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PHP MySQL 6 Weeks Summer Internship Industrial Training

Getting a job as a website developer could be extremely hard to find for you unless you have a potential amount of experience or passed out from an accredited and prestigious college. Every organisation these days demands personnel with a high level of expertise, skills, and experience in the programming language that would allow the company to develop websites and web-based application quickly and accurately. However, getting such employment for undergraduate and college students is certainly not a walk in the park due to lack of required knowledge and proficiency, which makes them unsuitable candidate even though they have completed their graduation with high percentile from reputed Institute. This becomes even more frustrated when the candidate is looking for a PHP My SQL job, which has high demand in the current market due to its flexibility, reliability, and affordability.

Since PHP is one of the most widely utilised programming languages for developing websites and applications, organisations look for candidates who have previously designed websites using PHP and have a fair amount of knowledge regarding its features, functionalities, and usage. And if you also wish to get recruited for such job profile, then you may consider joining PHP my SQL 6 Weeks summer internship industrial training from SLA Consultants India. We have designed this internship program for aspiring PHP developers who have graduated and attained more than enough comprehension in the field but still finding it difficult to get a decent job opportunity due to lack of experience. This program will help the students to gain an adequate amount of industrial experience by working on real time projects and utilising the skills they have learned from school which will help them become an experience and professional PHP developer. The internship will give you every aspect of PHP and My SQL, which include core PHP, advanced PHP, content management system, framework and payment gateways along with E-Commerce website development.

Every participant who wishes to enrol in our PHP my SQL 6 weeks Summer Internship industrial training must possess a graduation degree or any certification in PHP and my SQL. Other important eligibility criteria for the program are:

  • An understanding of web programming language and PHP my SQL.
  • A wide understanding of content management system such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.
  • A better comprehension of PHP frameworks such as Cake PHP 3, Zend Framework, Laravel along with knowledge of my SQL database.
  • Ability to work hard and without much supervision who enjoys working on the deadline.
  • Graduation degree, preferably in BTech or a certification course in a programming language is mandatory.

Please make sure that you contain the eligibility criteria of the internship program. The candidate may also need to clear an intern test and interview with will give us a fair amount of Idea on your expertise and skills.

After enrolling for the internship, The participants will be provided with a temporary position as a PHP developer where she will perform their duties under expert supervision. The Job oriented training process will allow the participants to utilise their comprehension and skills on the practice by working on real time clients’ projects and developing websites and web-based applications using PHP and my SQL. The job duties and responsibilities you will be performing during the internship are as follows:

  • Our highly admired and experienced trainers will help you perform coding for new development along with modification and bug fixes.
  • Providing assistant and support to sales personnel with issue troubleshooting.
  • Developing PHP my SQL unit tests and conducting unit and string testing.
  • Assisting the execution of all PHP related projects in their technical expert such as development, design, deployment, product maintenance, and project documentation.
  • Supporting server monitoring and complying with code standard.
  • Assisting in multiple projects in order to meet the deadline.
  • Providing database and code Optimization recommendation.
  • Providing QA professionally with respect to test code changes.
  • Development and modifying my SQL tables as necessary.

In a matter of 6 weeks, you will be experienced enough to perform these responsibilities on your own and we will provide you certification highlighting your skills that would help you impress your recruiter.

Even though you have successfully completed your graduation in BTech (Computer Science), BCA, MCA or possess certification in PHP my SQL, it will not provide you with the needed experience required to get a respectable job opportunity in the program in the field. Even for entry level PHP MySQL job, you need some sort of experience and momentum, which you will gain from SLA Consultants IndiaPHP my SQL 6 weeks Summer Internship industrial training.

Below are mentioned some of the benefits of choosing this program.

  • Entry level job experience: For starters, joining our Summer Internship program would certainly provide the required experience, acquaintance, and training you have learned in certification or school. You will learn various skills and perform several duties concerning PHP my SQL giving you a fair amount of Idea on what kind of task you will be performing during your permanent job.
  • Stay ahead of competitors: Having an internship will simply offer you a significant edge over the competitors when you apply for a job offer in PHP my SQL. Recruiters tend to interview applicants with certification and internship over those who only possess a graduation degree.
  • Resume Builder: A PHP my SQL internship program on your resume will increase your chances to Grab the job opportunity as recruiters search for candidates with experience and expertise. Seeing your resume highlighting an internship is bound to catch the eyes of the recruiter and make you the most suitable candidate for the job profile.
  • Increased full-time job opportunity: Another benefit of PHP my SQL internship is you will get familiar with the kind of work you will be performing along with the environment of the business which will help you find any relevant full-time job opportunities in the field.
  • Freelancing opportunities: There are several freelance opportunities in PHP my SQL which you can easily grab courtesy your 6 weeks Summer Internship. Even with work from home opportunities, employers prefer to hire someone with high skills knowledge and experience who have previously practised such kind of work.
  • Improved confidence: An experienced candidate tends to get the job opportunity better rather than a fresher with no experience. This is because of the confidence they achieve during the internship, which helps them practice their knowledge and skills in the real world.

And when it comes to projects and Jobs, it is necessary for a potential candidate to have undertaken some sort of work that could impress the employers. The participants will receive projects and assignments from real clients to work on during their 6 Weeks internship industrial training. These projects aim to provide the candidates with the required knowledge and expertise on how to perform their responsibilities with full efficiency. They will get a better idea on how to start the project and make sure it ends before the deadline. After the completion of the internship, they will be able to acquire an entry level PHP my SQL job in any reputed industries where they will practice the duties related to their job profile in an accurate and convenience Manner.

Module 1 - PHP Fundamentals HTML,CSS,Java Script,Jquery, PHP Fundamentals, PHP Arrays
Module 2 - PHP Functions
Module 3 - PHP Cookies & PHP Sessions
Module 4 - PHP Strings Handling
Module 5 - Basic MySQL Queries
Module 6 - Object Oriented Programming
Module 7 - Working with Regular Expression
Module 8 - Working with Ajax (Partial Page refresh)