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Stock Market Technical Analyst Training

Inquiry for Technical Analysis Share Market Training

Technical analyst is a professional technician who keeps a close eye on the current market conditions and analyzes the investments of the company according to the market price in the past and makes necessary financial decisions for the company. Being a technical analysis is very important as it allows the company to make the thorough and right investments so that they get a high return on investment. The technical analyst is a very important person in the stock market as it also helps to predict the situation of Companies listed on the stock market and identify the most suitable ones to invest. However, becoming a stock market technical analyst is not an easy job to accomplish as it involves reading Complex situations, analyzing the market condition and predicting the future of the stock market in order to gain maximum profit. If you are willing to pursue this career with your hard work, then we recommend you to join our prominent consulting firm where you will receive the right training with proper guidance to make it big in the stock market. SLA Consultants India offers the benchmark platform for aspiring candidates who have completed their graduation in commerce and are looking to become a professional technical analyst

Programme Highlights


Industry acceptable certification for all training which help fresher/Experienced to up-skill at corporate.

Experienced Faculty

Techno- Functional Analyst from Top B-collage with 10+yrs of Experience conduction the Training Classes.

Placement Assistance

After completion of 70% training our dedicated placement team arrange interview till placement.

Lab Facility

Practical Training help to gain exposure like corporate level with technical test series.

Workshop Sessions

Real time projects & best case study makes SLA workshop very unique and lively for learners.

Admin Support

For Learner's, Our admin team fresh batch schedule/re-scheduling classes/arrange doubt classes.

This short term job oriented course is the most ideal for Aspiring retail traders, Financial Service professionals and anybody having an interest in the stock market. During the course, the participants will learn the philosophy and understanding behind the technical analysis and financial market understanding moving average, chart patterns, identifying entry and exit signals using oscillators, MSCD and RSI, setting price targets using Fibonacci, trading with future, day trading and much more. Our highly experienced and admired teachers will educate in prepare you to become a professional technical analyst and assist you in performing all the job responsibilities after acquiring a job opportunity in an E-Commerce company.
The course is targeted to individuals who enjoy working with numbers and statistical data. Even working professionals who are employed in finance or investment Agencies can benefit from this course and become a licensed technical analyst in a matter of months. Two candidates will learn how to observe stock market patterns and predict the future performance. This will allow them to make predict stock price rates, trading volume, securities, trade rates and interest rates. At SLA consultants India, we try our best to hone the skills of the individuals by giving them the latest and competitive syllabus coma practical lab sessions under expert guidance working on real time clients’ projects and providing hundred percent job placement assistance at the end of the course.

For starters, if you have the skills and ability to perform statistical analysis or have a keen interest in pursuing a career in the stock market then this is the ideal training course for you. Blue home mention some special reasons and benefits you will get by learning stock market technical analysis.

  • Understand the market situation thoroughly and make the best possible moves for higher profits.
  • Learning technical analysis would help you grab one of thousand job opportunities available in the market that pays a higher salary.
  • Business organizations all over the world are constantly looking for professional stock market technical analysis in order to help them understand the situation of the competitors and the behaviors of the customers and take the necessary decisions to keep afloat in the market.
  • The scope for a technical analyst is huge in the market, which will keep on growing in the upcoming years.
  • Business owners can find this course incredibly useful as it would help them save a lot of money by making important decisions on their own.
  • Learning stock market technical analysis can also help you invest your money at very minimal risk as you will know the market conditions all too well.

All these facts indicate the importance of stock market technical analysis in the current market and how learning it can benefit you in more than one way. So, move quickly and visit our office in Delhi, Gurgaon, or Noida to attend this remarkably sought after training course from SLA Consultants India and give your career a kick start.

Stock Market Technical Analyst Training with Interview Guarantee
SLA Consultants India Stock Market Technical Analyst Training Review & Delivery Method:
Web / Desktop Base.
Instructor-Led Classroom Sessions.
Presentations/Demonstration/Practical's of concepts.
Handouts/Assignments/Real-time Exposure to work on Clients.
NOTE: Classes Are Also Available On Module Basis

programme modules

Stock Market Technical Analyst Training Course

Basic Technical Analysis course
  • Philosophy of Technical Analysis.
  • Overview on Financial Markets.
  • The principles of the Dow Theory – Interpreting Trends and combining them with Support and Resistance levels.
  • Basics of Technical Analysis
    • Bar chart,
    • Candle Chart,
    • Line Chart etc.
  • Trend & Trend Line.
  • Volume, OBV and Open Interest.
  • Understanding moving averages
    • Simple Moving Averages,
    • Exponential Moving Averages
    • An in-depth study of Moving Averages and the role it plays in determining a trade. The multiple uses of Moving Averages for different time horizons of trades.
  • How to identify market trends.
Advanced Technical Analysis Course (with LIVE trading sessions)
  •  Candle Patterns :
    • Doji,
    • Hammer,
    • Hanging Man etc.
  • Chart Patterns – Understanding the psychology behind a pattern and its formation. Interpretation of Chart patterns and the significance of volume while using patterns. Evolving a Trading strategy based on patterns.
    • Head and Shoulders,
    • Cup and Handle,
    • Flags and Pennants etc.
    • Descending triangles,
    • Head & Shoulder Top,
    • Symmetrical Triangles,
    • Wedges etc.
  • How to identify entry and exit signals using oscillators and volatility indicators
    • MACD
    • RSI
    • Stochastic etc.
    • Advance/Decline Line.
    • Understanding on Options
    • Put/Call Ratio
    • VIX (Volatility Index)
    • Bollinger Bands
    • Donchian Channels
    • Parabolic SAR
  • Setting Price Targets using Fibonacci.
    • Fibonacci extension
  • Swing Trading.
  • Trading with Futures & Options – with a basic study on the Risk, Reward and Timing relating to Derivative based trading approach.
  • Day Trading – Exposure to real life situations using technical analysis with mechanical systems. Running scans / stock picking on a Real-time basis. Post completion of course having LIVE Market training, to feel the reel zest of stock market.
Please find the course and fee details. Classes & Course can be designed/customize as per request
Fee According to Module:-
Course Module Course Duration Current fee
Technical Analyst 25 – 35 (Hours) 11,500/-
Note: Service Tax Applicable on all Course Module





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