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Industrial Training

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CCNA 6 Months Summer Internship Industrial Training

CCNA, short form for Cisco Certified Network Associate, is one of the most opted and important network certification these days offered by Cisco Enterprises. With this training, the students find it easy to start their career as a Network Support Engineer as the certification covers all the basic requirements of networking that include switches and router configuration which allows the student to take the first step in becoming a network engineer and finding an entry level job. And even though there is huge demand of CCNA certified network engineers in the market, there are still many companies who prefer candidates with little experience over those only with educational qualification. This is mainly due to the fact that companies prefer to hire candidates who possess industry proven experience and working knowledge and skills to handle the job requirements effectively thus giving less trouble to the company. If you are also finding it difficult to acquire entry-level networking job in any industry due to lack of practical experience, then SLA Consultants India offers you're the best solution bike riding our CCNA 6 month Summer Internship industrial training.

The Summer Internship is designed by our effective and qualified network operators which allow the participants to perform professional activities such as installing, monitoring, maintaining and troubleshooting infrastructure of the small and medium-sized network. The training is aimed at students who have completed their graduation and willing to gain relevant experience and family it with the profession to acquire a better and high paying job opportunity. SLA Consultants India is a leading training provider firm in Delhi and NCR offering the best and most reliable CCNA certification and internship to fellow students and assists them in becoming an expert and a professional network engineer. We possess some of the most highly qualified and worthy professionals under whom the interns will work on several networking projects. The intern will perform functionalities on different kinds of networks such as LAN, Van, dial access network, Internet protocols, wireless network, EIGRP, PPP, HDLC, NAT, static routing, frame relay, Ethernet and access control list, etc. This is the best job oriented training program you can ever get which would assuredly help you close the distance to your career goals.

Even though there are no prerequisites to pursue CCNA certification, there are some special requirements if you are willing to perfume the CCNA 6 month Summer Internship industrial training. This is only to ensure that the participant has what it takes to become a network engineer and is passionate enough to pursue a career in the field. Below mention the eligibility criteria for joining the Summer Internship program.


  • The participant must be a graduate in IT field such as BCA, MCA, B-Tech (IT) or any other field, etc. We also provide training to college students in their last years.
  • Some Knowledge of LAN and Wan Technologies, Internet services, computer operating systems, data Communication protocols and information security.
  • Outstanding communication skills and customer service skills to provide better satisfaction.
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills.
  • Ability to work effectively in a dynamic environment and under pressure.
  • Ability to perform brilliantly on several projects and cooperating with network team.
  • High adaptability and capability of handling an immense workload.
  • Pass an intern test and interview conducted by our team to identify your skills and provide you stipend accordingly.

Getting proven experience is the ultimate benefit of this CCNA 6 months summer internship training program, however, there are several other benefits associated with it that one can enjoy and reach their career goals. These benefits include

  • Comprehension: Surely you would have attained knowledge during your education, however, the internship will provide you more robust and practical knowledge, allowing you to understand the concept well and perform them with efficiency. This would increase your chances of acceptance during the recruitment.
  • Increased salary: It is to understand that having proven experience from a reputed training firm would give you a better edge over others and help you acquire higher wages as well, which wouldn’t be possible were you a Fresher.
  • Career growth: After attaining a network engineer job, you will be eligible to pursue advanced level networking certification and enhance your skills to develop and maintain a wide network for large enterprises. You can enjoy a relevant job growth, which the network industry offers extensively.
  • Job satisfaction: Surely being CCNA certified offers a satisfaction and appreciation to your IT career, but being a professional and experienced one could double that satisfaction and help you perform your duties comfortably.
  • Stepping Stone: Know that this is only one of the initial steps in reaching your dreams of becoming a senior network engineer. After gaining more experience and knowledge in the field, you can advance your career by attending other Cisco certifications to earn more significant roles.

The interns will be working closely under our expert network engineers on several projects and become familiar with your work. This would aid you in learning the skills and performing them with perfection. The trainers will be there to stop you from committing further mistakes so that you can be known as a professional at the time of your interview. These projects are from our real clients and once the training is finished, the candidates will be given interview preparation and other job assistance necessary. The real time training will keep the intern to prepare from any challenges that may come in their way, and thus, acquire a relevant job opportunity to get closer to their career goals would certainly seem inevitable.

Module 1 - Hardware A+ Certification
Module 2 - N+ Certification
Module 3 - Linux Administration
Module 4 - Windows (MCSA)
Module 5 - CCNA