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MIS 6 Months Summer Internship Industrial Training

MIS stands for Management Information System, which refers to financial information stored in a computerised database a program in order to develop regular reports and help the management in acquiring relevant financial data for taking the necessary actions. MIS allows the management to achieve important feedback about their performance and have the monitor the company. It also helps display the actual information against the expected results and results from previous years and their competency in achieving their goals. The information stored in MIS system is from the company itself along with the data collected from different counters or programs. It is highly important for any organization in order to help them track their progress and productivity over the years and make necessary changes in the system to further improve the revenue. To become an MIS professional gaining knowledge in the field is necessary as well as getting trained in the system. Training allows the candidate to understand the working of MIS system and perform the functionalities with much ease and convenience that would help them contribute better to the organization. You could also assist the students to acquire a promising job opportunity over those who only possess educational qualification. If you also aspire to become a professional MIS operator, then it is highly recommended that you join a reliable training program from a reputed training agency.

SLA consultants India is well known to provide the best internship program in MIS in New Delhi and have trained hundreds of students who wish to achieve the proper skills and expertise in the field to become capable enough for the job. Our MIS 6 month Summer Internship industrial training program assists students who are struggling to find promising job opportunity even after having the needle educational qualification but lacks the needed experience which is demanded by most of the industries these days. Be comprise with some of the best and most experienced trainers who hone the skills of the candidates and teach them how to perform MIS functionalities on different projects using significant tools and Systems. We understand well that many students face great trouble during their job interviews of MIS operator just because they are freshers. And thus we try our best to eat them by giving them practical expertise on management information system. To know more about the internship program, read more.

In order to join our prestigious MIS internship program, the candidate must fulfil our eligibility criteria before we could take his or her application. This would help us ensure that the candidate is capable enough to pursue a career in MIS and holds the knowledge and skills required for it.


  • Good understanding of operating systems such as Microsoft, Linux, Unix, etc.
  • Expertise in Planning and maintaining system hardware and software.
  • A graduation degree or equivalent in Computer application is required. However, last year college students can also attend the course
  • Fundamental data management skills and data analysis knowledge.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Should also have basic knowledge in MS Excel, MS Access and SQL server.
  • Enjoy working on a tight schedule and dynamic environment and do not hesitate on taking new challenges.

After considering the application the candidate will be required to complete an intern test before joining.

MIS 6 month Summer Internship industrial training from SLA is designed to help students gain work experience specifically related to the MIS field. The interns will be provided with a range of duties and challenges according to their knowledge and expertise. They will also be offered political knowledge before the actual practical session in order to have them revise their previous learning. The training AIMS at integrating conceptual knowledge achieved in the classroom by giving actual work experience and providing career irrelevant knowledge to enhance the placement of the student in the job market. In order to accomplish it, the interns will have to perform a set of duties and responsibilities during their stay of 6 months in the organization. These responsibilities include:

  • Learning and developing skills in information technology, including networking of computers storage of data and system wide data backup.
  • Developing communication skills in system software designing engineering and computer programming.
  • Helping the staff in performing system backup and maintenance.
  • Assisting in the installation of hardware and software and troubleshooting Network and hardware.
  • Providing aid in current projects and developing special reports.
  • Managing, maintaining, developing and designing the Intranet structure and publishing interactive reports.
  • Perform data analysis for projects and find out a solution as per the requirements.

Choosing a career in MIS can be very helpful for your future and this internship training would help you accomplish that with less difficulty. Apart from providing the highly demanding and needed practical experience in MIS, the internship training will also help you and hence your skills and comprehension in the field that would further assist you in acquiring a decent job opportunity in the market. Some other major benefits of the training are as follows:

According to a recent study, the amount of computer related position and information system is increasing rapidly. The training will help you grab those opportunities and or for yourself a reliable career in the future.

Trained candidates with certification and educational qualification get above average salaries compared to those with no training.

After gaining management formation system skills and abilities the candidate will be able to work in many different industries.

You will also be able to apply for multiple job opportunities in the field of data management and data analysis.

Find out what kind of work you will be performing in your permanent job using new technology and latest course material.

Other common positions related to the MIS field include business analyst, system analyst, database administrator, database designer, security officer, network administrator and project manager.

Once the Admission is confirmed the intern will work on several science projects and assignments to practice their earnings and skills by working closely with our highly experienced and trained staff. Working on these real life projects would help you analyze your learning and understand your responsibilities effectively. You will further increase your capabilities by observing your superiors. At the end of the training, you will be provided with Interview preparation and job placement assistance so that you can easily acquit yourself with the reputed organization and earn a better livelihood.

Module 1 - Basic & Advance Excel
Module 2 - Macros | VBA & Dashboard
Module 3 - MS – Access & SQL
Module 4 - Basic SAS
Module 5 - Basic Tableau