Troubleshooting and debugging any Hadoop ecosystem run time issues.
  • Assisting in maintaining the privacy and security of Hadoop clusters.
  • Designing and maintaining column family schemas of Hive and HBase within HDFS.

Reviewing and managing Hadoop log files.

Similar to any other training, Big Data Hadoop 6 Months summer internship industrial training also comprises with several benefits to the students, the most obvious being gaining relevant and practical experience in big data and Hadoop. The other more significant advantages are mentioned below:

  • Acquire a promising career: In a recent report by Forbes, the job opportunities in big data and Hadoop is expected to increase by 90% due to the advancement in technology and data retrieval. It is considered one of the finest investment to be made in the current market, thus, choosing a career in big data and Hadoop can be highly beneficial.
  • Increased wages: Since the job opportunities will increase with such a huge margin, the demand of big data analyst and Hadoop operators would increase, thus providing a better pay scale to the candidate in both SME and large scale industries.
  • Other job opportunities: By gaining experience in big data and Hadoop, you won’t only be liable to pursue a career as a Hadoop developer, but can also choose to become a Hadoop engineer, Hadoop architect, Hadoop lead developer or big data developer.
  • Acquire job in various sectors: The need for processing big data isn’t limited to IT sector, but other major industries such as travel, retail, telecommunication, advertising, trade and transport, healthcare, media and entertainment are also in need of collecting and processing large amount of data, thus allowing the candidate to increase their working area.

The intern will have to give their best during this 6 months period, where he or she will be given theoretical and practical knowledge of Hadoop, collaborate with experts in performing the functionalities in Hadoop system and its element and learn from their mistakes which are pointed out on a regular basis by our experts, making the candidates become more responsible and capable in their duties. At the end, we offer the interns with interview preparation so that they can easily attain the position of big data analyst easily in any reputed industry. We tend to provide 100% job placement assistance to the candidates, and our past record will prove our claims. Thus, if you are eager to lead your career in the right direction and become a professional big data and Hadoop operator than attending this internship program at once.

Module 1 - Introduction to Hadoop and Big Data
Module 2 - Hadoop Distribution File System
Module 3 - Map Reduce and Its Features
Module 4 - Pig
Module 5 - Hive
Module 6 - Hbase
Module 7 - Data Integration with Sqoop, Talend and Flume
Module 8 - Hadoop Project and Oozie