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Cake PHP Training

  • Importance of Cake
  • OOPs Programming
  • Encapsulation and inheritance
  • Abstract classes and objects
  • Class constants
  • Models
  • Views
  • Controllers
  • Working with database
  • Setting up Cake PHP
  • Scaffolding
  • Helpers
  • Set up routines
  • Designing database
  • CRUD operations
  • TMP folder for Cake
  • Default behavior of MVC
  • Naming controllers, views and models
  • Best practices
  • Convention over configuration
  • Core components and behavior
  • Create views in Cake PHP
  • Launching Bake to build views
  • CRUD Views
  • User interaction
  • Form submission
  • HTML Form
  • Pagination
  • Methods for reading, finding and saving
  • HTML Helper
  • Cake’s in-built helpers
  • Form, Ajax, Javascript Helpers
  • Paginatior, Session and Text Helpers
  • Reverse Routing
  • Rewriting URLs in the Router
  • Admin Routing and Route Parameters
  • Using Components
  • Authentication
  • Session, cookie, email, vendors
  • Installing third party plugins
  • Data sources and behaviors
  • Live Project

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Please find the Cake PHP Course Duration

Course Module Course Duration
Cake PHP Training 30 – 35 Hours




What is your review of CakePHP?

In my opinion, CakePHP is probably the fastest PHP MVC framework at present. I have been using it for over a decade and it has offered me assistance in documentation and app development. Since it is free and open source software, anyone can use it without any restriction and its File Manager system is certainly one the best, that allows easy access to design. It is very easy to install and configure and it equipped with enormous features. Cakephp also offers a great community which is an exception in MVC framework, thus if you have any difficulty regarding the tool, you can ask millions of users to resolve it. I personally prefer its ORM, view helper, session management, composer install, caching configuration and install of vendors option.

What is the difference between Code Igniter and Cake PHP?

Following are the difference between Code Igniter and Cake PHP:

  • Code Igniter has a very simple approach to programming and web development while Cake PHP, even though quicker, has some difficult programming which is done by a professional.
  • In Code Igniter, developers create the right plug ins or tools even after having various classes, but in Cake PHP, Auth components are already present to perform the task.
  • Cake PHP supports ORM technique where data from different systems can be mapped, which is not the case with Code Igniter.
  • In Cake PHP, scaffolding is used to define the way objects are linked to each other and create or break it. It can also be used to create, update, delete or retrieve objects. But in Code Igniter, scaffolding allows faster way to add, remove or modify the information from database in web development.
Is it worth converting our php5 code into Cakephp?

It certainly is. Cake PHP is considered best for unit testing, scaffolding, conventions and stability as it has dedicated features for them. Choosing Cake PHP from PHP5 may require you to rewrite the entire code from scratch, but It has many conventions that could help you achieve your possible goals, if you use it wisely. Breaking the conventions could make your job a lot difficult. For adding unit test, it is required to choose a test framework. However, if your current codebase is not modular enough, performing testing could be hard and rewrite would be the only option left.

What is the best way to learn cakephp?

Cake PHP is difficult to learn due to its complex coding and numerous features. Furthermore, your concept for PHP should be clear before you try out Cake PHP. In order to learn Cake PHP, the best way is to attend a Cake PHP training course from a reputed training firm where you will be taught by experienced qualified trainers. You will learn coding and its features and how to implement and execute them to develop applications. It is also possible to learn Cake PHP through online video tutorials, but it won’t give you a clear idea as it is only one-way learning, which lacks communication and interaction, which in this case is highly important. Although online tutorials can be very useful if you are stuck in midway while programming using Cake PHP due to its humongous community.

Why CakePHP is popular for Web App development?

Cake PHP is highly flexible and versatile tool for web app development as it automatically cater the base requirements of the developers and make changes accordingly. It is easy to use, which makes the development process easier and hassle-free. Its MVC architecture is incredibly useful for business logic and data design, while the security it offers to web application and web database is remarkable. It is free and open source, that makes it even more popular in the commercial market. At last, it is SEO friendly, which is one of the most important requirements for web development.

How does CakePHP work?

Cake PHP is an MVC framework, which refers to Model View Controller. It uses this concept to develop web based applications and website. The view refers to the design, interface and user interface of the web while the controller is the logic of the code which manages every action your website or application will perform. The model takes care of the data logic and manages the transmission of information between the app or website and the database. It promotes faster and reliable coding, which makes it a perform PHP framework present.

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