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Digital Marketing 6 Months Summer Internship Industrial Training

In the current business scenario, Digital Marketing plays a very important role in the business process as it allows the organization to advertise and promote their goods and services in a very cost efficient manner through the medium of the Internet, mobile devices, flyers, etc. It is highly important for businesses of all skills employee digital marketing services in order to attract more and more customers throughout the world and increase their productivity. In the recent years, the demand of a digital marketer has increased dramatically due to the introduction of cheap mobile phones and Internet services, allowing the people to spend too much time on the Internet. However, when it comes to hiring a professional digital marketing business organization refers to Maya experienced and trained personnel over Freshers and inexperienced one as the performance of the professional directly proportionate to the success of the company. If you are also willing to become a digital marketer in your career, then other than achieving certain qualifications and knowledge, you are also required to gain element amount of experience in the same field. SLA Consultants India is a leading Digital Marketing training provider located in New Delhi has designed a prominent Digital Marketing 6 months Summer Internship industrial training which is ideal for someone who is interested in incrementing his or her education and experience in digital marketing. We offer exposure to several aspects of digital media which include social media comma SEO comma web Analytics, content management system, email and SMS marketing, PPC and Google AdWords, affiliate marketing and much more. The aim of this internship is to allow the participant to learn the concepts of digital marketing through training, observation, and learning by doing under close supervision from our trained experts. We welcome enthusiastic and fast learning digital marketers who wish to grow their education and learning in order to achieve a passionate and promising career in the future. By completing this reliable internship program the participants will be able to secure a profile in digital marketing in any reputed agency which they haven't been able to acquire due to lack of practical knowledge. The job oriented training will guide the candidates through the entire working process of digital marketing and familiarize them with their profile of permanent job.

Digital Marketing Summer Internship is targeted towards those students are working professionals who wish to enhance their knowledge and expertise on digital marketing and gain a respective position in the working agency. For this reason alone, we tend to appoint candidates on the basis of their skills and qualifications, and if they possess the ability to become a successful digital marketer. Below are mention the eligibility criteria to join the Digital Marketing 6 month Summer Internship industrial training.

  • Graduation or equivalent in any stream is required. Degree in Marketing is preferred. Candidate in their ending years can also pursue the course.
  • Basic concept of SEO and SEM, email marketing, database, social media and display advertising.
  • Innovative and creative thinking in identifying the target audience and managing digital campaigns.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Brilliant computer skills and organizational skills.
  • Passionate, hard working and dedicated towards the work.
  • Enjoy working in the dynamic environment and strict deadlines.
  • Do not hesitate in taking new and competitive roles within the organization.


If the candidate possesses these skills, then he or she will further required to attend an intern test followed by an interview that would help us decide there stipend and job role.

The training process initially involves acquiring theoretical knowledge in concept of digital marketing from our highly trained and experienced instructors revise your previously learnt abilities and skills and give you a fair amount of Idea on how it can be processed in Real world. Once all your concepts about Digital Marketing are clear you will then be shifted to the working department where you will be placed under a professional expert who will provide you essential tasks and responsibilities. The intern will also require to observe the activities of his or her senior and learn from them. During this period the participants will be asked to practice their earnings by performing their roles in projects of real clients.

Following are provided with the duties and responsibilities of a digital marketer intern which they will be learning during their stay in the organization.

  • Digital Marketing learners will develop and understand the needed strategies.
  • Developing in writing Marketing content that attracts visitors through various social media channels.
  • Performing best SEO practices and development of content supporting the client's requirement.
  • Working with SEO tools and other platforms to develop keywords mapping for the website.
  • Performing on-site Optimization for Website content and updating website content on a regular basis.
  • Developing PPC campaign and its analysis.
  • Developing social media marketing strategies and submit National reports to the superior.

There is no denying that the internship training in Digital Marketing would provide several benefits to the intern in their career. Apart from gaining the most needed and relevant practical experience in the field, they are also able to develop and enhance their expertise and skills in performing the activities in digital marketing. They will become more confident in their approach to the task and execute their responsibilities will accuracy and consistency. Some of the remarkable benefits the intern will enjoy after completion of this internship are as follows.

High demand in the market: according to a recent study, the number of Jobs in Digital Marketing will exceed the number of people to fill them by 2020. With fewer professionals to take the job and increasing demand in the field, the candidate can enjoy a unique competitive advantage which would provide them assistance in acquiring job opportunity easily.

Better pay scale: it is needless to say that increasing demand is directly proportional to increasing rates and thus candidates with good digital marketing skills and knowledge will be liable to get paid a higher salary than their peers due to their importance in the organization.

Become an irreplaceable asset for the company: a digital marketer plays a very important role in the marketing department of the company which cannot be replaced or compromised. You will be responsible for developing and reviewing all the marketing related activities in digital media which are one of the most valuable sources of revenue.

Better learning and growth opportunities: digital marketing is a business field which is highly dynamic and keeps on growing. It provides a great learning opportunity is due to regular up-gradation of Tools and techniques associated with it.

Gain a competitive edge over others: being highly trained and certified offers you the advantage of claiming the interest of the recruiters. The employers prefer to hire candidates with experience and certification who were the Freshers. Seeing your resume highlighting Summer Internship program in digital marketing from SLA consultants India would develop a positive thinking about your skills and expertise.

During the entire 6 months period the intern will be offered theoretical and practical knowledge on Digital Marketing and its element. The candidate will have to work on several clients’ projects under our highly experienced and trained personnel. These projects enable the intern to gain all the practical understanding and working knowledge of digital marketing activities and thus help them become a professional in a matter of months. After the completion of the internship, the candidates will be provided with interview all the necessary assistance for job placement so that they won't find any difficulty in attaining a promising job profile in a reputed digital marketing agency.

Module 1 - Introduction To Digital Marketing
Module 2 - Web Creation using WordPress
Module 3 - Search Engine Optimization SEO-(On-page - Off Page)
Module 4 - Search Engine Marketing
Module 5 - Social Media Marketing/Measurement of ROI
Module 6 - Email Marketing
Module 7 - Inbound Marketing & Lead Generation
Module 8 - Mobile Web & SMS Marketing
Module 9 - PPC-Google Ad-Word - Yahoo – Bing
Module 10 - Google Analytics- Performance Measurement & Reporting
Module 11 - Google Tag Manager Workshops
Module 12 - E-Commerce & DotCom Web Marketing
Module 13 - Amazon Seller Center optimization
Module 14 - Content Marketings
Module 15 - Online Reputation Management
Module 16 - Google Adsense (Blogging)
Module 17 - Affiliate Marketing
Module 18 - Programmatic Ad
Module 19 - Online Display Advertising & Platform
Module 20 - Landing Page Creation & Optimization
Module 21 - Conversion Rate Optimization ( CRO )
Module 22 - Digital Marketing Strategies