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Android App Development 6 Weeks Summer Internship Industrial Training

Joining an internship program is a brilliant way of acquiring enough experience and skills to attain a valuable and processing job in the near future. It can be useful for college students seeking expertise in a specific field of work for working professionals to acquire needed experience in the world of business without the need of working on a full-time basis. And when it comes to Android App development it is highly essential for the candidate to possess some kind of experience if they wish to land a promising job from an established organization. This is because mobile application development is currently one of the most desired and significant job opportunities in the world. And without proper experience, no company would be willing to offer you a job in their mobile development department. However, with the help of SLA Consultants India's latest Summer Internship program, you can easily deal with this Universal issue. With our Android App development 6 Weeks internship industrial training you will no longer be an amateur candidate for this job profile. Anyone who has completed their college in computer science or possess certification degree in Java and Android app development then this internship is an ideal course of action you can take. Especially when you are not finding a relevant job opportunity contrary to your beliefs. We offer both paid and non-paid internship to candidates on the basis of their expertise levels and acquired comprehension. But we guarantee is to provide the much needed industrial experience all our interns within a matter of 6 weeks which enables them to perform all the duty is related to Android app development using java without any errors.

Similar to any other internship program joining our Android App Development 6 week internship industrial training program also requires you to have a graduate degree in computer science or a certification in Android app development song a reputed Institute.

Here are some of the eligibility criteria you need to fulfil before you attend our Summer Internship program.

  • A thorough understanding of Java programming and Android functionalities including Android SDK.
  • Should be either in the final year of graduation degree or graduates.
  • Proficient comprehension of object-oriented programming and smartphone tools in order to develop relevant mobile applications.
  • Passion for a promising career and ability to work independently within the deadline provided.
  • Outstanding interpersonal, verbal and communication skills.
  • Knowledge of complete mobile app development process.

At the time of admission, the candidates will need to give an intern test or interview so that we could get a decent understanding of their skills and comprehension and provide them Internship accordingly.

Attending an internship program is a major decision in any student’s or employees’ life as it provides them with an opportunity to become more proficient in their field of work along with expanding their knowledge to a certain level where any reputed firm would be delighted to hire them. With our enormously trained personnel's guiding you through the entire working process, you will find yourself become accustomed to Android app development using Java in a matter of weeks. The entire training process starts with testing the participant's knowledge and proceeds toward giving them responsibilities as per their skills and expertise. Below are mentioned the duties and responsibilities every intern must cover during the program:

  • Translating design and wireframes into a high-quality code.
  • Assisting the senior team in designing, developing and maintaining high performance, reliable and reusable Java codes.
  • Understanding the requirements of the clients for their Android app development and aiding the development team in designing the structure of the app.
  • Make sure the app performs with best quality and responsiveness.
  • Testing the application to see if there is any crashing or other issues associated.
  • Identifying and fixing bugs, if present.
  • Work with external data sources and APIs.

Within 6 short weeks, you will be able to perform these functionalities with accuracy and deliverance.

There are several benefits associated with Android App development 6 Weeks internship industrial training, the most vital one being, of course, helping the candidate get a promising job opportunity in a well-established firm. You will be able to use your knowledge which you have received during college or certification course in the real world. Some other major internship training benefits are as follows:

  • Training for the real world: By attending summer internship training for Android App development, you will learn from the real world perspective, which is highly essential if you desire to be accustomed to the kind of job you will be working.
  • Find out your true potential: Only pursuing college and Android App development courses won’t let you know your abilities well. Yes, you may find your interest, but you won’t know whether it is the right choice for your career or not. Attending Android App development 6 Weeks Internship Industrial training will give you a proper idea on whether you will be able to perform the functionalities you have learned during your school. Moreover, you will also know your true potential and your strong areas which you can highlight in your resume.
  • Resume Maker: Surely having an internship painted on your resume is more likely to attract the eyes of the recruiter and your chances of acquiring the job will be quite high. The resume is the first thing that tells the recruiter about yourself and, other than the educational qualification, which you already have, the other thing that matters even most is your work experience. And this internship can give you just that.
  • Increased confidence: After the internship is over, the candidates will find themselves with full of confidence during the interview in a reputed firm or while performing their duties. The internship finishes the fear of making mistakes as it gives them an opportunity to open their arms and mind before taking on the real job in hand.

At last, during the internship, the participants will be required to complete several assignments and projects by our real clients, which will provide the needed experience. These projects are industry based real assignments, allowing you to learn where to start and how to finish it utmost efficiency and what measures to use if any errors occur. After finishing the internship, you will be most liable for any job including Android app development. You are most likely to receive a decent pay scale, which seemed not possible before the internship.

Module 1.1 - Introduction to Android
Module 1.2
- Android Architecture Overview
Module 1.3 - Setup of Android Development Environment
Module 1.4 - Your Android Application
Module 1.5 - Your First Android Application
Module 1.6 - Publishing to the Play Store
Module 1.7 - Activities
Module 1.8 - Fragments
Module 1.9 - User Interfaces
Module 1.10 - Advanced UI
Module 1.11 - Android Material Design
Module 1.12 - Resources
Module 1.13 - Broadcast Receivers
Module 1.14 - Background Services
Module 1.15 - Background Services
Module 1.16 - Storing and Retrieving Data
Module 1.17 - SQLite Database
Module 1.18 - Native Content Providers
Module 1.19 - Custom Content Providers
Module 1.20 - Web Services
Module 1.21 - Parsing, Parsers
Module 1.22 - Location Based Services
Module 1.23 - Integrating Google Maps
Module 1.24 - Telephony
Module 1.25 - Multimedia in Android
Module 1.26 - Bluetooth
Module 1.27 - Social Networking Integrations
Module 1.28 - Debugging and Testing Android Apps
Live Projects