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Software Testing 6 Week Summer Internship Training

A software tester is one of the most important personnel in software development company. It is a highly required and necessary process of pointing out the defects and mistakes in the development phase of the software. It allows the company to make sure it offers customer reliability and utmost satisfaction by ensuring the quality of the product. However, becoming a software tester is not an easy task to accomplish. Even though if you might gain the skills and comprehension required to become a software tester, you may still find it difficult to get a job as a software tester in any app development company. This is because learning software testing skills and knowledge in your college or Institute is one thing, however, putting that knowledge into real use is another.

And that is where SLA Consultants India with their manual and automation software 6 weeks Summer Internship training comes in. We understand the kind of hindrance every Aspiring software engineer gets to face due to the lack of experience and practical knowledge. Every software development organisation prefers a candidate with some kind of experience in software testing before appointing them for the job profile. And it is not possible for any college student or someone who has acquired certification course in software testing to have any kind of working experience in the field of software testing. Thus, we offer them our high quality and reliable manual and automation 6 weeks Summer Internship training where they perform software testing for real clients and help in the development of applications which gains them needed practical experience. The internship is provided under the guidance of highly expert trainers with a vast amount of experience. During the entire 6 weeks, you will perform various manual and automation testing necessary as the requirement of the clients along with a team of superiors which will assist you to understand the process of manual and automation software testing and gives you needed momentum and confidence essential to acquire a permanent job opportunity.

There are various eligibility criteria that every Aspiring intern must possess before attending the internship. These are as follows:

  • Brilliant analytical skills which would help in breaking up Complex software into small units and understanding test cases.
  • Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills as software testing would require the tester to read and comprehend different sort of cases and discuss it with the clients and the team.
  • Efficient time management and organisational skills as the intern need to be highly productive and perform the given task within the optimal time. He or she must enjoy working on pressure condition and able to complete the work within deadline.
  • Passion for learning and becoming a professional software tester is also required from the candidate.
  • Should be pursuing a graduation course in any stream or hold a degree.
  • Previous knowledge of software engineering or software testing would be highly preferred.
  • Interest in video game development and other software development would be efficient.
  • Must possess the ability to identify the error in programming and make accurate troubleshooting in order to fix those errors.

Make sure you possess these qualifications and criteria as it would give them a better chance of acceptance. The stipend will be decided on your current knowledge, expertise and ability.

SLA Consultants India has designed this internship program for all the Aspiring software testers who wish to gain adequate practical experience in Manual and Automation testing, giving them a competitive edge over others when applying for software testing position in any app development company. During the entire Summer Internship, the candidates will learn several testing phases essential in software testing by our highly trained and admired instructors who will make you a professional software tester within 6 weeks. This internship will help you understand the basic and advanced duties and responsibilities of a software tester and make sure you get accustomed to those requirements.

  • Establishing Automation Testing environment for user interface and non-user interface testing.
  • Helping the superior team to identify programming holes and errors in the developed application.
  • Reviewing test cases and perform automation when required.
  • Search for Areas where manual testing and Automation Testing is required.
  • Design, manage, document and execute the test cases.
  • Assist in cross-functional projects by performing development, marketing, usability, and software quality assurance along with giving customer support.
  • Performed several testing phases such as unit test, function in system test and acceptance test.

At the end of the internship, you will be able to perform all the responsibilities of a professional software tester with accuracy and possess a better chance of acquiring a relevant job with your gained experience.

Manual and Automation Testing 6 weeks Summer Internship training will offer the candidates several benefits that include gaining software testing experience along with putting their skills and expertise to real use. Other major benefits of the 6 weeks Summer Internship program provided by SLA Consultants India are as follows:

  • After the completion of the internship, the candidate will receive industry standard internship certification, which will help them find a promising job opportunity in software testing.
  • The candidate will also receive the best training from highly respected trainers who would help in increasing their skills and expertise to become a professional.
  • Students will also gain the essential amount of work experience as a software tester, allowing them to get accustomed towards a kind of work they will be performing in their permanent basis job.
  • Candidates will be taught to work on different clients' projects, giving them a better understanding of software testing in both manual and automation process.
  • The internship will also allow the students to find out their strong area of expertise, which would assist them in pursuing the same and earn a better livelihood.
  • The candidates will be able to impress the recruiters with their updated resume highlighting an internship, which will put more weights on your resume.
  • The participants will also learn how to perform a various software testing process that includes test design, test automation, static testing, test execution, and error detection.
  • And last but not the least, after acquiring a decent job opportunity in software testing, the candidate will be less liable to make mistakes due to increased confidence gained during the internship.
  • Live Pojects
  • Certification for the Internship Training for Software Testing.
  • Placement Assistant will be provided after completion of training.

There are several projects and assignments candidates will be given during the internship in order to find out their strong areas and motivate them to finish those projects within the time limit. This would increase their confidence and provide them with a much-needed experience in the fields of software testing. So that when they perform these task during their permanent job, they won't make any error providing them job security.

Module 1 - Manual Testing - Testing Basics
Module 2 - SDLC models
Module 3 - Types of Testing,
Module 4 - Test Planning – Project Plan,Test Plan,Test Cases,Test
Module 5 - Introduction of SQL server (or MySQL),
Module 6 - Bug Life Cycle,
Module 7 - Introduction to Selenium