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Google Adwords Training @ Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida

  • What is pay-per-click
  • Features & benefits
  • How can Account Set Up
  • Account structure
  • How Set Payment Method
  • Google Adwords interface / Tool Used
  • Adwords Access at Other Account
  • Google Adwords Rules / Policy
  • Billing & payments
  • Account settings
  • Linked accounts
  • MCC Account – My Client Center
Basic Terminology Of Google Adwords
  • Campaign
  • Ad groups
  • Campaign Type
  • Keywords
  • Quality Score
  • Impressions
  • Ad Rank
  • Ads types
  • Ads Extension
Other Terms used in Google Adwords
  • Call-To-Action(CTA)
  • Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Landing Pages / Destination Pages
  • How Optimization
  • Testing
Cost Related Terminology
  • Bid Strategy
  • Daily Budget
  • Cost Per Click (CPC)
  • Cost Per Acquisition
  • Cost Per Mile (CPM)
  • Billing Threshold
Ads Creating Terms
  • Headline
  • Description
  • How Used CTA
  • Destination Pages / Landing Pages
  • Display URL
  • Ads position / Performance
  • How Choose a Types Campaign and Creation
  • Define Daily Budgets
    • Search network with Display
    • Search Networks Only
    • Display Networks Only
    • Shopping
    • Video
    • Universal App Campaign
  • Benefits of Selected Campaign
  • How Set Target Location
  • Set a Devices
  • Ads Schedule
Create Ads Group
  • Create a Ads Group Name
  • Types of Ads Groups
  • Ad Group Bidding Set-up
How create a Ads
  • How Many types of Ads
  • Ad writing exercise
  • How create a Ads Copy / benefits
  • Destination / Landing Pages URLs
  • Ads Headline Create by Case
  • How set a path of Display URL
  • Description Writing with CTA
  • Select of Keywords By Match Types
  • How add Negative Keywords
  • What is benefits of Negative Keywords
  • How check Competitor
  • Create Rule For Keywords Bidding
  • Keywords Bidding Strategy
Optimization of Adwords Account
  • Ads Optimization
  • Landing Pages Optimization
  • Keywords Optimization
  • Bid optimization
  • Ads Position Set
  • Quality Score
  • CTR Optimization
  • Delivery methods Setting
  • Ad scheduling
  • Ad Serve
  • Ads & Keywords Performance Optimization
  • Time Set up for ads
  • Click/ impression/Conversion/ROSA Optimization
  • Exclude Setting
  • Ads Extension
  • Adwords Opportunity
  • Campaign Health Score Improvement
  • Labeling
  • Change History
  • Automation Ads
  • How check Opportunity
  • How Can Used Reporting Tool
    • Basic Report
    • Time Report
    • Conversion Report
    • Location based Report
  • Account Access Feature
  • Create New Dashboard
  • Fraud Click Analysis
  • Google Express
  • How Connect With Google Analytics Tools
  • How set up Conversion
  • How set up Attribution Model
  • How Connect with Merchant Account
  • How Connect With Tag manager
  • Check Ads Preview and Diagnosis
  • Display & Keywords Planner
  • Target By Demographic
  • Competition Analysis
  • Advanced Campaign Low-Cost Advertising.
  • Real Time Bidding (RTB)
  • Remarketing Tag Code (Script) Installation
  • Create a Remarketing List
    • Website visitors
    • Mobile app users
    • Customer emails
    • YouTube users
  • Audiences
  • Bid strategies
  • Budgets Define
  • Target By Demographic
  • Bidding Report
  • Conversion Report
  • Click Report
  • Visitor Report
  • Traffic Estimator report
  • Impression Report

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Course Duration

PPC/Google Adword

30 – 35 (Hours)




What is PPC?

Pay per click or PPC is a popular language among marketers working online. It is one of the best approaches to generate traffic as well as earn good amount of online. This sort of advertising is also quite affordable turning it all the more special to numerous advertisers as well as publishers. Meanwhile, it is also known as a quite risky kind of advertising. If not done accurately, there is a risk spending more for the target audience you wish to create and finding less outcome from the investments.

What is Google Adwords?

Google AdWords is basically a text-based technique for advertising on Google properties as well as its linked websites, that permit you to set up your personal ad campaigns, make a decision on the keywords and turn it easy for you in balancing your ads to your customers and handle the cost of your own promotion. You may easily register for Google Adwords if you are one of those who are attracted to advertise a product on Google.

How can Help Google Adwords your Business?

Google Adwords is quite helpful for your Business as the sponsored links are extremely relevant as compared to the regular results that if a web user look for the Google for your keywords, you will be capable to realize that they are really searching for whatever you're supporting. Google AdWords is surely a good choice in case you also feel similar to  directing your advertising to a targeted web audience.

What is Landing Pages?

A landing page refers to a single page of a web portal that visits users. The traffic is derived there with the help of different kinds of advertising. Normally, any outgoing links go straight to the merchant websites. It varies from a website in that it is just one page within a website.

Why Used Google Adwords?

Google AdWords can definitely be a great source of new clients for your company at a very small price if only it is utilized rightly. and so, if you have previously decided to join and make apply of it, confirm not to commend mistakes as AdWords is a high-demand methods to promote on the web.

What is the Campaign?

A campaign is known as a set of messages, web forms and subscribers. These things are related to each other. It’s fine to offer an example many times. For an example, you sell two different products, you may wish to have two special campaigns for each product, that approach all the subscribers and all of the messages that recount to that product that you are going to wish to send to these specific subscribers are all in one place.

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