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Base SAS Certification

Industry acceptable certification for Base SAS training which help fresher/Experienced to up-skill at corporate.

Experienced Faculty

Industry Expert Sr. Lead Analyst / Technical Analyst With 10+ Years provide workshop session @ SLA

Placement Assistance

After completion of 70% Base SAS training our dedicated placement team arrange interview till placement.

Lab Facility

Practical Training help to gain exposure like corporate level with technical test series

Base SAS Workshop Sessions

Real time projects & best case study makes SLA workshop very unique and lively for learners.

Admin Support

For Learner’s, Our admin team fresh batch schedule/re-scheduling classes/arrange doubt classes.

Statistical Analysis System, also known as SAS, is an application which is utilized for performing statistical analysis, Business Intelligence, predictive analytics and data management. It is one of the most popular Analytics tool utilized by millions of Organisation all over the world which allow the user to perform Data Visualization and Rapid business intelligence efficiently. With the help of SAS, the user can easily Store, organize, update and manipulate information and represent it in a graphical form which can be understood easily by the management and take necessary measures and decisions accordingly. Some of the major characteristics of SAS include analyzing structured and non structured information from different external sources, managing information using various techniques such as formatting, analysis, conversion and retrieval, performing descriptive statistics, Data Modelling and data forecasting. The requirement for SAS professionals in the Indian market has increased drastically due to extensive competition in the market as more and more small scale organizations are establishing to increase their market share. Anyone who is looking to pursue a career as SAS professional should attend high quality and Job-oriented Base SAS Training Course in Delhi NCR provided by SLA Consultants India. The Base SAS Training Course in Delhi is designed specifically for beginners and working professionals who want to learn and master basic skills in SAS after graduation and enhance their learning of statistical analysis to easily target job profiles within the same field. The Base SAS Training Course can be highly ideal for individuals having good knowledge of numbers and figures and interest in performing statistical analysis. SLA Consultants India, the Best Base SAS & Advanced Training Institute, offers the right platform to the candidates to learn and master predictive analysis, data analysis and statistical analysis along with data modelling techniques and data visualization to become an expert in data management and easily able to solve Real world issues for business organizations. This power packed Base SAS Certification Training Course delivers cutting edge Base SAS training using highly equipped and modern lab facility and instructor led classroom to provide full fledged and extensive understanding of SAS software suite so that you do not find any difficulty in starting your statistical analysis career. There are no specific criteria that the aspiring candidates need to fulfill in order to attend the Base SAS Training Course in Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon/Gurugram. All it requires is to have a graduation degree in any field along with interest and will in statistical analysis. The Base SAS Training Course will bring various advantage to the candidates and professionals who deal with Big Data Analysis. Our excellent administration have designed the course content of the Base SAS Training with the help of industry experts having wide experience in the field and have worked with the tool in actual business contexts. After the Base SAS Certification Course in Delhi NCR, the participant will become an expert in analytic technique and utilizing SAS data science tool effectively. It will allow the candidates to gain index understanding of SAS programming language and tool and master various techniques in SAS to access and manage information, develop data structures, generate reports and handle errors easily.

Base SAS Certification Course Delhi NCR will deliver specific and precise knowledge of Statistical Analysis and predictive analysis to the aspiring candidates in real time. It is a beginning level course for individuals who want to become a SAS professional and start their analytics career. The Base SAS Course will explore SAS tool and various techniques to teach the students access and manage information, develop data structures and much more in a professional manner and develop a strong base for learning advanced techniques in future. The Base SAS Training Course will present all the vital concept of Base SAS in an understandable manner which include developing SAS data set, basic of SAS language, data step processing, accessing data, statement option, managing data, writing data to external files, combining SAS Data Sets, generating reports, conditional statement, debugging and handling errors and procedures. The Best SAS Training Course will also teach the participants how to apply data manipulation and optimisation techniques along with Data Analysis method to solve Real world business issues. The Base SAS Training Course will help you understand the role of Data Scientist, performing analytical techniques and tools, gain a better comprehension of SAS, Graphic User Interface, importing and exporting data, library statements, statistics, hypothesis testing, and much more. You will develop multitasking skills, technical abilities, critical thinking, communication skills and collaboration skills to work on Statistical Analysis and predictive analysis.

At the end of the Base SAS Practical Training Course, you will not find any difficulty in performing the job responsibilities of a professional SAS programmer which include building SAS database and data sets, developing SAS Macros, utilities and templates for data cleaning and reporting, communicating with internal team to develop deliverables, writing SAS programs to create tables, figures and listings and Analyse Data Sets, implementing analysis is specified in the protocol or the statistical analysis plan, performance data collection from different sources, working with different databases and integrating it with SAS, representation of information in graphical form, developing SAS coding and table templates for processing, preparing and analysing clinical information and much more. At SLA Consultants India, you will be trained by instructors who are well certified and qualified in statistical analysis and SAS tool and have experience of at least 15 years in the field. They will deliver the Base SAS Theoretical and Practical Training using real world examples and live projects and assignments to provide in working knowledge of statistical analysis tool. Furthermore, workshops and seminars will be conducted to resolve any doubts the participants have in real time and gain hands on experience in performing SAS business operations. All the applicants will be awarded a Valid Certification in Statistical Analysis Tool which will certainly help them stand out of the crowd during the recruitment process. And with 100% Job Placement Support provided by our expert team which include Interview preparation and personality development training, the participants will not find any difficulty in clearing interviews in first attempt and secure a high paying job at MNC organisation.

SAS tool has been utilized by millions of organization for performance data analysis and statistical analysis and has proven its functionality in various fields. The tool offers an efficient Graphic User Interface and 7 days technical support which makes it the first choice for companies for performing data analysis. It is considered one of the most popular data analysis tools due to its brilliant features which can allow the user to perform complex analytics using its advanced features. This is the main reason any student or individual wants to pursue a career in Data Analytics gain expertise in SAS tool. If you want to know more about why you should learn Base SAS after graduation, then below are mentioned some hard hitting reasons:

  • There are various Data Analysis tools available in the market, however, SAS tool is easy to pick up and learn which would allow the candidate to perform detail documentation across various libraries quickly. Anyone with no prior knowledge of programming or database management can easily master the tool and its basic features.
  • The tool can easily be integrated with any other database tool such as DB2, mS Excel, tableau, oracle, etc. This means that after acquiring skills in SAS, you can easily export information from another database tool and perform analytics without any difficulty.
  • Data Analysis and Statistical Analysis is one of the fastest growing job profiles in the market due to the increasing number of business organization establishing. This requires developing effective business strategies for which, Data Analysis and Statistical Analysis needs to be performed which can only be done by hiring a professional. By acquiring skills in SAS, you will become one of the most desiring and demanding candidates in the market for many years to come.
  • Due to the increasing demand and recognition of SAS programmers, you will also get to earn a higher salary as compared to your peers in the same field. The average salary in India for SAS professional is around 4 to 5 lakh per annum as of 2018 which is expected to increase by 50% in the next couple of years.
  • There is an extensive shortage of professionals with Statistical Analysis and Data Analysis expertise in the market, which would allow you better job security and recognition.
  • SAS programming is not limited to any particular field as you can pursue a career in a number of fields such as telecommunication, finance, healthcare, banking, real estate, stock market, etc.
  • There are many multinational organizations who are constantly looking for professional data scientists and SAS programmers which include American Express, Genpact, Google, HCL, Accenture, TCS, etc.

With all these enormous benefits associated with learning SAS, no wonder more and more students are attending Base SAS Certification Course in Delhi NCR after graduation. If you also want to attend the Base SAS Training Course, then you can visit our SAS Programming Training Institute in Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon and attend our free demo class to get a better knowledge about our Institute and Base SAS & Advanced course.

Course Duration: 25 HRS with Highly Skilled Corporate Trainers (Base SAS Training) for Module – Weekdays / Weekend

SLA Consultants India – SAS Analytics Certification Training & Delivery Method:

  • Web / Desktop Base.
  • Instructor-Led Classroom Sessions.
  • Presentations/Demonstration/Practicals of concepts.
  • Handouts/Assignments/Real-time Exposure to work on Clients.

Base SAS Training Programme Modules

Base SAS Training Course

  • Working in the SAS Environment
  • Working with the Windows
  • Enhance Editor
  • Result Window
  • Log Window
  • Explorer Window
  • Output Window
  • Program Editor Window
  • Create temporary and permanent SAS data sets
  • Create and manipulate SAS date values
  • Control which observations and variables in a SAS data set are processed and output

  • SAS Libraries
  • Data Sets
  • Cube
  • Data View
  • Referencing Files in Catalog
  • Creating a SAS Program
  • Components of SAS Program
  • Characteristics of SAS Program
  • Layout of SAS Program
  • Program Data Vector (PDV)
  • Execution Phase and Compilation Phase
  • Get Started with Output Delivery System (ODS)

  • Use FORMATTED, LIST and COLUMN input to read raw data files
  • Use INFILE statement options to control processing when reading raw data files
  • Use various components of an INPUT statement to process raw data files including column and line pointer controls, and trailing @ controls
  • Combine SAS data sets using the DATA step
  • Global Statements
  • Local Statements
  • List Input
  • Modified Input
  • Column Input
  • Named Input

  • Exploring SAS data libraries using base SAS utility procedures
  • Sorting observations in a SAS data set
  • Conditionally execute SAS statements
  • Use assignment statements in the DATA step
  • Modify variable attributes using options and statements in the DATA step
  • Use SAS functions to manipulate character data, numeric data, and SAS date values
  • Use SAS functions to convert character data to numeric and vice versa
  • File Statement
  • Put Statement

  • Concatenation
  • One-One Merging
  • Match Merging
  • One-One Reading
  • Updating or Setting
  • Generate list reports using the PRINT and REPORT procedures
  • Enhance reports through the use of labels, SAS formats, user-defined formats
  • Generate summary reports and frequency tables using base SAS procedures

  • IF & IF THEN statement
  • IF ELSE statement
  • Where condition
  • Like , Into Statements
  • Loops ( Do, While )
  • Identify and resolve programming logic errors
  • Checking for Errors, Warnings, Un-Initialization , missing values
  • Recognize and correct syntax errors
  • Examine and resolve data errors

  • Proc Sort
  • Proc Transpose
  • Proc Print
  • Proc Contents
  • Proc Formats, Proc Compare
  • Proc Append, Proc Tabulate
  • Proc Report
  • Proc Import, Proc Export
  • Proc Freq
  • Proc Means

Please find the Base SAS Course details.

Duration of Module

SAS Course Module SAS Course Duration
Base SAS 25 (Hours)

Batch Timings

SAS Course Schedule SAS Batch Timing
Sunday – Thursday 09:00|11:00|2:30|4:30
Saturday & Sunday 09:00|11:00|2:30|4:30
Sunday 09:00|11:00|2:30|4:30


What is the total duration of the Base SAS training course?
What kind of placement support do you offer after completing the Base SAS training?
What is the job scope for SAS Analyst in India?
Do you provide a refund if I cancel my registration?
Will Base SAS certification in SAS help me get a job?
Will have to submit the entire fees at the beginning or if I can pay in installments?


Rahul Pal

From my point of view, SLA is the good institute, I’ll strongly recommend SLA Consultants India. Training institute for Analyst courses. I am pursuing my Data Analyst Course from the institute under the guidance & knowledge of professional Data Analyst trainers, & my two modules (Advance Excel and VBA) of the course has been completed. I must say that they have good faculty, as well as have the great infrastructure for learning and practicing.

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Rahul Pal

Rohit Bhagat

I strongly recommend SLA Consultants India, Training Institute for doing courses. I am doing my Data Analyst course in SLA Consultants India, Laxmi Nagar-Head Office, till now my two modules(Advanced Excel and VBA) have been completed. Its been good experience with a trainer, as they shared me a lot of knowledge in brief. At the institute, trainers and admin staff are good & cooperative.

SLA Consultants India-Testimonial
Rohit Bhagat

Deepak Sharma

I have completed Advanced Excel & Visual Basic Automation training course from SLA Consultants India. I had amazing experience after completion of training program and I would like to say thanks to the trainer, who elaborate solution for all the problems very quickly at the same time with very easy Technic to better understanding. Trainers are very kind and helpful. I would like to rank him 5 out of 5. I am so much obliged and feeling grateful, thanks a ton for the great support by trainers and thank you SLA Consultants India.

SLA Consultants India Reviews
Deepak Sharma
MIS & Data Analyst Executive

Amit Kumar

I hope, my review may help to those who are searching for an institution where they can enhance their skills and get a placement as well. I have joined SLA Consultants India for complete MIS course, my trainer is one of the best teacher of my life. Who are searching for a institute joined it immediately without hassle & wasting your time. Trainer will teach you both theoretical as well as practical knowledge, also prepare you for interviews. The best thing about trainer is that they help you even after you completion of your course, share queries on e-mail or Whats-App your query and you will get your problem resolved. My over all experience was awesome.

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Vinay Tiwari

My experience in SLA is quite well.I have taken classes for both modules Advance Excel and VBA Macros. Whenever I raised for any doubt and to be honest my all queries and doubt were sorted out patiently. I must say my trainer was quite supportive and patiently explained everything. Even though I have taken classes on weekend basis, but never feel like that the course is running or missing anywhere. And now I am too confident about Excel and VBA after completion of training under expert trainers. I will always recommend everyone to Join SLA Consultants India, if they are interested in MIS and RPA etc..

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Himanshu Nautiyal

I have done MIS & VBA course form SLA Consultants India under the guidance of Anoop Sir, he has a very good knowledge & experience. He is a professional Trainer & his way of teaching is very good. It is great experience for me to grow with my skill & work efficiency. It is very good Platform who wants to build-up their career in MIS. Also thanks to Swati Mam for Co-ordinate with us and help me to find a good platform.

Himanshu Nautiyal
Fortune Marketing Pvt.Ltd.

Rahul Kumar

I have done MIS & VBA Training form SLA Consultants under the guidance of professional trainer, has a very good knowledge & experience in Corporate & MNC. He is professional Trainer & his way of teaching is as per the corporate requirement. I’d great experience for me to grow my skill & work efficiency. It is very good pelt from who wants to build-up their career in MIS.

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Neeraj Gupta

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Neeraj Gupta
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Archit Khandelwal

Thanks to SLA consultants for giving me such type of opportunity, Great Institute with great teaching faculty. SLA is one of the class-apart institutions for those who learn something. I got a job in Fortune marketing Pvt Ltd as MIS Executive. SLA give me the confidence of ” I CAN “

Archit-Khandelwal - SLA Students
Archit Khandelwal
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Anil Kumar

It was one of the best decisions to join SLA consultants for my course. The course that I pursued here was very well planned and executed. I’m highly satisfied with professional trainers. The lectures were easy to understand & industrial based & every doubt of mine was properly explained. I would recommend SLA Consultants India to all those who are willing to grow in their careers and do well.

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Kumar Gautam

I joined MIS/VBA training at SLA. This type of practical oriented classroom training is very helpful & who’ll follow classes under the expert trainers with this approach ensures that they will learn completely about subject in short period of time. “SLA Consultants India” is the best for learning job-oriented classroom programs. Thanks to expert trainers and Placement team for the best support.

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Kumar Gautam
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Ummed Ali

SLA Consultants India is better institute to learn practical training courses than any others. it provides the best training to their students. The teaching staff is very knowledgeable & professional for MIS and VBA courses. I learned a lot there and better career path.

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Ummed Ali
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Bhavani Singh

The experience with SLA Consultants India is phenomenal. It trained me to become industry ready and exposed me to various important work practices. The staff is extremely cordial and cooperative. The faculty members are the experienced and experts in the subjects taught by them. I thank SLA & Team for the quality services and placement assistance provided by them.

Bhavani-Singh - SLA Students
Bhavani Singh
MIS Executive at G.D. FOODS MFG. (I) PVT LTD.

Anil Kumar Pal

Thanks to SLA consultants, my company values me a lot. I can churn out data from a huge database within a few minutes and keep the management happy. The ever cooperative trainers of SLA have made me capable of doing that and I will be grateful to them.

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Anil Kumar Pal
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Priyanka Tiwari

I did not know what to do in life. Then I saw the ad of SLA Consultants. After getting knowledge of all their course offerings, I selected MIS and loved it from the start. Thank you for making my career and helping me get a good life SLA.

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Priyanka Tiwari
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Santosh Kumar

When I joined, I didn’t have a clue about MIS Management and now my friends call me an expert of MIS. All thanks to SLA Consultants who filled me with great knowledge and software training without charging a lot of money.

Santosh-Kumar - SLA Students
Santosh Kumar
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Kapil Negi

Data Management has always attracted me. SLA Consultants turned this hobby in a professional skill by teaching me all about MIS Management. I got a good job now and I am very happy with my life.

Kapil-negi - SLA Students
Kapil Negi
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Aditya Pratap

I’ve completed the MIS training from SLA Consultants India and now I believe that SLA provides the excellent & quality training. I got placed in a reputed company with complete placement support provided the SLA placement team.

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Tegbahadur Singh

My love for Data Management was turned into a career opportunity by SLA Consultants. They helped me learn all latest MIS software and made me a champion of Data Management. I have a great career path thanks to the SLA Team.

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Tegbahadur Singh
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Sushil kumar yadav

Thanks to SLA consultants, my company values me a lot. I can churn out data from a huge database within a few minutes and keep the management happy. The ever cooperative trainers of SLA have made me capable of doing that and I will be grateful to them.

Sushil-kumar-yadav - SLA Students
Sushil kumar yadav
MIS Executive at Bharti Infratel

Rajbir Sharma

SLA Consultants played the role of a friend, philosopher and guide in my career. They helped me learn complex software and complicated terminologies in such a manner that I now excel at MIS Management. I also love the job they have helped me get.

Rajbirsharma - SLA Students
Rajbir Sharma
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Pawan Gupta

I think SLA Consultants is the best place for skill development. They made me a professional from a fresher and I have seen them do the same for hundreds of students. I highly recommend them to very student or professional seeking career growth.

Pawangupta - SLA Students
Pawan Gupta
MIS Executive - Rosmerta Technology Ltd.

Anand Kumar Jha

My love for Data Management was turned into a career opportunity by SLA Consultants. They helped me learn all latest MIS software and made me a champion of Data Management. I have a great career path thanks to the SLA Team.

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Anand Kumar Jha
MIS Executive - Rosmerta Technology Ltd.

Nazia Praveen

From the first day I entered the office of SLA Consultants, they helped me. I completed the admission process swiftly and started learning MIS whenever it was convenient. Now I am working in a full time job that’s not hectic but enjoyable.

Nazia-Parveen - SLA Students
Nazia Praveen
MIS Executive - Globalite Retails Pvt Ltd

Hariom Agarwal

The staff, trainers, and management of SLA Consultants is great. These people really help freshers like me to get a good job. They have changed thousands of lives and I am happy to say that mine was also changed by them. So thank you.

hariom - SLA Students
Hariom Agarwal
MIS Executive - Globalite Retails Pvt Ltd

Indresh Kumar

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Indresh Kumar
MIS Executive - Recharge it Now

Md Sadik

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MIS Executive at Evaxo Pharma Pvt. Ltd.