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Organizations all over the world requires to deal with large amount of data, which cannot be processed by simple tools. It requires a program that can easily maintain and update such mountainous data with accuracy, and thus comes the Hadoop. Hadoop is an open source platform that allows the company to effectively manage their large data as it is designed to expand from one server to several machines for the purpose of storage and computation. It offers great assistance in data transfer and computation and enormously beneficial for large scale business who deals with customer services. However, learning big data management and Hadoop requires quality training and anyone who possesses a great analytical mind and mathematical skills, willing to make a career in the field of Big data, must join a professional big data training course. SLA Consultants India is a leading big data training provider in Delhi NCR region with expert hands on training and quality course material at a very affordable price.


Programme Highlights


Industry acceptable certification for all training which help fresher/Experienced to up-skill at corporate.

Experienced Faculty

Industry Expert Sr. Lead Analyst / Technical Analyst With 10+ Years provide workshop session @ SLA

Placement Assistance

After completion of 70% training our dedicated placement team arrange interview till placement.

Lab Facility

Practical Training help to gain exposure like corporate level with technical test series.

Workshop Sessions

Real time projects & best case study makes SLA workshop very unique and lively for learners.

Admin Support

For Learner's, Our admin team fresh batch schedule/re-scheduling classes/arrange doubt classes.

Big data refer to really big data, which is impossible to process using your traditional computational tools. There are several types of big data, such as black box data, social media data, stock exchange data, search engine data, power grid data and transport data, and this course will help the candidate to learn and process all of it using one of the best platform Hadoop. SLA Consultants India has designed this course to meet all the requirements of the organisations, and thus provides the participants with an abundance of knowledge. Our highly qualified and respected trainers enable the students to understand the different components of Hadoop, such as HDFS, Impala, Tableau, Spoop Flume Oozie, Zookeeper, MapReduce, Hive, Pig, HBase and much more. The complete industry focused big data training include topics Hadoop Ecosystem, Hadoop cluster architecture, Hadoop core components, Data integration using SQOOP, FLUME and TALEND, Data analysis using Pig, Hive and Impala, NOSQL Data Base, HBase vs RDBMS and other related topics.

The short duration course is perfect for aspiring software developers, analytics professionals, senior IT professional, and other data managers. Anyone with a graduate degree can pursue the course and clear their way to a successful career ahead. Some programming or analytical skills would be an advantage. Some remarkable benefits of the course include instructor-led training, real life projects in different fields, live video training, practice on Cloud Labs and the amazing learning environment. We are equipped with the latest tools and course material, allowing the participants to garner just the skills and expertise required to make their way in a reputed industry. After the completion of the course, the students will be provided 100% job placement assistance and guaranteed interviews.

Data is an important element for every business without which, no one can succeed. And the amount of data is exceedingly huge, which is just not possible to process using traditional ways. Processing of big data, has become an essential part of everyday business and for which hiring of professional Hadoop and other big data tools are in high demand. There are several reasons why learning big data is advantageous these days, which are as follows:

  • The demand for big data analysts and Hadoop professionals are huge, making it one of the most opted courses in recent.
  • The pay scale of big data processors is higher as compared to other database administrator.
  • Since, its inception, big data have shown no signs of stopping, which means the scope of big data is getting stronger and you can benefit from it.
  • Big data is used by everyone. Both small or big industries regardless of their field, uses big data, thus, there won’t be any difficulty in finding the relevant job, providing better job security.
  • Freedom to choose several career options. After the completion of the course, you can become a data scientist, project manager, business intelligence professional, data manager, testing and mainframe professional, software developer and architect, etc.
  • One can learn a great deal and acquire knowledge along the way, increasing the chances of promotion.
  • It would be very useful when you open your own business.

So, don’t wait anymore and use your mathematical and analytical skills to build a promising career in one of the fastest growing fields. Join SLA Consultants India for Bid Data Hadoop Training Course and ready yourself to become a professional in a reputed firm in a matter of months. Visit our training institute in Gurgaon, Noida or Delhi for more information.

Course Duration: 50-60 HRS with Highly Skilled Corporate Trainers
(Big Data with Hadoop Training) for 8 Modules - Weekdays / Weekend

SLA Consultants India - Big Data with Hadoop Certification Training & Delivery Method:

Web / Desktop Base.
Instructor-Led Classroom Sessions.
Presentations/Demonstration/Practicals of concepts.
Handouts/Assignments/Real-time Exposure to work on Clients.

NOTE: Classes Are Also Available On Module Basis

programme modules

Big Data Hadoop Certification Training Course

  • Big Data Overview
  • How to Process Big Data?
  • What is Hadoop?
  • Features and Elements of Hadoop
  • Uses of Hadoop
  • Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Data Analytics Structure
  • Rdbms Vs Hadoop
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Importance Of Hdfs
  • Hdfs Features
  • Daemons Of Hadoop
    • Name Node
    • Data Node
    • Secondary Name Node
    • Job Tracker
    • Task Tracker
  • Hadoop 2x Configuration Files
  • Data Storage In Hdfs
  • Accessing Hdfs
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Hdfs Federation
  • Understand Hadoop Mapreduce Framework
  • Working With Mapreduce In Hdfs
  • Concepts Of Input Splits, Combiner And Partitioner And Demos In Mapreduce
  • Traditional Wav S Mapreduce Way
  • Why Mapreduce
  • Hadoop 2x Mapreduce Architecture And Components
  • Yarn Workflow
  • How Mapreduce Works
  • Mapreduce Algorithms
  • Writing Mapreduce Program
  • 3mapper And Reducer
  • Input And Output Format In Mapreduce
  • Data Localization
  • Hadoop I/O
  • Understanding Pig
  • Pig Use Cases
  • Pig Vs Mapreduce
  • Pig Scripting And Running Modes
  • Programming Structure In Pig
  • Data Types In Pig
  • Execution Modes In Pig
  • Loading Data And Exploring Pig
  • Latin Commands
  • Learn About Hive Concepts
  • Data Types In Hive
  • Loading And Querying Data In Hive
  • Hive Scripts And Udf
  • Hive Vs Pig
  • Hive Architecture And Components
  • Partitions And Buckets
  • Hive Vs Rdbms
  • Introduction To Hbase
  • Advanced Hive Concepts
  • Hbase Architecture And Design
  • Hbase Vs Rdbms
  • Read And Write Pipeline
  • Hbase Commands
  • Hbase Shell
  • Client Api And Data Loading Techniques
  • Zoopkeeper Service
  • Hadoop Integration
  • Introduction to Talend
  • Loading Data From Rdbms Into Hdfs Using Sqoop and Talend
  • Managing Real Time Data Using Flume
  • Other Important Data Analysis Features with Hadoop Elements
  • Solving Big Data Issues
  • Discussing Data Sets
  • Live Training Under Expert Supervision
  • Module Wise Assignments

Please Find The Big Data Hadoop Training Course Duration:-

Course Course Duration
Big Data Hadoop 50 – 60 Hours



How to acquire a decent job in Hadoop as a fresher?

There is too many job opportunities are there for people who can perform Hadoop operations such as data transfer and data competition in a large amount regardless of their experience. Hadoop is a Highly popular and open source platform for managing huge data from one server to several. However, in order to get an appointment as a Hadoop fresher, you must first gain specific knowledge and skills required for the purpose of data management, which you will easily be able to acquire through our specialized Hadoop training course.

I have been a Hadoop operator for a few months. Will I benefit from this course?

Hadoop training course from SLA Consultants India is a specifically designed course suited for both Freshers and experienced candidate as it would help the working professionals to enhance their Hadoop skills in order to contribute more to the respective companies. If you feel like you don’t have enough conceptual knowledge and expertise required to perform your duty is well then this would be an ideal training course. It will help you deal with a large amount of data and perform tasks such as data storage and data computation in different servers very easily.

Can I get freelance work after Hadoop training course?

You can surely get freelance accountant work and Hadoop projects if you could search in the right places. There are several small and medium sized firms constantly looking for freelancers in order to maintain their database as it would be very cost efficient for them. You may get all over rate per project in the start. but as you gain experience you will begin to earn a greater income through freelancing projects. Try creating an account in online freelancing work provider websites such as freelancer.

Will learning Hadoop help me in establishing my small business?

Hadoop is an essential and widely utilized tool for managing and maintaining big data. It is used by large scale Enterprise in order to keep records of their customers and perform computation and other necessary actions accurately. However, small business owners can also benefit from Hadoop as it will allow them to maintain their database and perform data analysis, storage and calculations without hiring a professional which could save them a lot of money. You can perform data analysis and transform your business to a greater Heights by yourself using Hadoop functionalities.

Why should I join Hadoop training course?

If you Aspire to become a data analyst are willing to pursue a career in big data and data management then it is highly necessary for you to join Hadoop training course as Hadoop is considered as one of the most popular and Powerful big data analysis and computation tool available in the current market. Even if you are working as a Hadoop operator in any business organization, you can still benefit greatly from this course in order to enhance your expertise and knowledge to become a valuable asset for the company.

I want to join the course. Whom should I contact?

You can find all the relevant details on our Hadoop training course page on our SLA Consultants India official website. You can simply visit any of our offices in Delhi, Gurgaon or Noida. You can also give us a call on 9999491895 or 9873140018 where our call operator will give you all the necessary information regarding the Hadoop training course. Remember that you need a graduate degree in any stream, preferably in Computer science to attend this course.


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