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Financial Analyst 6 Months Summer Internship Industrial Training

A financial analyst is one of the most awaited job roles in any business industry. A financial analyst is required to analyze the conditions of the market and evaluate the stock value of different organizations in order to help the company make better financial decisions to achieve higher profitability. It involves researching macro economics and microeconomics conditions, collecting necessary financial information with company fundamentals and making relevant industry recommendations to the company. They are highly appreciated in Financial Institutions such as banks, KPOs, investment firms, insurance companies and business organizations. However, becoming a financial analyst is not easy to accomplish as it requires the candidate to perform major economic research and protection of stock market by evaluating the current and future trends and analyzing the risks. Learning search appreciated skills requires rigorous training and long-term practice which is not possible by acquiring a graduation or post graduation degree. Many students believe that just having an MBA finance degree would help them become a financial analyst how about business organizations these days fully understands the benefits of hiring a professional financial analyst and does avoid giving the job to a fresher.

If you are also one of those candidates who aspire to become a financial analyst but lacks the expertise and knowledge in the area even after graduation, then it is recommended that you attend a financial analyst internship to gain proper experience and knowledge on the functionalities of an expert. SLA Consultants India has come up with ambitious and reliable Financial Analyst 6 months Summer Internship industrial training which is aimed to help Aspiring financial analyst to learn the job responsibilities by practising it under expert supervision. The intern will be working in the finance field don't own will be working in the finance will that would help in the development and implementation of all seasons exercise for financial management, accounting, payroll, budget control, etc. He or she will understand and follow the financial trends working closely with finance directors and Accountants and practically apply their theoretical knowledge of financial loss along with government policies in their day to day work in the company. The Summer Internship program is designed to offer graduate students with in-depth understandings of day to day responsibilities of a full-time financial analyst. The intern will gain exposure to business strategies and culture by working with our experienced team for the time span of 6 months which will help them lead the career to a successful path.

If you wish to attend this her Financial Analyst 6 months Summer Internship industrial training then you need to fulfil specific criteria in order for us to understand your skills and qualifications and give you a suitable place in the organization. Below are given the eligibility criteria for joining this Summer Internship program.


  • Expertise in mathematical skills and enjoy working with numbers.
  • Must possess knowledge of basic principles and practices of financial analysis and accounting.
  • Basic data management skills and proficiency in MS Office.
  • Ability to work on multiple projects and in dynamic environments along with people of a different attitude.
  • Should have a capability of preparing and documenting records.
  • Must possess brilliant communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Highly analytical mind and problem-solving skills and experience in working with data management and data analysis tools.
  • Enjoy working in deadlines and in a tough environment.
  • Highly Independent and passionate personality with experience in banking, corporate finance, and accountancy.
  • Should either hold a graduation degree in Business and Finance (BBA or MBA Finance)or be in their last year of graduation in the same.

Apart from these skills, the candidate must also pass an intern test and an interview in order to join the internship.

The training process involved the intern to first learn the concept of financial analysis from our highly experienced teachers, and once knowledgeable enough to perform the duties of and one knowledgeable enough to perform the duties of a financial analyst the intern will then moved toward the working area where he or she will perform the functionalities of financial analysis under the guidance of professional experts.

It is during this time the intern learn to practice their duties and forge their way to become a professional themselves. Below mentioned are some of them roles and responsibilities of a financial analyst intern that they will be learning during their stay in the organization.

  • Preparing financial models on the financial situation of different organizations.
  • Assisting the management in ensuring the collection of information from different sources, analysis and examining the data and documentation.
  • Following financial modelling and auditing process by working closely under the supervision of business service division management.
  • Collecting, understanding, processing and verifying the accounting related information.
  • Preparing of Weekly financial reports and utilizing databases, spreadsheets, and other computer applications.
  • Providing support to Manager in the preparation of financial reports and analysis.
  • Maintaining macroeconomic knowledge on a present and future trend.
  • Performing market research and competitive analysis company will most likely to face in the upcoming future.
  • Providing support to the financial management in a financial statement, Valuation, Merger Acquisition, Cash flow and other necessary elements.

There are many benefits associated with Financial Analyst 6 months Summer Internship industrial training provided by SLA Consultants India with the most obvious being gaining relevant and essential working experience in the field. With a working knowledge of 6 months, the intern after the completion of the training will most likely to acquire a job as a financial analyst or equivalent in a reputed industries as compared to other candidates with no experience at all. Other major benefits of attending this internship training are mentioned below.

Better growth opportunity: The Internship will not only make you an appropriate candidate for the job of a financial analyst, but will also increase your chances to advance your career exceptionally. With in-depth knowledge of the business environment, market condition and financial information, you will enjoy a significant importance among your peers which will allow you to forward your position in a short span of time.

High salary: According to recent study, candidates with experience and certification earn 17% higher than those of non-certified and inexperienced candidates. This statistic will favor some extra portion for the financial analysts in terms of revenue.

High stability rate and job security: since financial analyst is one of the most important job titles in any business or financial institution, holding financial analysis abilities and expertise makes the candidate a highly appropriate personal for many business organizations that provide exceptional job stability and job security. The candidate did not too concerned over finding a relevant job opportunity due to high demand.

Improve credibility: Being certified from a reputed training firm and acquiring industry focused training increases your credibility in the market, thus providing more job opportunities of different caliber. You will be more recognized in the fields of finance and offered job profiles with potential income.

Stay Ahead of the competition: Being experienced and certified gives you a benefit of catching the attention of the recruiter more than your fellow competitors. Furthermore, you can also use your knowledge and expertise in some other job titles in the same field such as accounting manager, assistant manager, financial executive, stock analyst, equity research, etc.

As already mentioned, the intern will work on several projects under expert supervision after the completion of their theoretical session. These projects will enhance their working skills and make them a professional. It will help them commit less mistakes and learn new techniques by working closely with experts on performing the tasks. In the end, the intern will be provided with interview preparations and other necessary job placement assistance. This enables them to find a relevant job without much trouble.

Module 1 - Advanced Excel
Module 2 - Advanced Dashboard & VBA / Macros Programming Objective
Module 3 - Financial Modeling
Module 4 - Equity Research
Module 5 - Report writing