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Web Designing 6 Months Summer Internship Industrial Training

Web designing is considered one of the most important tasks in the current IT industry. It is the job of developing web pages, websites and web based applications for the client’s business in order to achieve more customers and increase their geographical area of business. Many students these days tend to follow this as their career goals, but not all of them are able to become a professional web designer. This could be because of lack of skills and expertise developed over the years by acquiring training from colleges and institutions. Lack of experience is also one of the main reasons why aspiring candidates decide to fall back from pursuing their dream. Organizations these days have become quite strict when hiring a web designer and only look for candidates with proven working experience in a reputed firm along with skills and comprehension. This discourages the Freshers after they are denied the position in the company more than once, which is very often. Even though they possess enough qualification and lots of proficiencies in the field, they will still find it difficult to please the recruiters due to their lack of practical experience.

SLA Consultants India understands this intricacy a Fresher endures over a period of time and thus, designed a specific and high-quality internship program for graduate students where they can learn practical expertise and gain needed familiarity with the work. The web designing 6 months summer internship industrial training offers a valid and remarkable platform to candidates who are frustrated by not receiving interview calls or being turned down by the employers even after an eye-catching educational qualification mentioned in their resume. Our highly regarded and admired designers will give you a fair chance to stand up from your status and enhance your ability to become an ideal and most suitable contender for any web designing profile. We provide comprehension and experience on Java, PHP, My SQL, HTML, CSS, WordPress, Joomla and many other web development platform to students by delegating them tasks and projects which they perform under the strict guidance of our experts. The applicants are offered with all the possible help and supervision required to hone their web development skills that would easily get them to acquire a permanent job position in any IT development firm.

If you want to join our web designing 6 months summer internship industrial training, then you are required to have some specific fields and qualifications. This is important as we also wish to make sure that the applicant is worthy enough to take such a role and have the passion and willingness to become a web designer. Additionally, it will also allow us to decide on your payroll, which would be based on your qualifications, skills and knowledge. The eligibility criteria to join this summer internship program are as follows:


  • Basic Knowledge of programming languages such as Java, C, C++, etc. would be much appreciated but not required.
  • Some understanding of designing tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator would also be beneficial, however, not mandatory.
  • A graduate degree in IT field is required, but students in their last semester or year can also attend the training.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills and the candidate must be highly creative.
  • Problem-solving skills and good analytical mind to approach the work.
  • Ability to meet the deadline and love to work on tight schedule.
  • Passionate enough to work on multiple projects with ease and comfort.

This is an excellent opportunity for students to explore their strength. We will also conduct an intern test followed by an interview.

After the selection of the applicant for our reliable web designing internship program, the training process begins shortly after the results of the test and interviews arrives. This would give us a better understanding of your familiarity with the topic and your skills, which we will use to put you to the right set of tasks.

At the initial stage, you will be given some theoretical & practical knowledge on web designing and then proceed towards real time training to gain valuable experience. These include learning your duties as a professional web designer which involves:

  • Creating the layout, design, and features of the website.
  • Understanding the graphic design and computer programming and working closely with the development team and managers to keep the website up to date.
  • Assisting the team in executing all the visual design stages and conceptualize the original website design ideas that offer simplicity and user friendliness.
  • Creating storyboards, wireframes, process and user flow, site map, etc. in the website.
  • Including site SEO based content and graphics in the website and install and configure network software's using authorized tools.
  • Ensuring cross-platform compatibility and establishing links.
  • Maintaining backup files and solving code problems.

There are enormous benefits associated with a web designing summer internship, especially if pursued from SLA Consultants India. We have been in the training business for over 8 years and helped thousands of students reach other ambitious goals through our rigorous and reliable training. With this web designing internship program, the candidate will not only gain sufficient amount of experience in the field, but also increase their working performance and knowledge so that they can contribute more to their respective companies. Some of the other benefits of choosing this training course include:

  • Great job opportunities: With a rising number of online stores and e-commerce business along with other SME companies that are willing to present their visibility to the world, the demand for web designers has increased drastically in the past few years, which is expected to rise even more in the upcoming years.
  • Very easy to learn: Many consider Web designing as a very complex working line, which is certainly not the case, especially when you have already been familiar with the concept. With the training, you will become an expert in a short period of time, 6 months to be more precise.
  • Outstanding growth opportunities: With increasing demands also comes the opportunity to rise above your skills and status. Web designing is one job profile, where the user will learn new things regularly and with experience, he or she will be able to manage the entire project easily.
  • Better pay scale: It is safe to assume to the wages offered to a professional web designer is higher than any other position in the IT field, especially due to its great importance.
  • Brilliant freelancing opportunities: One can also earn some extra income by working from home on freelancing projects as there are numerous agencies who tend to offer freelance work over full-time position.

The web designing 6 months summer internship industrial training requires candidates to pull several projects from our real clients by working closely with our expert team. This includes different phases that begin from learning and proceeds to practicing those skills under professional guidance. This way, we can assure that the intern is making progress and learn from their mistakes. It would allow them to work independently and confidently during their permanent job at a reputed firm where one error can be extremely disastrous for both the individual and the company. SLA also provides 100% job placement assistance to the interns at the end of the training followed by preparation on an interview that solidifies their chances of getting accepted as a web designer in an established web development agency.

Module 1 - HTML & CSS2
Module 2 - Javascript & JQuery
Module 3 - HTML5 & CSS3
Module 4 - Twitter Bootstrap
Module 5 - Adobe Photoshop
Module 6 - Project