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Level A - (A+| N+| Windows|Linux) Networking Training @ Delhi & Gurgaon

  • Personal Computer Components
  • Operating System Fundamentals
  • Installing and Configuring Peripheral Components
  • Installing and Configuring System Components
  • Maintaining and Troubleshooting Peripheral Components
  • Troubleshooting System Components
  • Maintaining and Troubleshooting Microsoft Windows
  • Network Technologies
  • Installing and Managing Network Connections
  • Supporting Printers and Scanners
  • Network Basics
  • Wired Computer-to-Computer Connections
  • Network-to-Network Connections
  • Wired Internetworking Device
  • Wired Communication Standards
  • Wireless Networking
  • Security Threats and Mitigation
  • Network Access Control
  • Monitoring
  • Troubleshooting
  • Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012
  • Install and Configure Windows Server 2012.
  • Describe AD DS.
  • Manage Active Directory objects.
  • Automate Active Directory administration.
  • Implement Ipv4.
  • Implement Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).
  • Implement Domain Name System (DNS).
  • Implement Ipv6.
  • Implement local storage.
  • Share files and printers.
  • Implement Group Policy.
  • Use Group Policy Objects (GPOs) to secure Windows Servers.
  • Implement server virtualization using Hyper-V.
  • Access the command line
  • Manage files from the command line
  • Create, view, and edit text files
  • Manage local Linux users and groups
Control access to files with Linux file system Permission
  • Monitor and manage Linux processes
  • Control services and daemons
  • Configure and secure Open SSH service
  • Analyze and store logs
  • Archive And Copy Files Between Systems
  • Install and update software packages
  • Access Linux file systems

Inquiry for Level A – (A+| N+| Windows | Linux) Networking Training

Please Find CCENT Training Course Duration:-

Course Module

Course Duration

M 1 to 4 (N+|A+|OS)

20 – 25 (Hours)

Batch Timings:–

Days Class Duration Course Duration
Monday – Friday 2 (Hours) 1 Months
Saturday & Sunday 2 (Hours) 2 Months
Sunday 3 (Hours) 3 Months




What is CCENT?

The certification of CCENT authenticates the skills necessary for entry-level network assistance positions, the beginning point for several successful careers in networking. CCENT certified experts have the knowledge and proficiency to install, work, and troubleshoot a small project branch network, which includes basic network security. It directly opens your career in the networking. A CCENT is undoubtedly stepping toward CCNA certification and will assist you be clear from the crowd in entry-level positions.

What is N+ Certification?

N+ is a vendor neutral networking certification that is well trusted all over the world. It validates the necessary knowledge and skills required to assertively design, arrange, handle and troubleshoot any energetic and wireless networks. N+ certified people are high in world widely. Receiving aN+ certified is a distinguishing step toward a career in networking or even telecommunications. Lots of universities, colleges as well as private institutes offer networking courses and specialized college degrees having Network+ training.

What is Windows Server?

Windows Server is a collection of operating systems planned by Microsoft that directly supports business level management, applications, Data storage, and communications. Last versions of Windows Server have direct focus on stability, safety, networking, and different improvements to the file system.

Why Need A+ Certification Training?

Among the certifications offered for the computer experts, A+ is surely one cited most frequently as a starting end for careers in information technology (IT).Supported by CompTIA, an industry group, A+ certifies skills in entry-level PC expertise. It is a vendor-neutral qualification, with a focus on the expertise required to work as a computer service technician, troubleshooting and even repairing PCs.

What is Linux?

Linux is the finely and highly used open source operating system. Simply working as an operating system, Linux is software that works under all of the other software on a computer, finding requests from those programs and focuses on these requests to the hardware of the computers. The term “Linux” is also referred to the Linux kernel, but also the set of tools, programs, as well as services that are generally merged jointly with the Linux kernel to offer all of the essential components of a fully useful operating system.

What types of jobs after CCENT Training?

CCENT Training validates your skill to use the best-in-class networking as well as business communications devices offered from Cisco Systems. The "Cisco Career Certification" program gives a diverse range of paperwork that brings assessable rewards to network experts and the companies that appoint them.

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