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Manual+Automation 6 Months Summer Internship Industrial Training

Software testing refers to the activity of verifying whether the developed program will perform as per the Expectations or not. It involves identifications of errors, gaps and any other missing requirement that could affect the functionality of the program and using manual and automatic tools to fix those issues in order to create an accurate and fully functional software as required by the client. Software testing is one of the most important phases of the software development as it ensures customers reliability, satisfaction, and quality of the product which make the customer loyal to the development company. Generally, there are two types of software testing that are manual testing and automation testing. Manual testing refers to identifying errors and fixing the issues in the developed product using human Intelligence and expertise, whereas in automation testing as the name suggests, identify and fix the errors using automated tools. Both of them have different reasons and means to operate and provide essential assistance to make the product trustworthy, cost efficient, lower maintenance, consistent and free from any failures.

SLA Consultants India is a leading training agency whose main goal is to provide high-quality Manual and Automation Testing 6 months Summer Internship industrial training to the Aspiring candidates who wish to become a professional software tester in their career. We have designed this effective program to help the passed out graduates who are struggling to get a decent job as a software tester in any reputed software development company. We are constantly looking for interns from Delhi and NCR region to join our development team as a functional software tester who could provide their assistance and expertise in verifying the quality of the application by collaborating with our technical team and business personnel to understand the concept and requirements of the software. In this highly competitive world becoming a software tester has become exceedingly difficult for fresher candidates due to the lack of practical experience in the field. Search applicants are often rejected during the interviews as the Corporation required candidates with proven industry-focused experience and thus give the position to a more suitable candidate. However, after completing this reliable Summer Internship program in software testing, you will be able to become more capable and an ideal candidate for the position of a software tester in any well-established company due to the comprehension and familiarity you gain through this course. The interns will be provided with high end and real-time training from our superior experts on several clients projects that would polish their testing skills and give the momentum required to begin their career.

A software tester has a very important role in the development phase of the program and thus we only require candidates who possess our eligibility criteria in order for us to recognise the ability and strength of the applicant. There are certain qualifications that the spelling candidate must contain if they wish to pursue this manual + automation 6 months Summer Internship industrial training from SLA Consultants India. The requirement includes:

  • A graduation degree in the technical field is required. College students are also allowed to pursue the training who are in their ending year.
  • Excellent Communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Basic Understanding of programming language, logic, attention to details and Passion for learning new tools and providing quality results.
  • Ability to thrive in the dynamic environment and learning technical skills and tools as required by business needs.
  • Basic knowledge of object-oriented programming languages such as Java, C# and relational databases would be highly appreciated.
  • Do not hesitate in taking multiple projects and delivering it within proposed deadline.


SLA Consultants India will also conduct an intern test and interview to find out the capabilities of the applicant and provide them with a fair stipend.

The primary responsibilities of a software tester intern would involve working with our superior team of software development and assist in the development process in order to provide quality and accurate product to our client. The training starts immediately after the admission and the intern are provided with necessary expertise and knowledge in software testing. After that, they will be working with Quality Assurance team and verify the developed product to identify any gaps of failures that need to be resolved. During the temporary stay in our organisation, the intern will learn the roles and responsibilities of a quality assurance tester which are as follows.

  • Developing test strategies based on the requirement and schedule of the project.
  • Designing, developing and executing detail oriented test scripts along with test cases using project specifications and test plans.
  • Reporting any defects found in testing promptly diligently and accurately using industry focused defect tracking tools.
  • Providing test summary reports for planning and execution.
  • Interacting with project management, development and client stakeholders during the development process if necessary.
  • Performing functionality and regression tests and identifying and analysing issues for follow-up.

Manual + Automation 6 month Summer Internship industrial training will offer several benefits to the intern during and after the completion of the training. While the most specific benefit one could possibly achieve from this internship program is to acquire industry focus the experience in software testing, there are still many other reasons to pursue this training course which is as follows.

  • Enhance software testing skills: the candidate will easily be able to increment your expertise and skills through our formal education and working closely with our certified software testers to gain in-depth knowledge of this profession.
  • Highlight your resume: the recruiter will most likely to hire you for the software testing job profile as your resume would strike out the best with over 6 months software testing internship highlighted in it. Your profile would be given more attention, giving you a competitive edge over the others during the interview.
  • Increased pay scale: according to the recent survey by average salary of a certified software tester is 500000 to 100000 per annum, which can be increased as per the work experience.
  • Learn other skills: during the Manual + Automation 6 months Summer Internship industrial training would not only be learning manual and automation testing, but also static techniques, test design techniques, supporting tools for testing and test Management which would give you better opportunities for job and career growth.
  • Learn your true potential: Manual and Automation testing are two different kinds of software testing, both with the requirements and benefits of the client. The Internship would allow you to learn and work both the concept, which could help you identify your true potential and interest, allowing you to pursue a clearer path ahead.

Our highly expert and trained testers will provide you all the needed guidance to make you acquainted with the work and perform your responsibilities well during your permanent position. You will work under a close eye and strict supervision so that your mistakes can be dealt with easily and you can learn not to repeat them again. The tools you will be using are user-friendly and updated and so are the course modules, supported well with our working environment. At the end of the training, you will provide with interview preparation and other required assistance to clear any interview that comes in your way. This way, you will be assured to secure a fine place in any software development firm and become a valuable asset for them in no time.

Module 1 - Software Testing Basics
Module 2 - Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC)
Module 3 - Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
Module 4 –Software Testing Terminology
Module 5 – Structured Query Language
Module 6 -Selenium Introduction and IDE
Module 7- RC overview and Web Driver 2.X
Module 8 - Placement Support