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MIS 6 Weeks Summer Internship Industrial Training

MIS stands for Management Information System which refers to the proper utilisation of Information Technology, resources, business process and people to record, store and process information in order to make major necessary decisions to increase the productivity of the company. To put it simply MIS is a collection of hardware, system, procedures and peoples that work together in order to process information and use that information for the Welfare of the organisation. MIS is extremely important for all organisations, regardless of their size and nature as it allows the decision makers together all the relevant information and makes effective decisions, facilitates communication within and outside the company in order to process day to day operations and keep records of valuable transactions in order to use it for further development. This is the main reason business Enterprises constantly look for highly experienced and skilful MIS executive who could perform MIS related activities effectively and put the company in a better condition and status rapidly. However, getting the job as an MIS operator is very difficult, especially when you have just graduated. Many students who have acquired their graduation degree are finished certification course in MIS find it extremely difficult to get a job. The only reason behind their inability to find a job is the lack of practical experience, which they can acquire from a reliable internship program.

SLA Consultants India is a leading MIS training provider in Delhi and NCR and understands the need of experience in the current competitive market. And thus, we have designed our MIS 6 Weeks summer internship industrial training where we help struggling candidates who are looking for an entry level job opportunities in MIS. Our team includes exceptional and dedicated MIS professionals with whom the intern will work collaboratively and execute various projects from our respective clients. We possess updated training material, equipment and competitive projects and assignments which will increase the working knowledge of the intern. We tend to provide the enthusiastic students to work on wide range of software's and perform various tasks that involve analyzing data, troubleshooting, recording, maintaining computer system, etc. the main purpose of this internship is to prepare college students and entry level individuals to provide a thorough understanding of MIS related functionalities and elements, so that they can use their theoretical knowledge to improve their respective company’s status and help them make necessary decisions.

In order to join our 6 weeks MIS Summer Internship industrial training the candidate must possess valuable information in many areas. We hire interns on the basis of their skills and expertise along with their educational background and their Passion to pursue a career in information technology. Below are the eligibility criteria which every candidate must fulfil.

  • The applicant must be a graduate or should be in his or her final year to pursue the training.
  • Basic understanding of Advanced Microsoft Excel functions
  • Some knowledge of the visual basic application and macro skills along with MS Access and SQL server knowledge.
  • Energetic organised and skilful with current Technologies.
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communication skills along with the ability to work in a team-based and dynamic environment.
  • Must be highly Independent and perform the provided work in given deadline.


The candidate will also be required to give an intern test which will help us decide whether he or she will be appointed on paid and non-paid internship.

During the 6 Weeks internship program the candidate will work on various projects and software tools under expert supervision to gain momentum of the work and needed experience. The training process first involves understanding the abilities and comprehension of the intern and using them on various stages of the tasks. The intern will perform several duties and responsibilities during their stay in the company which are as follows.

Learn and develop Information Technology skills such as computer networking, system-wide backup of data and storage of data.

  • Assisting the staff in performing system related functions such as backup and maintenance.
  • Installation of computer hardware and software along with configuring Network and troubleshooting.
  • Generating and distributing management reports in a timely and accurate manner.
  • Assisting in the development of MIS documentation for smooth operations and easy maintenance of the system.
  • Participation in several cross-functional meetings to identify customer issues.
  • Interacting with clients and customers to provide support and assistance to their issues.

Perform data analysis on data gathered and make periodic reports on a regular basis.

MIS 6 weeks Summer Internship industrial training by SLA Consultants India is designed to help students gain quality working experience in the fields of Management information system. We offer a wide range of duties to the intern that are white challenging which develops the practical skills in the students and enable them to augment their studies in MIS.  This will offer the student with several benefits ahead in the future, which are mentioned below:

  • Gain Practical Experience: The best way this internship will help you is by gaining valuable industry-focused experience asked by every reputed firm at the time of interview. Since lack of experience disappoints most of the Freshers when looking for a promising job as an MIS analyst, the internship will help you become a suitable candidate with both educational qualification and working experience.
  • Learn to make better use of knowledge: A most common problem with the inexperienced candidate is they make a lot of mistakes when they are given their first task. And when an error is made in MIS operations, it can affect the company in a very disastrous way. Our internship program will allow you to use your knowledge and put it to real use so that you can perform your tasks without errors.
  • Improved MIS and Data Analysis Skills: Studying about MIS and data analysis can increase your knowledge about the subject, but in order to improve your understanding and expertise, it is required to work for some time to gain momentum. The internship will allow you to better your skills and become a professional, which is demanded by organisations.
  • Increased career opportunity: Having experience and skills in MIS opens several job opportunities for the candidate as they become more ideal for most enterprises. They can be hired as data analyst, financial analyst, MIS Executive, MIS analyst, business analyst, etc.
  • High chances of acceptance: With all the industry focused training, client projects and facing different challenges, the candidate becomes a suitable candidate for the MIS job profile and possess better chances of acceptance as compared to others. Recruiters prefer candidates with experience, which you will gain from our internship program, over those who don’t.

The entire MIS 6 Weeks summer internship industrial training consists of several projects from a different field. These are aimed to increase the processing, analysis and communication skills of the intern while introducing them to work from quality employers. The intern is required to work on real life projects with our highly trained and professional MIS experts who also teaches the candidate the tips and tricks of the tool. At the end, we prepare the candidate for the interview to assure he or she clears any job interview and secure a high paying job soon after finishing the internship.

Module 1 - Basic & Advance Excel
Module 2 - Macros | VBA & Dashboard
Module 3 - MS – Access & SQL
Module 4 - Basic SAS
Module 5 - Basic Tableau