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Web Designing 6 Weeks Summer Internship Industrial Training

Web designing refers to the process of planning, strategizing, modeling and designing online website or web based application. In today’s business market, having a website is the foremost need for any business as it allows their potential audience and customers to know about the company’s existence and their offerings. Many students are moving towards this highly sought after and demanding job profile as it gives a lot of great job opportunities with high pay along with the chance to learn many vital elements about business. However, getting a job as a web designer is certainly not easy, especially in India where competition is quite high. This is due to the fact that most engineering students tend to choose computer science as their career choice, which automatically increases the job applications in one of the most desired job profiles in the world. But that is not the only case that comes in their way as industries, these days, also prefer candidates with proven industry experience rather than a Fresher one.
Even though the candidate has achieved their graduate degree in web development and design from a reputed university or acquired a certificate or diploma from a well established training institute, they would still find it a great struggle to land a decent job opportunity. Thus, in such circumstances, attending an internship would be the most ideal option for any aspiring developer as it would help them gain the so-called experience in the programming field and assist them in becoming a suitable person for the job. SLA Consultants India is a leading training provider and internship provider in Delhi and NCR region where you can get our industry standard web designing 6 Weeks summer internship industrial training, giving you a fair edge over your competitors in obtaining the job. Our highly specialized summer internship program will help the candidates to gain practical knowledge and experience which they couldn’t receive during their education or certification. They will perform all the required functionalities of a professional web developer under expert guidance and become more familiar with the work.

Before you go through our summer internship web designing training, we first make sure if you are the right candidate for the program.You must possess some basic computer skills. Below are provided with the eligibility criteria for the internship, which you must fulfil in order to take admission.

  • A graduate degree in computer science/any engineering .
  • Candidates in their final year are also welcome for the training.
  • A thorough understanding of computer language and programming codes
  • Basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, JQuery, WordPress, PHP and MySQL, JAVA, ORACLE and Magento
  • A passion for learning and becoming a professional web developer
  • A better understanding of the business’s requirements and ability to plan a suitable model
  • A strong interpersonal, verbal and communication skills
  • Highly creative and free-minded

If you possess these needed skills, then you are good to attend our quality summer internship program. Understand that whether you will be a paid or non-paid intern totally depends on your skills, knowledge and expertise.

Web designing is a very complex process and even after having all the theoretical knowledge and understanding of its elements, students still find it difficult to execute even a simplest of programs. This is due to the lack of practical experience and training. Our 6 Weeks summer internship training process involves the participants to develop programs required by our clients within the timeline provided. While working with our experts, the participants use all their understanding of programming to develop web pages or web program. Our highly trained and immensely experienced programmers take a close eye on the functionalities of the intern and make sure they don’t make any mistakes. With real-time projects, explanation and implementation of code, HTML, CSS and JavaScript will help the intern to fast track their programming career. Below are mentioned the functionalities an intern will learn within the period of 6 weeks.

  • Designing the pattern and structure of the website
  • Enhancing the design and user interface of the client’s website
  • Assisting the developer team to understand the requirements of the website and positioning the elements on the website
  • Helping in programming codes and identifying and fixing compilation errors
  • Writing testable, well designed and efficient codes using development tools.
  • Maintaining the website layout using HTML and CSS practices
  • Data integration from back-end services and database
  • Creation and maintenance of software documentation
  • Cooperate with other web designers to match the visuals of the website

No matter where you stand, web designing 6 Weeks summer internship industrial training will be extremely beneficial for your career. Whether you are in college, passed out or looking for a job, the internship will help you learn the ins and outs of the web development agency. It is certainly a very difficult job and involves a lot of work to perform, however, the opportunity to grow are endless and one can easily earn a great income. SLA Consultants India’s summer internship will offer you a great platform to understand how web development agencies work and what role you will be playing in that process. Here are some of the incredible benefits that you can enjoy with this internship training program:-

  • Understand the entire designing process: Now, learning about the process and studying it is one thing while putting that knowledge to practical use is another. You cannot expect to perform your job the same as you have learned it. With our summer internship, you will have the opportunity to work with industry professionals and interact with clients to know how exactly this industry works and how much time and effort it requires for a team of professionals to carry out one project.
  • Perform web design and development faster: You may have some skills in web design and development, but it may not necessarily enough for you to acquire a job in a reputed company. With proper on-job training, you will become more efficient in performing all those duties and design a website much faster. You will be able to perform within the deadlines by using your skills and knowledge to a better use with great pace.
  • Identifying the weakness and increased confidence: Confidence is the main key to web development. If you are weak in any web development field, it will restrict you from providing your 100%. The Training will help you identify that weakness and overcome it within a matter of weeks. Additionally, it will augment your self-confidence and aid you to program faster.
  • Gain industry experience: By working for real clients under an expert and experienced team of programmers, you will learn all the tips and tricks of coding and gain the essential proven experience which will help you easily find a relevant job in any reputed web development agency.
  • Understand your niche: Web design is one huge section which comprises several different fields. Maybe you long for a career in visual design, but you find yourself getting more attracted towards networking. The internship will help you discover your best area of interest and assist you to lead that career ahead.

During the entire 6 Weeks summer internship, the intern will be required to complete several projects on their own or with the assistance of our expert programmers. These projects will be from our regular clients, for which they will receive industry standard stipends. At the end of the internship, they will also be provided with interview preparation, so that they don’t get any more difficult whatsoever in finding their dream job. With the right amount of knowledge and skills gained from their respective institutes and practical experience from our summer internship, the intern will be bound to acquire a promising and exceptional job opportunity in no time.

Module 1 - HTML & CSS2
Module 2 - Javascript & JQuery
Module 3 - HTML5 & CSS3
Module 4 - Twitter Bootstrap
Module 5 - Adobe Photoshop
Module 6 - Project