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Android App Development 6 Months Summer Internship Industrial Training

The importance of Android App development for businesses cannot be emphasized on enough. The development of Android application can be a crucial decision for any industry regardless of their scale which will result in a better return on investment. Since Java is used greatly in the development of Android applications and thus Android App development training courses witness an increasing number of applicants in the last few years. Android development is the latest and highly sought after field in the market these days due to the dramatic increase in Smartphone users all over the world. Today, over the 70% of mobile users and to have an Android device which allows the business Industries to target an extensive range of people at a very minimal cost. This is the main reason these companies are always looking for experienced and skilled employees with Android App development skills in order to create essential Android applications and increase their area of operation. However, becoming an Android developer is not an easy task to accomplish and acquiring a relevant job in the same field is even more difficult.

In order to overcome the obstacles in the way, SLA Consultants India has designed Summer Internship program for Aspiring Android App developers which allows them to gain relevant industry experience and expertise required to attain valuable and irreplaceable job profile in any business enterprise. Android 6 month Summer Internship industrial training is targeted to graduate students who are looking for an entry-level Android development job. It bridges the gap between the educational aspect and the professional requirement by allowing the students to become a professional and providing them with an opportunity to reach their career goals. So if you are looking foreign Android internship in Delhi or NCR then SLA Consultants India will be more than happy to give you both paid and non-paid internship to enhance their expertise level and gain practical experience of Android app development in 6 months.

In order to join our Android App development 6 months Summer Internship industrial training program, there are some generalized requirements which the Contender must possess. The selection criteria will help us understand your comprehension and skills and allow us to make a better decision on your role in the organization as a temporary position. The requirements for the internship include:

  • A graduation degree in the relevant field is required. Last year college students too can join the internship training.
  • Some understanding of programming language and its elements.
  • Experience on working with remote data via JSON and REST.
  • The candidate must also be aware of working with API and causes back-end skills.
  • Strong passion for learning and communication skills.
  • Ability to work on tight schedules and dynamic environment under expert supervision.
  • Leadership and networking skills would also be highly preferable.

Take an intern test followed by an interview for us to identify your area of expertise and knowledge in order to decide your stipend.

The applicants, once registered with the internship program, will be delegated to different sections based on their expertise level. They will first learn the development phase of an Android app through our experts and after acquiring enough knowledge will be put to work under our highly talented and experienced app developer.

During their stay in our company, they will learn several job responsibilities of an Android App developer, which would enhance their talent and confidence and make them an ideal candidate for any business corporation. The duties that will be learning include:

  • Designing and building Android application structure.
  • Helping in the management of technical life cycle of the Android application at each phase.
  • Collaborating with other team members to suggest new products and offer technical insight and review working drafts.
  • Assist with a cross-functional team to design, define and ship new features in the application.
  • Communicating with clients on further usability and features of the applications to increase the sales.
  • Performing implementation, testing, debugging and troubleshooting to identify any error in the app and resolving it.
  • Working with product manager and UI/UX designers to develop a seamless, secure and user-friendly mobile experience.

At the end of the training, you will be eligible for any android job interview for MNC firms and possess the needed qualifications, experience and skills to crack it and secure a long lasting and irreplaceable place in the company.

There are numerous benefits you can enjoy through our extensive and high-quality Android 6 Months summer internship industrial training. The most obvious would be gaining industry focused works experience that would be essential to easily get a fine paying job at any reputed firm. However, the advantages don’t stop there as the candidate will find it very easy to reach their career goals and growth opportunities. Some of the benefits are mentioned below:

  • Expand your skills: At first, you may possess some decent and exemplary Android app development skills, but through this internship training, your knowledge will be placed at a new level. You will be able to grow your skill sets by practicing your knowledge and learn more from your mistakes.
  • Work with experts: One of the major benefits of this training is that you will get an opportunity to work and learn from experts on the same projects. Working beside experienced and trained personnel can teach you a lot of things about app development and programming and you will also be able to learn new technical and creative skills to enhance your expertise.
  • Financial success: Gaining working experience will not only help you find a relevant job in the mobile app development field, it will also give you a better chance of earning a decent wage. You can secure a well-paying job at an IT company and after gaining some more experience, you will gain potential to earn a highly satisfactory income.
  • Promotes creativity: Surely when you decided to pursue a career in Android app development, a thought of being creative must have come to your mind. With our internship program, you can explore your creative ideas without worrying about failure and mistakes as we encourage our interns to learn new things and include a creative structure in the app.

The Android App development 6 month's summer internship industrial training starts off with providing multiple client’s projects. The applicants while working on these projects would also learn how to begin the app development cycle and implement each and every function with deliverance from our expert team, under which they will be operating. They will guide the intern thoroughly through each phase and points out their mistakes. This encourages them to give their best that increment their confidence level along with honing their development skills. At last, the candidates are provided with job placement assistance and interview preparations so that they can clear an Android app development job from any  IT industry easily and receive a handsome income.

Module 1.1 - Introduction to Android
Module 1.2
- Android Architecture Overview
Module 1.3 - Setup of Android Development Environment
Module 1.4 - Your Android Application
Module 1.5 - Your First Android Application
Module 1.6 - Publishing to the Play Store
Module 1.7 - Activities
Module 1.8 - Fragments
Module 1.9 - User Interfaces
Module 1.10 - Advanced UI
Module 1.11 - Android Material Design
Module 1.12 - Resources
Module 1.13 - Broadcast Receivers
Module 1.14 - Background Services
Module 1.15 - Background Services
Module 1.16 - Storing and Retrieving Data
Module 1.17 - SQLite Database
Module 1.18 - Native Content Providers
Module 1.19 - Custom Content Providers
Module 1.20 - Web Services
Module 1.21 - Parsing, Parsers
Module 1.22 - Location Based Services
Module 1.23 - Integrating Google Maps
Module 1.24 - Telephony
Module 1.25 - Multimedia in Android
Module 1.26 - Bluetooth
Module 1.27 - Social Networking Integrations
Module 1.28 - Debugging and Testing Android Apps
Live Projects