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SAS (Base & Advanced) 6 Weeks Summer Internship Industrial Training

Statistical analysis system or simply SAS is a software Suite designed by SAS institutes that allow the user to perform advanced Data analysis, business intelligence, data management, multivariate analysis along with many other important tasks. It is a very important tool for business organisations as it allows them to track and record the market conditions the behaviour of the customers and the competition in the market which enables them to take necessary actions in order to increase their productivity and sales. SAS gathers information from different databases and transforms it into one database given the data analyst and Independence and flexibility to make Research and find out the best course of action to follow. Thus, we can assume that SAS can also be considered as an ETL tool which helps in data management and data warehousing which is extremely important for business operations. There are many students who pursue an SAS training course in order to acquire a promising job in the field but fails to accomplish that due to lack of practical experience.

With our 6 weeks SAS Base and Advanced Summer Internship program SLA Consultants India gives you the needed experience and comprehension required to give and clear any interview with confidence and obtain a high paying SAS job in a reputed company. We offer the best instructors, highly competitive and job oriented course material along with an exceptional learning environment in our internship program giving the intern full confidence in performing the required duties. You can get the needed confidence to make your mark in this competitive job market and along with way, earn some money as well without worrying about getting fired from the job. The internship will help you tackle your weak points and make necessary adjustments in your skills so that it won’t come in your way during your permanent job.

SAS base and advanced 6 weeks Summer Internship industrial training are designed for those students who wish to pursue a career as a data analyst and become a professional and experienced candidate for the job profile. Although there are some special qualification and eligibility criteria that you must possess in order to attend this internship program which is as follows:

  • Aspiring candidate should be pursuing or completed a graduation degree in any stream. Although computer application, commerce, economics , statistics degree would be highly admirable.
  • The participant must have a highly analytical mind and strong communication skills.
  • He or she must be able to perform the given task within the timeline provided.
  • A team player with skills in working in the dynamic environment would be most preferable.
  • Enjoy working on tight schedules and deadlines and under different experts.
  • Knowledge of statistics using statistical packages such as MS Excel, SAS, SPSS Training etc. for data analysis.

Based on these educational and professional qualifications, we will decide whether you are a right candidate for the was 6 weeks Summer Internship program. This will also help us to decide your payroll as well.

Since this is only a 6 weeks internship program the training process begin shortly after the admission they are the candidates work under expert supervision on different clients’ projects. SLA Consultants India have a dedicated and effective team of SAS analysts are responsible for heavy data analysis and data management and the intern will have to perform these duties along with them, which will give them a better understanding of how to perform these operations and gain the required knowledge and experience to get the job done. These responsibilities and duties you will learn during the internship program are as follows.

  • Creating datasets for high-level statistical analysis and developing schedules.
  • Updating reports from the production system and perform basic analysis of the information gathered.
  • Assist in using SAS tools to create data sets and perform data analysis.
  • Maintain routine reporting and data load processes.
  • Collaborate with other team members on team projects and provide necessary support.
  • Working with management to prioritise the needs and requirements of the business
  • Gather information from different databases and putting it in one single database for data warehousing.
  • Identifying and analysing trends and patterns in complex data sets.

Every student required experience in order to obtain a promising job opportunity. However, the main problem with passed out graduate students is that they don't have any sort of experience which is the main requirement for every business corporation these days. This SAS base and advanced 6 weeks Summer Internship industrial training will help you gain the practical experience and working knowledge of SAS tools which would definitely help you get an SAS Analyst job in a reputed company. Other than that there are still so many other benefits you can enjoy through this SAS internship program:

  1. Improve your skills and expertise through practical training, giving you a better understanding of the work.
  2. Acquire industry focused certification of SAS which will help you during the interview.
  3. Gain immense confidence to perform your responsibilities with utmost dedication and deliverance.
  4. Catch the eyes of the recruiter catch the eyes of the recruiter over your competitor with detailed and job focused resume highlighting your SAS skills.
  5. Acquiring SAS credentials means having relevant information to the real world needs.
  6. Trained and experienced candidate tend to get a job better paying than the Freshers.
  7. Enjoy better growth opportunities as you increase your experience and working capabilities in SAS field.

During the entire 6 weeks internship training, the candidates will have to complete several projects of different scale and significance from our regular and respective clients. The interns will be provided with latest software and tools along with in-depth training from our experts. As soon as the internship is over the candidate will be liable to clear any job interview for the SAS analyst and programmer from reputed industries. This is certainly an effective and much-needed opportunity for you to enhance your career and learn the skills which will help you provide the best contribution to your respective company.

Module 1 - Introduction to SAS Programming
Module 2 - Working in the SAS Environment
Module 3 - Working with the windows
Module 4 - Overview of libraries
Module 5 - Basic concepts
Module 6 - Understanding data step processing
Module 7 - Options
Module 8 - Statements
Module 9 - Input styles
Module 10 - Pointers
Module 11 - Informats and formats
Module 12 - Informats
Module 13 - Formats
Module 14 - Functions
Module 15 - Combining SASA datasets
Module 16 - Control statements
Module 17 - Reading raw data from external file
Module 18 - Writing data to external files
Module 19 - Output delivery system (ODS)
Module 20 - Debugging of errors
Module 21 - Card
Module 22 - Recognized
Module 23 - Found
Module 24 - Procedures
Module 25 - SAS/GRAPH
Module 26 - SAS/STAT
Module 27 - Procedures
Module 28 - SAS/MACROS
Module 29 - Retrieving data from single table
Module 31 - Through facility
Module 32 - Through facility
Module 33 - Through facility
Module 34 - Retrieving data from multiple tables
Module 35 - SAS/ACCESS