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Inquiry for Advanced HR Generalist & Analytics Training

HR Generalist Course leads the chart among the best Human Resources Training Courses. It enables people to play the role of Human Resource Generalists with reputed organizations by handling all aspects of People Management. SLA Consultants India is a leading provider Certification Course in HR because it helps you to be job-ready and become experts in a very short amount of time. The trainers hired by SLA Consultants India are competent and offer real-time examples as well as practical exposure to all the students. It allows the students to learn the art of handling and resolving people problems in fast-paced corporate environments.

Programme Highlights


Industry acceptable certification for all training which help fresher/Experienced to up-skill at corporate

Experienced Faculty

4-5 Industry Expert Sr. HR Manager / Manager-HR Business Partner With 15+ Years provide practical training to learner's.

Placement Assistance

After completion of 70% training our dedicated placement team arrange interview till placement.

Lab Facility

Practical Training help to gain exposure like corporate level with technical test series.

Workshop Sessions

Real time projects & best case study makes SLA workshop very unique and lively for learners.

Admin Support

For Learner's, Our admin team fresh batch schedule/re-scheduling classes/arrange doubt classes.

Human Resource Generalist is a valuable certificate course in human resource management that is very useful for fresh graduates and each MBA HR Fresher who possesses no experience of the corporate world. In today’s scenario, the role played by the human resource professionals cannot be negated as they lead the efforts towards keeping the valuable employees satisfied and attached to the company.

On the other hand, the corporations expect the human resource professionals to keep up with the industry trends and enhance their knowledge of the field which can be easily done by opting for Short Term HR Courses. Corporations also expect them to attend an HR workshop or an event from time to time to learn new skills from the top leaders of the field.

Keeping all these factors in mind, SLA Consultants India has designed a course that will not only meet the expectations of the participants but will also make them more employable or the favourite of employers. People who are seeking a promotion at work would increase their chances of getting it by utilising the skills acquired via this course. Similarly, a person looking to join a reputed organization as an HR Trainee would achieve this goal by learning new skills, gaining knowledge of human resource tools and honing the abilities via real-time scenarios used in the innovative course.

To know more about this amazing course, you should contact our team. They would be happy to help you with everything, from enrollment to placement related queries. What are you waiting for? Contact us now!!

  • Human Resource Management has a wide scope of jobs.
  • No company can work for long without a HR Department.
  • HR jobs pay well and have steady career growth options.
  • The HR Department is considered as an asset by the management of all companies.

Who Should Join HR Training?

  • Graduate / Post Graduate fresher’s willing to make a career in HR Management.
  • Professionals working in other fields who want to work as an HR.
  • Professionals working as HR who are not getting career growth.
  • Housewife and others who looks for a respected job.

Advanced HR Generalist & Analytics Training With Advanced Excel & SAP HCM- 100% Practical Training with Interview Guarantee

SLA Consultants India is a Learning & Development Company that has been Organizing HR Workshops for Over 10 Years to Benefit Fresher’s and Sr. Management Level Professionals. The Workshops are Organized in Big the Corporate Houses ,Colleges and Inhouse.

Highlights of the HR Training Program

  • You will get trained by industry professionals who have worked in the Corporate World.
  • You will have access to all software and hardware tools necessary to learn HR skills.
  • You will get a widely acknowledged certificate.
  • You will attain 100% job placement opportunities from our end.
  • You will get the chance to clear all your doubts throughout the program.

Course Duration: 80 - 85 Hours with 5 - 6 Trainers for 7 Modules

SLA Consultants India - HR Generalist & Analytics  Training Delivery Method:

  • Web / Desktop Base
  • Instructor-Led Classroom Sessions
  • Presentations/Demonstration/Practical’s of concepts
  • Handouts/Assignments/Real-time Exposure to work on Clients

NOTE: Classes are Also Available on Module Basis

programme modules

Advanced HR Generalist & Analytics Training Course

1. EPF & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952
  • Objectives
  • Applicability
  • Eligibility
  • Rate of Contribution / Share
  • Registration / Coverage
  • Registers & Records
  • Various Returns
  • Various Forms
  • Pension Eligibility & Calculation
  • EDLI Calculation & Limit
  • Online Activities
2. ESI Act, -1948
  • Objectives
  • Applicability
  • Eligibility
  • Rate of Contribution / Share
  • Registration / Coverage
  • Registers & Records
  • Various Returns
  • Various Forms
  • ESI Benefits
  • Contribution Period & Benefit Period
  • Online Activities
 3. Payment of Bonus Act, 1965
  • Objectives
  • Applicability
  • Eligibility
  • Calculation of Minimum Bonus
  • Calculation of Maximum Bonus
  • Registers & Records
  • Return
  • Displays
4. Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972
  • Objectives
  • Applicability
  • Eligibility
  • Calculation of Gratuity
  • Maximum Gratuity & Taxability
  • Group Gratuity Policy
  • Various Forms
  • Display
  • The Pay Structure
  • Basic, HRA, DA, Conveyance, Medical allowance, LTA, Lunch Allowance etc.
  • Salary Break up and Designing CTC.
  • Calculation of Gross , Net Salary & CTC
  • Calculation of Overtime & Leave Encashment.
  • Discussion on Compensation and Benefits.
  • Attendance & Leave Management (CL, EL, SL, and ML)
  • Preparation of Salary Sheet, Pay Slip, Full n Final Settlement.
  • PF Report in Excel sheet
  • ESI Report in Excel sheet
  • Professional Report Tax
  • Live Payroll Software Training (New Topic Added)
  • LWF Slab Rate
  • PT Slab Rate
  • Income Tax Slab Rate
  • Tax Exemptions of Various Allowances.
  • Tax Deduction under Chapter VI-A
  • (80C, 80D, 80E, 80G, etc.)
  • Rebate  U/S 87A
  • Education Cess
  • Routine Tax Planning (Investment Declaration Form)
  • TDS Certificate (Form 16)
Module 2.1 – MS Excel- Lab Session
  • What’s Disciplinary Action?
  • Definition of Misconduct/Violation of Code of Conduct.
  • Preparations of Show Cause Notice/Charge Sheet.
  • Domestic Inquiry
  • Termination
  • Objective
  • Applicability
  • Registration & License
  • Returns(Report)
  • Facilities
  • Registers and Records
  • Displays
3. SHWW Act, 2013 (New Topic Added)
  • Sexual Harassment Policy
  • Internal Complaints Committee
  • Definition
  • Condition/Clause
  • Function
  • Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Objective
  • Applicability
  • Registration
  • Conditions of Work
  • Registers to be maintained
  • Displays(Notice)
6. FACTORY Act, 1948
  • Objectives
  • Applicability
  • Licensing Procedure
  • Employment Conditions
  • Facilities
  • Committees
  • Statutory Appointments
  • Registers & Records
  • Various Returns
  • Various Forms
  • Displays
7. INDUSTRIAL DISPUTES Act, 1947 (New Topic Added)
  • Purpose
  • Scope
  • Forms and Formats
  • Regulatory Body
  • Employer’s Obligation
  • Keywords used
  • Objective
  • Applicability
  • Notification
  • Provisions
  • Registers to be maintained
  • Returns
  • Display(Notice)
9. APPRENTICESHIP Act,  1961 (New Topic Added)
  • Objective
  • Contract of Apprenticeship
  • Termination of Apprenticeship Contract
  • Obligation of Employers Toward an Apprentices
  • Obligation of Apprentices
  • Payment to Apprentices
  • Health, Safety and Welfare of Apprentices
  • Rules and Guideline
Performance Management System (Advanced Topic Added)
  • Design a PMS System
  • Goal Cascading
  • Mapping the KRAs and KPIs
  • Link Reward System to Achievement of KRAs
  • Timelines Quarterly & Mid-Year Reviews
  • Performance Counseling Techniques
  • Reward & Recognition System.
  • Performance Report & Dashboard
Module 4.1 – Learning & Organizational Development (Advanced Topic Added)
A.  Policies (New Topic Added)
  • Why Policies, Steps to Frame HR Policy?
  • Attendance Policy
  • Leave policy
  • LTA & Reimbursement Policy
  • Code of Ethics & Business Conduct
  • Email, Internet & Computer use Policy
  • Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Policy
  • Effective Retention Policies
B.  Employee Relationship Management
  • Joining Formalities and Relieving Procedure
  • Exit Interviews
  • Employee Engagement
  • Grievances
Module 5.1 – HR -Business Partner (Advanced Topic Added)
  • End-to-End Recruitment Process & Head Hunting.
  • Hands on Experience on Job Portals i.e., Naukri / Monster with Sourcing Methodologies.
  • Boolean Search, Industry Mapping
  • Screening, Short-Listing of Resume.
  • Interview Checklist (Primary  & Secondary)
  • Topics to be Covered:
  • Myths & Reality
  • Building Right Attitude for Interview
  • Skills Required for Interview and How to Demonstrate Those Skills
  • Techniques to Improve Interview Performance
  • How to Prepare Yourself for Interview
  • Communication During Interview (Verbal/Non Verbal)
  • Importance of Physiology & Nonverbal Cues in Interview
  • 5 Stages of Interview and Giving Your Best at Each Stage
  • Commonly Ask Interview Questions and Their Answers
  • Resume Writing
Please find the Hr Generalist Course Duration details. Classes & Course can be designed/customize as per request

Duration of the Module:-

Course Module Course Duration
Module 1 to 7 80-85 (Hours)
Module 1 to 6 70-75 (Hours)
Module 1 to 5 60-65 (Hours)
Module 1,2&3 40-50 (Hours)
Module 4&5 25-30 (Hours)

Batch Timings :-

Days Time Duration Class Duration Course Duration
Sunday 10:00/11:30 AM 3-4(Hours) 4-6 Months
Sunday 1:00 /02:30  PM 3-4(Hours) 4-6 Months
Sunday 03:30  PM 3-4(Hours) 4-6 Months
Saturday/Sunday 10:00 AM & 2:00 PM 3-4(Hours) 2-3 Months
Monday to Friday 09:30 AM 2-3(Hours) 1.5 – 2 Months
Monday to Friday 12:30 /  3:00 PM 2-3(Hours) 1.5 – 2 Months



What is HR Generalist?

A Human Resources Generalist plays an important role in the human resources function of a company. Chiefly, the HR Generalist is accountable for the day-to-day administration of HR operations, which implies that they handle the administration of the policies, process as well as programs of the company. The job of Human Resources Generalist can offer various career opportunities to move ahead within the HR function as the skills obtained as some of the most helpful for any organization and are really valued.

Will HR Generalist Course helps me to get Job?

Yes, surely HR Generalist Course will help you in finding you the right job.  The generalist is accountable for securing and aligning different human capital to assist the business unit to achieve its planned and operational objectives. Joining the HR Course will surely help you in finding the expertise in the field.

Job Opportunist as a HR Business Partner?

HR business partners refer to the HR professionals who work intimately with an organization’s senior leaders for developing an HR agenda that closely assists the general aims of the organization. The procedure of alignment is recognized as HR business partnering and may engage the HR business partner sitting on the slate of directors or working intimately with the board of directors and C-suite.

Difference Between HR Generalist Vs HR Analytics?

HR generalists may have proficiency in more than one part, but they normally have sufficient experience in each area to offer trustworthy advice and counsel to employees as well as managers similarly. On the other-other hand, HR Analytics has proficiency in one particular HR field instead of expertise in multiple HR disciplines. Experts requires to have additional comprehensive expertise of a specific subject, some of them comprises HR development specialist, change management specialist, HR Information Systems (HRIS) specialist, Employee and labor relations specialist, Employee relations and Workplace safety & security among others.

How can we create online PMS in Organization?

It is important to have frequent interactions between your employees as well as managers. A regular feedback throughout the year not just assists in boosting the productivity, but also keeps employees engaged. The Employee Performance Management software assists you align your employees, check achievements in real-time, guide and mentor endlessly, and rewards the person through an easy to use procedure – all in a see-through and objective way.

To whom I contact to Join HR practical Course?

If you are interested in the HR practical Course, it is better to contact SLA Consultants India for better information and completing the course. Join HR practical Course will help you in learning the responsibility for a Human Resources and helpful in personal and professional development of the organisation’s individuals, which needs employee orientation, development and training.


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