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PHP MySQL 6 Months Summer Internship Industrial Training

PHP is a widely utilised general purpose scripting language, which is specially used for web development. Business companies all over the world are using PHP programming to develop their websites and web based applications as it offers them affordability due to being open source, reliability as it is very easy to program and implement and flexibility. The programming tool allows the user to create dynamic and database driven websites. It also allows them to easily edit the pages similar to an HTML page without much effort and coding. And using it with MySQL, it offers incredible database support to effortlessly store and update the data with less hindrance. Anyone willing to pursue a career in web development can simply attend the PHP MySQL training course from a reputed industry in order to enhance their expertise and knowledge.

However, in this heavily competitive world, just by learning specialized PHP and MySQL skills won’t give you a promising job unless you possess some sort of working experience in the field. To make the matter worse, organizations these days only search for candidates with a vast amount of experience to increase their workforce and productivity, and hardly any firm wishes to take a chance by giving the responsibility to a Fresher. To overcome this situation for the students, SLA Consultants India has come up with this extensive and essential PHP MySQL 6 Months summer internship industrial training where the students who have cleared their graduation would learn how to operate PHP and develop the needed web pages and web applications as per the requirements by the client. The Internship program will help you practice your learned skills by working closely on real client’s projects with a confident and experienced team, giving you the experience necessary to highlight your skills on your resume. Since this is not a short term internship program, you will be working for us for the period of 6 months for which you will receive a stipend depending on your skills and performance. Nevertheless, it will certainly be an outstanding platform for you to practice your knowledge and gain familiarity with the work you will be performing.

The PHP MySQL 6 months summer internship industrial training from SLA Consultants India has some selection criteria, which the aspiring candidates must clear. This is to ensure that if the candidate is appropriate for the internship and will be able to perform the required tasks with efficiency. The selection criteria of our summer internship program are as follows:


  • Candidates should be pursuing graduation in a technical field. Those who hold a degree or are in last can join the training.
  • A good understanding of computer programming languages.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Some basic Knowledge of HTML and Excel would be beneficial.
  • Likes working on dynamic work environment and do not hesitate to take on new roles.
  • Ability to work on tight schedule with accuracy.

An intern test will also be taken to examine the skills and performance of the candidate.

The training process starts right after the enrollment and it involves some heavy tasks and responsibilities which every candidate goes through to polish their PHP and MySQL skills. During the 6 months temporary position in our company, the candidates will be gone through some hard training under our highly influential and experienced developers. With them, they will use their skills to develop web pages based on the client’s requirements, which will increase their confidence and expertise by a great margin. Some of the things they will learn during their stay in our company are mentioned below:

  • Writing server side web application logic and develop back-end components to prepare for web development.
  • Writing clear, clear and fast PHP codes of a high standard in a timely and scalable way.
  • Testing and troubleshooting software and database.
  • Producing detailed specifications to ensure strong optimisation and functionality.
  • Assisting the development team on multiple projects to secure the deadline.
  • Developing and deploying new features to assist other procedures as per the requirements.
  • Following industry practices.
  • Provide technical support in web development, design, maintenance and documentation at every stage.

During the later stage of the internship, the candidates are given major projects to work on to increase their efficiency and offered live training and interview preparation to help them during recruitment.

By performing these functionalities for the period of 6 months, the candidate will become accustomed to the process and less likely to make an error, that could affect the productivity.

There are numerous benefits which one could enjoy during and after the completion PHP MySQL 6 months summer internship training. The most obvious one being major assistance during the recruitment process at an industry. The candidate will be given more interest due to his or her experience gained from our established training firm along with the certification received. Some other vital benefits you may want to learn about by joining the internship program are as follows:

  • Catch the eyes of the employer: The internship program in PHP MySQL can prove to be an effective way to reach within the consideration of the recruiter. This would increase their excitement towards you which wasn’t possible before due to the emptiness of experience section on your resume.
  • Give yourself a competitive edge over others: Finding a job, especially in web development, can be very difficult due to the massive participation in the career. However, this internship can help you avoid this heavy competition by declaring yourself as a top contender for PHP MySQL operator job profile in any firm.
  • Grab Entry level job easily: Since you would be targeting an entry level job opportunity at a reputed industry, the summer internship program will easily help you find such work in no time due to your remarkable expertise, equivalent to an expert.
  • Increased pay scale: It is a fact that professional and experienced candidates are offered a better pay scale as compared to Freshers who only receive a stipend, which they must agree to gain experience. This won’t be the case with you as you will already be an expert PHP programmer with 6 months of working experience.
  • Freelancing opportunities: You will also take advantage of freelancing PHP developer opportunities apart from your permanent job for some extra income.

Our immensely experienced and trained personnel provide real-time training to the interns on PHP implementation and its functionalities. We provide them with real client’s projects to practice and perform their learned skills to enhance their work efficiency. While working closely on these projects with our experts, they are also pointed out with their mistakes and how to avoid them in future. Additional tips and tricks are also taught by the experts for fast paced processing and meet the deadline.

After the completion of the summer internship, the candidate receives an interview preparation and certification that increases their confidence while giving an interview for the job profile. The best thing about these projects are the interns tend to identify their area of expertise and interest, which allows them to follow the same path and achieve better career opportunities.

Module 1 - Core PHP
Module 2 - Advanced PHP (PHP++) & MySQL
Module 3 - Content Management System - Wordpress
Module 4 – PHP Framework - Codeigniter
Module 5 – Project Advanced Features