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Digital Marketing 6 Weeks Summer Internship Industrial Training

Digital Marketing, as we all know, is a form of business promotion through the various digital means, such as the Internet, mobile devices, billboards, transit signs, television, radio, etc. It is currently the widest form of advertising due to its ability to reach a wider audience at a very cost efficient manner. Digital marketing has taken over the world by storm since its launch a few years ago and now, every organisation, small or large, use this method to attract a lot of customers and increase their sales and productivity by a great margin. And this is the main reason companies all over the world searches for professional digital marketers who could help them promote their business and services on the Internet and another medium. These include websites, Digital Marketing courseSearch Engine Optimization, social media networking, email marketing, PPC and Google Adwords, E-commerce, mobile app development, SMS marketing, content management system, Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and much more.

However, learning these elements of digital marketing could be very troublesome, and even if you tend to earn a degree in one, or acquire a diploma from a worthy Institute, it won’t provide you with any guarantee that you will get a decent job after finishing your qualification. This is because business companies tend to hire professional candidates who possess proven industry experience in the field, and Freshers are most of the time ignored due to lack of experience. So, how are you going to get a job? How will you gain experience if no one is willing to offer you a job? The answer is, get an internship.

SLA Consultants India is a leading training provider in Delhi and NCR who not only helps candidates gain industry knowledge and skills in the digital marketing field but also provides you needed experience through Internship training. Our digital marketing 6 Weeks summer internship industrial training is a specialised program which is designed for college students and aspiring digital marketers to gain practical industry experience by working on client’s projects and helping them achieve potential audience through their digital field of knowledge. In this 6 weeks program, the candidate will be provided real work depending on their field of expertise such as SEO, content marketing, website creation, mobile app development, social media promotion, etc.

The wages of the intern will be decided based on their qualification and expertise. The interns will be required to work closely with a team of highly dedicated and professional employees who will assist them performing their job with accuracy. At the end of the internship, you will be experienced enough to land into a fine paying job as a digital marketing executive in any reputed firm.

They want to be intern must possess some required qualifications in order to join the internship. It is to make sure the candidate has the knowledge and skills required to perform the duties of a digital marketing executive. These requirements are as follows:

  • A graduation or master degree in IT related or business field is necessary. Students in their last year can also attend the training.
  • A good understanding of SEO, SEM, database, email, social media, display advertising and other elements of digital marketing
  • Some knowledge of web development, CMS, landing pages, web analytics tools such as Google Analytics and WebTrends.
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills along with an analytical mind and data-drove thinking
  • Quick thinker and up to date with the current trends in the technology field and online marketing.

Having these skills will help us understand your creativity and skills and lets us decide whether you will have paid internship or non-paid internship. The intern may also be required to clear a test or interview


SLA Consultants India contains highly regarded and experienced digital marketing personnel with whom you will be working collaboratively on various projects. Since the summer internship duration is 6 Weeks, we tend to start the training process right after the joining of the candidate. After analysing their skills and comprehension, we provide them with their first job. The intern is required to finish these jobs within the time provided. The experts will ensure that they don’t make any errors while performing their duties and encourage them to put their best without worrying. During the internship, the candidates learn various skills and responsibilities, which are as follows:

  • Candidate will learn how to understand the digital marketing requirement and perform his duties.
  • Assisting the digital marketing learner’s  in designing the strategy to reach the goal.
  • Design, develop and maintain social media presence.
  • Monitor the progress of digital marketing campaigns and make reports indicating the monthly progress.
  • Identify latest trends and give valuable insights to the digital marketing learners to build new campaigns.
  • Help the learners to build landing pages and increase user satisfaction.
  • Analyse the performances of the competitors and make the necessary actions to counter them.
  • Tracking conversion rates and making improvements in the websites accordingly.

Practical training is necessary in digital marketing in order to gain momentum, experience and working knowledge. Just having a theoretical comprehension of the biggest promotional platform is not enough to get you going. It takes experiencing it you by performing all those functions that a professional digital marketing executive does all day. The main advantage of attending an internship is gaining all the needed experience to become eligible to apply for a digital marketing job profile in thousands of companies. However, there are many more benefits you can enjoy after joining our digital marketing 6 Weeks summer internship industrial training, which is as follows:

  • Get practical working knowledge: Surely you have achieved the needed skills and knowledge in your college or institute, but putting that knowledge to use that produce a positive result is certainly difficult for first timers. In the internship, the interns will learn how to use their knowledge in the real world and help the client achieve their goals.
  • Increased confidence: Companies may prefer hiring professional and experienced digital marketing executives, however, if the Fresher possesses the skills and expertise and is confident to perform the responsibilities well, then he or she shouldn’t have any issue in getting the job. This is certainly the case with most of the Freshers as they lack confidence when applying for the job.
  •  Get ahead of your competitors: Having an internship on your resume highlighting your valuable skills gives you a brilliant edge over your competitors. You will be most likely to grab the job opportunity as compared to the rest.
  • Easy placement: The fact that our summer internship program not only helps you develop the confidence and familiarity with the work but also prepare the candidates for the interview, which enables them to perform better during the interaction with the recruiter and give their best impressions.

All it needs is 6 Weeks of hardship and dedication for you to enjoy the numerous benefits associated with this quality internship.

The intern will go through several projects during their short stay in the company, which will offer them industry standard understanding of digital marketing responsibilities. Our clients are some of the most noted and giant industries for whom you will be developing websites and campaigns. Furthermore, working with experts to conclude each project will make you a professional candidate in no time, giving you a better chance in acquiring a promising job in digital marketing. Just make sure to give your best during the internship and be confident to achieve your career goals

Module 1 - Introduction To Digital Marketing
Module 2 - Web Creation using WordPress
Module 3 - Search Engine Optimization SEO-(On-page - Off Page)
Module 4 - Search Engine Marketing
Module 5 - Social Media Marketing/Measurement of ROI
Module 6 - Email Marketing
Module 7 - Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation
Module 8 - Mobile Web & SMS Marketing
Module 9 - PPC-Google Ad-Word - Yahoo – Bing
Module 10 - Google Analytics- Performance Measurement & Reporting
Module 11 - Google Tag Manager Workshops
Module 12 - E-Commerce & DotCom Web Marketing
Module 13 - Amazon Seller Center optimization
Module 14 - Content Marketings
Module 15 - Online Reputation Management
Module 16 - Google Adsense (Blogging)
Module 17 - Affiliate Marketing
Module 18 - Programmatic Ad
Module 19 - Online Display Advertising & Platform
Module 20 - Landing Page Creation & Optimization
Module 21 - Conversion Rate Optimization ( CRO )
Module 22 - Digital Marketing Strategies