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Big Data hadoop 6 Weeks Summer Internship Industrial Training

Big Data refer to a collection of a large amount of data which is extremely hard to process into the database. Every organisation requires to gather a large amount of data from different sources and analyse and process it in order to utilise that information for the Welfare of the company. Examples of these big data are black box data, stock exchange data, search engine data, social media data, power grid data and transport data which is impossible to compute using traditional ways of computation. Processing of these big data requires a great deal of expertise and skills in different tools which was the user in big data processing. Hadoop is considered one of the best big data computation and organisational tool. There are many big data and Hadoop training institutes which students attend in order to gain specialised skills and expertise to process and compute a large amount of data and help the company get a better return on investment. However, finding the job in big data is extremely difficult as a fresher as organisations require candidates with proven field experience along with comprehension and skills. This is the main reason why students after completing their graduation or certification course in big data still struggle to find a promising job opportunity. Even after acquiring knowledge of all the concepts in big data and Hadoop companies still, prefer candidates with experience.

If you also one of those candidates who are struggling to get a big data job due to lack of practical experience, then you should join our Big Data 6 weeks Summer Internship industrial training which will give you the opportunity to work under highly influential and experienced experts on different clients’ projects to hone your data management and processing skills and become a suitable candidate for any reputed company. SLA Consultants India, being the leading Big Data training institute in Delhi and NCR, also offers the most reliable and trustworthy big data Summer Internship program to students who wish to gain practical knowledge of big data and Hadoop tool in a very short period of time. The short-term internship will give you exceptional and detailed information on big data and Hadoop elements such as HDFS, HBSE, PIG, SQOOP, MAPREDUCE, ZOOKEEPER and HIVE. So if you are looking to become a data analyst or data manager then you must learn big data and Hadoop skills by joining this short term Summer Internship program.

In order to join our Big Data 6 weeks Summer Internship industrial training, you need to possess some special skills and qualifications which would allow us to identify your area of expertise and strength. These required skills are as follows:

  1. The candidate must be a graduate or should pursue his or her final year.
  2. The graduation would be much appreciated in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics or big data studies or others.
  3. A better understanding of big data infrastructure Technologies such as Hadoop Framework its components and paradigm.
  4. Knowledge of business analytics concepts and essential Technologies such as reporting, dashboarding, query, scenario modelling, data warehousing, etc.
  5. Exceptional communication and interpersonal skills.
  6. Ability to work on tight schedules and dynamic environment.
  7. Knowledge of predictive Analytics, statistics, ETL, information access, etc.
  8. Deep knowledge of data mining and Information retrieval from structured and unstructured data.
  9. Basic knowledge of database systems and data connectivity along with operating systems such as Linux and Unix.
  10. Knowledge and skills in a programming language such as Java Training and Python Training along with brilliant analytical skills would also be highly appreciated.

After thoroughly interviewing your skills and knowledge we will decide your role in the organisation and pay scale.

The training process in Big Data 6 weeks Summer Internship industrial training program by SLA consultant India involves delegating you varieties of tasks that you will require to perform under our expert team. This involves data management, data gathering and data analysis using different tools and assisting the data management team in designing and maintaining the information in tight and useful order. The duties and responsibilities you will be performing during your stay in the organisation include:

  • Gathering and processing raw data and writing scripts, SQL queries, and APIs.
  • Work closely without data management and engineering team in production systems through Innovation and algorithm.
  • Assist in making business decisions with Ad Hoc analysis as required.
  • Processing of unstructured data into a suitable form for data analysis.
  • Implementation of ETL processes.
  • Creating scalable and high-performance web services for data tracking.
  • Designing, installing and configuring Hadoop system and architecture.
  • Performing data analysis on big data stores and uncover various insights.

Big Data analysis is the current need of business market as multi-terabytes of data develops on a regular basis which is extremely hard for companies to process and utilise it to make necessary decisions. However professional big data analyst or Hadoop operator help these companies in data warehousing and data management using their exceptional and demanding skills which they have learned. There are many benefits of learning big data and Hadoop which makes it one of the most sought-after and opted field in IT Technology. Some of the major benefits of pursuing a career in big data and Hadoop are as follows:

  • Big Data Analytics is an important task in various Industries such as Banking and Finance, aviation, power, Healthcare sports and Telecom which makes it one of the most desirable job profiles in the current business market.
  • The average salary of a big data analyst and Hadoop operator is extremely high in many reputed Industries such as IBM, Oracle, etc.
  • There is a huge requirement of data analysts and Hadoop professional in the business sector due to the Rapid development of mountaineers data which companies must process.
  • There is huge incentives as well in Big Data Analytics job and you also get to learn the ability to understand the behaviour of the customers and use different data management tools which reduce the cost of data warehousing and increase productivity.
  • The concept of big data isn't new however it is currently showing no signs of slowing down due to the emergence of Smartphones and other Technology.
  • The job opportunities in the big data analysis are increasing day by day as Data Analytics is considered the top priority or reputed organisation.
  • By learning Big Data Analytics and how do you will have the Independence to choose different job titles such as Data analyst comma big data engineer Hadoop Developer, Hadoop administrator, data scientist Data Analytics Consultant and much more.
  • You will become an important and irrepressible asset for your company as you will be supporting the decision-making process.
  • There are many freelance opportunities as well in Big Data Analytics, which you can grab and earn some extra income.

Upon joining our Big Data 6 weeks Summer Internship industrial training you will be entitled with various client projects which you will be working with our professional team of data management and Data Analytics. These projects will help you enhance your Data Analytics and data processing skills and make you an appropriate and suitable candidate for reputed industries for the job profile of the big data analyst.

The job opportunities you can pursue after the completion of the internship are huge and promising which will give you both job security and high income. However, you will be required to use all your skills and expertise in the real world by working hard during these 6 weeks.

Module 1 - Introduction to Hadoop and Big Data
Module 2 - Hadoop Distribution File System
Module 3 - Map Reduce and Its Features
Module 4 - Pig
Module 5 - Hive
Module 6 - Hbase
Module 7 - Data Integration with Sqoop, Talend and Flume
Module 8 - Hadoop Project and Oozie