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Financial Analyst 6 Weeks Summer Internship Industrial Training

Have you completed your education in the finance industry? Are you looking for a promising job opportunity in the finance industry, but not finding the right one due to lack of practical knowledge and experience? If yes, then you are not only one struggling with this issue. There are numerous college students and Aspiring financial analyst who have completed their graduation or acquired certification course in financial analysis and are still jobless. This is only due to the fact that organisations these days are looking for experienced candidate with practical knowledge of financial markets and Freshers are mostly not welcome due to their Incompetence. However, pursuing an internship course in financial analyst can help you greatly in understanding the duties and responsibilities of a financial analyst by working for many business clients under the supervision of trained personnel. SLA Consultants India is a leading Summer Internship training provider to college students and other individual candidates who are looking for valuable experience. With our financial analyst 6weeks Summer Internship industrial training the students will be capable of finding an entry level financial analyst job in no time. Finance is one such area in business which is of high importance for any organisation. It involves researching analysing the conditions of the market, evaluation of equity, transactions, SEO ratio, accounts, Market strength, stock holdings and much more. And for any aspiring financial analyst performing these duties can be very difficult without having any previous knowledge or working experience. Even though graduating in the finance field or getting a certification in the financial analysis could give you all the proper knowledge and expertise required to perform these duties, however, without the practical knowledge and training one cannot put their skills and expertise to a better use. This is where our high-quality Summer Internship program appears and assist the candidates in acquiring their dreams of becoming a professional financial analyst. We possess some of the most admired and highly experienced financial analysts under whom you will be training for various clients’ projects and understanding the ways of the stock market. It is a brilliant opportunity for everyone to gain relevant industry experience and land into a decent financial analyst job opportunity.

Similar to any other internship program a passion for learning finance and required qualification is needed in order to join our Summer Internship program. Below are provided with the eligibility criteria for our financial analyst 6 weeks Summer Internship industrial training.

  • A good understanding of equity research, the stock market and preparing financial statements.
  • A passion for learning financial analysis and pursue A Remarkable career in finance.
  • Incredible interpersonal and communication skills as the candidate may require interacting with clients in order to understand their needs.
  • Exceptional learning skills and proficient comprehension of the financial market.
  • Ability to identify Areas where progress is required and make necessary actions accordingly.
  • A fair amount of Idea on businesses of various scales along with good understanding of networking.
  • Amazing mathematical and analytic skills to make certain computation and documentation as needed.
  • Must possess a graduate degree in any stream, although BBA in finance, economics or related fields would be most preferable. Final year students are also welcome.


Financial Analyst 6 weeks Summer Internship industrial training from SLA Consultants India is certainly a major decision in your life as you will be able to pass through the phrase where you had to face difficulty in finding the best and suitable job for yourself. Many skilled candidates completed their Education in the financial analysis don't find the proper job they are looking for as they don't possess the confidence required to clear a tough interview from a reputed company. It is only because of the lack of practical experience which we provide you in our training process. Below are mentioned exceptional training process where you will learn several financial analyst duties and job responsibilities.

  • Consolidating and analysing financial data such as income statement or budget to achieve the company's goal and financial standing.
  • Offer best alternatives and recommendation to diminish cost and improve the financial condition of the company.
  • Determine the cost of the campaign by establishing standard costs and gathering important information.
  • Assist the financial team in identifying the financial status of the company and comparing and analysing the results to plan ahead.
  • Assist in quarterly and annual forecasting.
  • Recommend certain actions by analysing and integrating the data and making a comparative analysis.
  • Market research valuable comps and data mining and business intelligence.
  • Guiding Cost Analysis process through and forcing policies and procedure and providing forecasts and trends along with techniques and recommended actions.
  • Reconciling transactions by connecting and comparing data.
  • Conducting studies on businesses past, present and future performances and developing Forecast Models.

Lack of experience is one of the main factors responsible for Freshers to acquire a good job opportunity, especially when the concerned job is related to the finance field. Students only have one question in their mind, “Where Should  I get experience if no one hires me?” Well, to all those students, our summer internship financial analyst program is the right answer to your worries. There are several benefits associated with our internship program which is as follows:
The opportunity to work with an expert: Performing jobs in the financial field could be increasingly troublesome and difficult if you are doing it for the first time. The most horrifying issue is when you make a mistake, it could affect the entire company on a gigantic scale. However, with financial analyst internship, you will be working under the expert guidance and perform all your duties with a senior supervision to help you prevent from making any mistakes.

Gain Industry Experience: Even though the program gives you a 6 weeks experience, it is incredibly essential for you as you will understand the concepts and comprehension of performing the duties of a financial analyst. And working under highly trained and professional workers would give you a better understanding of your work in a short span of time.

Career Exploration: Learn about your strong areas of expertise and find a right path to pursue in your career. We allow the students to explore the areas in the financial field and help them understand their true potential, which gives them a much-needed confidence in pursuing their career goals.

Career Exploration: Learn about your strong areas of expertise and find a right path to pursue in your career. We allow the students to explore the areas in the financial field and help them understand their true potential, which gives them a much-needed confidence in pursuing their career goals.

During the entire 6 weeks On-job training, you will be given several client’s projects to work on, which will assist you to gain real industry experience. The participants will also earn stipends according to their skills and performance, although it will be decided at the time of the admission. And when it comes to jobs, there are several job opportunities one can choose after finishing the internship that includes financial analyst, equity analyst, market research analyst, business analyst, financial manager or associate analyst. These are all fine paying jobs even at the entry lever, which one can increase as their experience increment.

Module 1 - Advanced Excel
Module 2 - Advanced Dashboard & VBA / Macros Programming Objective
Module 3 - Financial Modeling
Module 4 - Report writing