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Java (Core+Advanced) 6 Months Summer Internship Industrial Training

Java is a general-purpose server-side scripting language originally designed for the purpose of web development and developing dynamic web pages but now used extensively and application development tool as well. Today, Java is widely used by Business Enterprises all over the world for developing web pages and applications, thus, increasing the value of this programming language to a great extent. This is the main reason most of the engineering students perfume Java training course in order to build a promising career in this class based and object oriented programming language. However, due to the extreme competition in the market candidates hardly gets their desired job opportunity after completing their graduation or certification course. Business Enterprises only look for candidates with industry proven experience and high level of comprehension and expertise which a fresher and students lacks considerably. This results in a long term struggle and broken self-confidence of these young candidates, which makes them drop out from the field. Regardless of the knowledge and training, you have acquired, you will find it difficult to become a Java programmer unless you gain a specific amount of experience. SLA Consultants India understands this harsh situation of the students and thus offers The most reliable and enthusiastic internship do those candidates and help them achieve their ambitious goals.

Our Java 4 + advanced 6 months Summer Internship industrial training is designed to allow the participant gain industry focused and practical experience required to clear interview of any prominent industry and become a valuable programmer for their projects. During the internship, the participants will learn to collaborate with team members on executing the plan and implementing the project and perform needed functionalities with accuracy and reliability. The Summer Internship will cover various Core and Advanced Java functionalities that include working with data types, variables, arrays, objects and classes, overloading and overriding, packages and interfaces, exception handling, string handling, JDK, Java compilers, Windows programming, multithreading programming, networking, database management, J2EE architecture tier architecture comma example, web and application server and frameworks. It is the most important and a must attend internship training for any Aspiring Java programmer to gain working experience and confidence needed to become a professional. SLA consultant India offers qualitative and job oriented internship training on Java web development and application development using the latest technologies and updated course material through our finest and highly experienced trainers.

Similar to any other training or internship program, our Java core + advanced 6 months summer internship industrial training also has eligibility criteria which every aspiring candidate must possess in order to take admission. This would ensure us to find out if the candidate is worthy enough to take benefit from this training and earn himself or herself a respectable platform ahead. The selection criteria for the summer internship program are as follows:

  • Candidates in their last year of graduation in IT field or have completed their degree are welcome to attend the training.
  • Some knowledge of programming would be appreciated.
  • Prioritising and multitasking abilities to meet the deadline.
  • Fundamental understanding of web development and programming.
  • Comfortable working on dynamic environment and methodology.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Positive attitude and passion on working on multiple projects with an expert team.
  • Risk taking abilities and doesn’t fall back from trying new challenges.


The candidate will also require giving an intern test for us to judge his or her expertise and provide tasks of their calibre along with deciding on their stipend.

The duration of the training is 6 months, which includes 3 months classroom training and the rest of working on reputed client’s projects to gain work experience. The training begins soon after the admission and the intern is deployed by an expert team who delegates them tasks. This would upgrade the technical skills and proficiency of the intern in real time and make them a more suitable candidate for the job profile. They are provided with projects and technological platform to complete them. The team leader keeps a close eye on the inter and point out their mistakes and the needed guidance to assure full efficiency. The candidate is required to submit the project within the time limit and make a report, which gives them a competitive edge and comprehension. During the entire 6 months, the interns learn the responsibilities of a Java developer and become an expert. These duties include:

  • Designing and developing user interfaces by setting expectations and feature priorities in the development cycle.
  • Creating user information solutions by implementing, developing and maintaining Java components and interfaces.
  • Coding and scripting in order to develop web pages, dynamic pages and applications.
  • Assist the development team in understanding the requirements of the client
  • Developing multimedia applications using authorised tools.
  • Communicating with the client for further instructions.
  • Finding issues in the developed product and resolving it to increase the proficiency.
  • Submitting final reports at the end of the completion of the project

Java core + advance Java 6 months summer internship industrial training is an important and highly beneficial training that every aspiring Java developer should attend as it gives them an essential working experience which every enterprise seeks first in the candidate. Although this may be the only benefit most of the students may know about, there are several additional benefits of internship training they can enjoy, which are as mentioned below:

  • Find out their true potential: By acquiring theoretical knowledge, one could learn the important aspects and concept of Java, however, in order to identify their true potential or even their area of expertise, it is necessary to get yourself in the business. By working closely with experts, you will realise your strength and passion in a particular area and you can pursue that to achieve better career results.
  • Get ahead of competitors: As mentioned earlier, Java and programming is one of the most demanding and sought after fields in the market, which attracts a remarkable number of students. To achieve a competitive edge over the others and appear unique from the crowd, this summer internship will come in extremely handy.
  • Attract recruiters attention: A resume with experience and internship highlighted surely has the potential for attracting the eyes of the recruiters, especially in an entry level job interview. Your chances of acceptance will increase dramatically as opposed to before.
  • High salary expectation: It is a fact that a person with experience tends to earn a better livelihood than of Fresher, which is certainly the case in this field as well. You will receive a better stipend and the growth opportunities will also increase as the time progresses.

The training procedure includes 3 months of practical training, which proceeds to work on real client’s projects. You will be required to work on multiple projects from our reputed and MNC based client’s under the expert supervision of our highly experienced and trained employees. These projects include the development of web pages and web based applications along with another form of application development where you will practice your learned skills and put it to better use. This will also ensure that you make fewer errors while coding, which our experts will keep a close eye. After the completion, we will prepare you for the interview and guarantee placement assistance so that you won’t find any difficulty in acquiring the position as a Java developer in any established firm.

Module 1 - Core Java
Module 2 - Advanced Java
Module 3 - Framework - Spring