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Accounting 6 Months Summer Internship Industrial Training

In this highly competitive world, getting a job is something every student or passed out individual find it hard, regardless of their academic qualifications, institution pursued or marks obtained. The organizations these days require individuals with experience to make sure the needed job profile is filled by the most desired and suitable candidate.  However, one may think “how can anyone gain experience, if they can’t get a job as a Fresher?” This is one of the most troublesome and annoying situation every student can relate to these days. And not acquiring a decent opportunity, even after graduation can break the confidence of most students. Thus, if you are also facing this inevitable situation in your life, then the best course of action you can take is to join an Internship from a reputed firm.

SLA Consultants India offers a remarkable Accounting 6 Months Summer Internship Industrial Training where college students will gain sufficient experience in the fields of accounting and increase their chances of acquiring a permanent job.

The Accounting 6 months summer internship industrial training is designed by SLA Consultants India to help passed out commerce students to gain immense knowledge and expertise in the fields of accounts. The internship will teach you the in’s and out’s of Microsoft Excel and how to use it to perform several accounting functions. Other major inclusions of the internship are enhancing your knowledge and skills in Tally ERP 9, banking and finance, excise and custom, payroll processing, Indian taxation system and may more. The students will also learn how to operate several accounting tools, such as Sage, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, etc.

In order to join our Accounting 6 months Summer internship industrial training, below are the requirements that you must fulfil.


  • Basic knowledge of accounting functions and it's features
  • A student from a commerce background, especially who have completed their B.Com graduation or in their last year of graduation.
  • Proficient knowledge of MS Excel and Word
  • The desire to work hard and independently with a team and willingness to achieve success.
  • Good mathematical skills and clear understanding of accounting concepts.

It is efficient that you possess these criteria before you apply for the Accounting summer internship. the candidate may also require passing an intern test or interview, which will provide us with some fair idea on the skills and expert level of the candidate. The internship will be started soon after the admission.

The internship will be a temporary position with us where you will be performing some specific job or set of duties. We will offer you firsthand professional responsibilities of an accountant and give you academic credit. Our extremely talented and experienced trainers will help you gain sufficient knowledge in accountancy and prepare you with the help of the latest and modern tools to become a professional.

Below are given the internship job description along with tasks, duties and responsibilities you will be learning and practising;

  • Creating month end financial statement
  • Working collaboratively with other accountants
  • Performing bank statement reconciliation, balance sheet preparation, accounts payable and receivable
  • Assisting ad hoc and internal report preparation along with physical inventory
  • Learn GST related work
  • Advanced Tally  work
  • Performing data entry and credit checks
  • Performing journal entries
  • At the end, the internship will end by providing you a certification, highlighting your strong skills.


Attending the accounting 6 months summer internship industrial training would be very beneficial for you. Apart from learning all the above mentioned functionalities and putting them to proper use in real life scenarios, you will also gain the momentum and experience to increase your chances of acquiring a relevant job opportunity. Here are mentioned some major benefits you could achieve from our summer internship program.

  • Experience: The first and foremost benefit one can get is experience and expertise, which is highly essential these days to impress the recruiter. You will gain adequate knowledge, proper understanding of your job, accounting skills and enhance your ability to use various accounting tools.
  • Attract recruiter: Recruiter except the desired candidate have some sort of experience, even for an entry-lever job. Having an internship in accounting can help you increase the interest of the recruiter toward you as you will be considered an experienced candidate.
  • Resume Builder: A summer accounting internship in your resume can be a deciding factor in favor of you when you go to an interview. The interviewer will easily take an interest in you after seeing your resume and make you the most desired candidate for the job profile.
  • Increase Confidence: A college student without any experience lacks the confidence to be hired by the company. However, an internship under their belt can boost that confidence 10 times as he or she will be more liable to answer all the questions of the recruiter and showcase their working experience.
  • Full Time Job opportunity: By joining the accounting internship and apprenticeship, the candidate will only get familiar with the work environment and nature of the business, but also lead to acquiring several full time job opportunities.

These are some major benefits of joining accounting 6 months internship industrial training from SLA consultants India, which you will enjoy, if you work hard and aim to finish the internship in 6 months.

During the accounting 6 months internship industrial training by SLA Consultants India, the participants will also work on several job projects and assignments. The aim is to give the candidates the relevant knowledge on how to perform their job in real world condition by providing them with actual projects from different clients. This will allow the apprentices to get acquainted with the kind of work they are supposed to do and help them gain experience which will certainly aid them in acquiring a full time job easily after the internship. And when joining their first full time job, they won’t feel alien regarding the work or any lack in confidence, giving them superiority over the work.

Module 1 - GST- Goods & Service Tax- By Chartered Accountant – (Indirect Tax)
Module 2 - Income Tax/TDS –by Chartered Accountant (Direct Tax)
Module 3 - Finalization of Balance sheet/ preparation of Financial Statement- by Chartered Accountant
Module 4 - Banking & Finance Instruments - By Chartered Accountant
Module 5 - Customs / Import & Export Procedures - By Chartered Accountant
Module 6 - Payroll Processing - By HR Manager
Module 7 - MIS Advanced Excel - By MIS Analyst
Module 8 - Advanced Tally ERP for GST by (Tally Consultant)
Module 9 - Workshop on Interview Skills (New Module Added) -(HR Manager)