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CCNA 6 Weeks Summer Internship Industrial Training

Cisco Certified Network Associate CCNA is a certification Course designed by Cisco industries which allow the candidates to learn entry level network engineering skills, which will lead them to pursue a promising career in any small and medium sized industries ahead in the future. There are many college students who have completed their graduation in network engineering or obtained a certification in the same field and aspires to become a professional network engineer but finding it extremely difficult to keep going. Business organisations, regardless of their size and scale, require network engineers who could configure, maintain and process their network so that the company won't find any issue in their organisational functions. However, this also becomes a very frustrating issue for most of the college students who have just passed out as most companies do not prefer to hire fresher candidates due to the lack of knowledge and practical expertise. Even though it is an entry-level networking job, companies always want to make sure that the candidate they are hiring is worthy enough to become their Senior Network operator. The fact that these college students don't possess any kind of working experience makes them and unworthy candidate for any networking job profile which may come in their way.
And even though CCNA is a specialised training course designed to help amateur candidates gain essential and industry-focused network knowledge, it is still not enough to get them a promising job unless the gain any practical experience. SLA Consultants India have the perfect solution for those candidates who have been rejected by small and medium sized industries for the position of a network engineer, even though they have the qualification and fulfil their eligibility criteria. We provide the essential on-job training to aspiring candidates with our CCNA 6 weeks Summer Internship industrial training. The internship program is designed to help the participants understand the functionalities and responsibilities of a network engineer by providing them various tasks and projects for our real clients. We provide CCNA training as per the requirement of current IT industry, which makes them a professional network engineer. During the period of 6 weeks, the intern will work closely with our highly expert Network operator on various assignments. This will offer in the interns of valuable insight on how network engineering is done. Surely they have the talent and skills which they have required from their CCNA certification, however, we will teach them how to use those talents and skills effectively and accurately. We will teach the intern how to form a simple network, installing and configuration of network, operating LAN, WAN, and dial access service in small and medium-sized network, Internet protocols and Technology, establishing wireless network, EIGRP, HDLC, PPP, NAT, static routing, frame relay, VLANs, vtp, OS PF, Ethernet and access control list.
After completing the internship the candidate will be able to get a decent job in any reputed industry and will be eligible to pursue a higher level networking course as well.

In order to join our CCNA 6 weeks Summer Internship industrial training, there are certain criteria that you need to fulfil. These are as follows:

  • A graduate degree in any stream, however one in computer science, computer software, mathematics, network security, network management and other related fields would be most preferable.
  • And up to date knowledge and comprehension of business industry and their networking needs.
  • Remarkable communication skills, especially interacting with clients and coworkers.
  • Ability to take the variety of jobs and perform them with great details and within provided time.
  • Brilliant teamwork skills and ability to work with different teams, groups and clients across the organisation.
  • Strong it skills and problem-solving skills.

It is also required to attend an intern test or an interview for us to understand your networking skills which will help us decide your payroll.

To become a professional network engineer, the candidate needs to be confident enough to handle all the responsibilities that come in his way and have an exceptional analytical mind to maintain network within a small and medium-sized industry. At here in SLA Consultants India, we try to help the intern to lock horns without exceptional team members and work collaboratively in configuration and installation along with troubleshooting the network of our clients. In this reliable internship program, the candidates will learn how to operate all kinds of network such as Land, wan, man, san, pan, VoIP, etc. We first try to understand the skills of the intern and then delegate the work to them as per their expertise and knowledge. This will allow the interns to learn the responsibilities of a network engineer quickly and how to perform them with deliverance. Below are mentioned the job responsibilities of a network engineer which the intern will learn.

  • Establishing the network environment by designing system configuration and installing the elements.
  • Maximising network performances by monitoring, troubleshooting, upgrading and enhancing the network Architects.
  • Assist in undertaking data network fault investigation in LAN and Wan environment using information from various sources.
  • Establishing security in the network system and forcing policies and monitoring access.
  • Administering the firewall environment with its security policy and provide support for network administration.
  • Helping the network operators to upgrade data network equipment as the latest stable firmware releases.
  • Configuring the router and hosted IP voice service along with switching equipment.
  • Reporting the status of the network operation and prioritising the information and managing projects.

CCNA 6 with Summer Internship industrial training will provide you enormous benefits and help you lead a successful career ahead. The interns will be able to make an experience column on the resume that would highlight our internship program. This will make a quick impression to the recruiter and your acceptance chances for the job profile will increase. Some major benefits of our internship training are as below:

  • Experience: the first and the most important benefit of a 6 week Summer Internship program is you will acquire the much-needed practical experience in network engineering, which will enable you to find out the most suitable job for you in a quick span of time.
  • Better job opportunity: with industry-focused experience along with all the technical and networking skills which you have acquired through your education will make you one of the most Eligible Candidates for the job profile of network engineer in any reputed industry.
  • Perform efficiently: certainly having knowledge and skills will make you an efficient worker, however, with our CCNA internship program you will be able to perform your duties more effectively due to the experience you gain while working with professional network engineers on different projects.
  • Know your strong areas: networking is a vast field where different employees work in various sectors to make sure a proper and reliable network has been formed. Through our CCNA internship, you are most likely to work in these sectors which would help you find out your best area of interest in which you have more capability.
  • Career improvement: not finding a job after the completion of your graduation or certification could harm your career in a very devastating way. An internship offers you the best alternative and a strong Bridge to fill the gap between your qualification and desired career. Especially in networking where the competition is quite heavy in the Indian market.

Our CCNA 6 weeks Summer Internship industrial training program contains a various aspect of networking, which will give you a better clarification of your responsibilities and courage to perform these jobs with full confidence.

  • We offer real time projects from our regular clients to the intern to help them prepare for the challenges they will face in their permanent job.
  • Our highly experienced network engineers will provide you project training and help you prepare for the interview after the completion of the internship.
  • Interns are expected to find their dream job of a network engineer soon after completion of the internship in any reputed industry.

Module 1 - CCNA
Module 1.1 - lpv4 ADDRESSING
Module 1.2 - IPV4 Saving Techniques
Module 1.3 - Cisco Router Introduction Theory:
Module 1.4 - IP ROUTING Theory:
Module 1.6 - OSPF ( Open Shortest Path First ) Theory: OSPF Terminology
Module 1.7 - EIGRP (Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol)Theory :
Module 1.10 - LAN Switching Technology
Module 1.11 - Network Device Security Configure and verify network
Module 1.12 - WAN Technologies
Module 1.13 - Ipv6
Module 1.14 - 3 OSI (Open System Interconnection) & TCP/IP

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