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Robotic Process Automation (RPA) @ Delhi & Gurgaon

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Robotic Process Automation training course is a dedicated program developed by SLA Consultants India for aspiring candidates who wish to become a professional RPA developer in their career. Robotic Process Automation refers to the technology that allows people to develop an application that could perform large data analysis, process various responses, manipulate data and communicate with other systems. It is currently one of the most revolutionary and most desirable technologies employed by millions of organizations all over the world in order to save a lot of time, effort and money during their big desktop processes. The specialized program is targeted who wish to make a career in data analysts and working professionals who wish to develop and enhance skills and expertise to create robotic process automation applications in order to automate various processes to increase production rates and improve the quality of the work. The training course includes 8 different modules where the participants will receive comprehension on process Studio, process flow, inputs and outputs, object studio come and management, case management, and additional features. Since large-scale industries are utilizing this technology to perform high volume functionalities, RPA has incredible scope in the current business market, which is expected to increase in the near future. If you are also looking to make a career in the same field, then we recommend you to join our high-quality Robotic Process Automation training course in order to achieve your career goals. We are a leading training institute located in New Delhi and NCR, aiming to help struggling applicants and working professionals achieve their career goals of acquiring promising job opportunities by learning quality skills and expertise.

Programme Highlights


Industry acceptable certification for all training which help fresher/Experienced to up-skill at corporate.

Experienced Faculty

Industry Expert Sr. Lead Analyst / Robotics Technical Experts With 10+ Years provide workshop session @ SLA

Placement Assistance

After completion of 70% training our dedicated placement team arrange interview till placement.

Lab Facility

Practical Training help to gain exposure like corporate level with technical test series.

Workshop Sessions

Real time projects & best case study makes SLA workshop very unique and lively for learners.

Admin Support

For Learner's, Our admin team fresh batch schedule/re-scheduling classes/arrange doubt classes.

We have developed this course in order to deliver the most effective and quality Robotic Process Automation training in Delhi and NCR region through our professional and experienced instructors, the latest and updated course material, outstanding learning environment along with many unique and innovative features that make this course a must for aspiring candidates. The short-term job oriented training course will help you acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge as per the requirements of the IT/ITES/KPO/BPO industries. It covers various robotic process automation concepts which would allow you to develop applications in order to ease the functionalities of the company. This includes running a process, process validation, process flow,  data types, input and output parameters, object studio, exceptional handling, work queue management

During the course, the participants will learn automation and scripting knowledge, develop test and validate automation scripts, perform data analysis on large data, leverage skills in passing data, learn about branching in a workflow, debug workflow, user interface automation and data inputs and much more. Our corporate trainers offer good command over various RPA tools that allow the participants to work with visionary stakeholders in order to diminish the cost and accelerate the business process with flexibility. Running a process, process flow, inputs and outputs, error management course, case management and object Studios are some of the major concepts that you will learn during the training. The additional features of the robotic process automation training course include real-time training session under expert supervision, admin support for rescheduling classes and clearing any doubts, projects, and assignments, handouts, and workshops and hundred percent job placement assistance.

Fastening the business process is considered one of the top priorities of every business industry. With the help of Robotic Process Automation technology, companies can achieve magnificent growth in their business processes through developing applications that could automate the business processes by integrating existing applications. It increases the performance of the business process by enhancing the productivity and quality which is not possible through labour work workforce.  Learning Robotic Process Automation can be very useful for the learners as it could help them develop a strong presence in the business industry. Below are mentioned some of the most solid reasons for why learning robotic process automation is quite worthy in the current business market.

  • RPA seems to be developing various career opportunities in the business industry, which participants can take advantage of in order to lead a successful career.
  • An RPA developer earns a much better salary.
  • It helps the company to automate the desktop process and eliminate repetitive tasks that increase the expense and time, thus enhancing your significance in the company.
  • The growth opportunities in the Robotic Process Automation field is extremely superior. Upon finding a promising job opportunity, the candidates can easily ladder up to the more advanced job profile.
  • It is used extensively in various business sectors such as banking, BPO, Telecom, Information technology-enabled services, knowledge process outsourcing (KPO), etc.

There is no doubt that pursuing a career in robotic process automation can prove to be a big step in your career, and to make sure you achieve your goals, it is necessary to join a quality and accredited training institute like SLA Consultants India where you can get the best and industry-focused knowledge with certification to showcase your strength to the recruiter.

Course Duration: 30 - 40 HRS with Highly Skilled Corporate Trainers
(Robotic Process Automation (RPA)) for 8 Modules - Weekdays / Weekend

SLA Consultants India - Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Certification Training Delivery Method:

Web / Desktop Base.
Instructor-Led Classroom Sessions.
Presentations/Demonstration/Practicals of concepts.
Handouts/Assignments/Real-time Exposure to working on Clients.

NOTE: Classes Are Also Available On Module Basis

programme modules

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • 1.1 Running a Process
  • 1.2 Basic Skills
  • 1.3 Process Validation
  • 1.4 Decision Stage
  • 1.5 Calculation Stage
  • 1.6 Data Items
  • 2.1 Circular Paths
  • 2.2 Controlling Play
  • 2.3 Set Next Stage
  • 2.4 Breakpoints
  • 2.5 Collections and Loops
  • 2.6 Pages for Organization
  • 3.1 Input Parameters
  • 3.2 Stepping and Pages
  • 3.3 Data Item Visibility
  • 3.4 Data Types
  • 3.5 Output Parameters
  • 3.6 Start Up Parameters
  • 3.7 Control Room
  • 3.8 Process outputs
  • 4.1 Creating a Business Object
  • 4.2 Application Modeler
  • 4.3 Spying Elements
  • 4.4 Attributes
  • 4.5 Attribute Selection
  • 4.6 Launch
  • 4.7 Wait
  • 4.8 Timeouts
  • 4.9 Terminate
  • 4.10 Write
  • 4.11 Press
  • 4.12 Attach and Detach
  • 4.13 Read
  • 4.14 Actions
  • 4.15 Action Inputs and Outputs
  • 4.16 Data Items as inputs
  • 5.1 Exception Handling
  • 5.2 Recover and Resume
  • 5.3 Throwing Exceptions
  • 5.4 Preserving the current exception
  • 5.5 Exception Bubbling
  • 5.6 Exception Blocks
  • 6.1 Work Queues
  • 6.2 Queue Items
  • 6.3 Work Queue Configuration
  • 7.1 Collection Actions
  • 7.2 Choice Stage
  • 7.3 Logging
  • 7.4 Log Viewer
  • 7.5 System Manager
  • 7.6 Process Grouping
  • 7.7 Export and Import
  • 7.8 Release Manager – Packages and Releases
  • 8.1 Data Item Initialization
  • 8.2 Data Item Exposure (Environment Variables)
  • 8.3 Casting
  • 8.4 Code Stage
  • 8.5 Initialize and Cleanup
  • 8.6 Attribute Match Types
  • 8.7 Dynamic Attributes
  • 8.8 Active Accessibility
  • 8.9 Global Clicks and Keys
  • 8.10 Credentials
Please find the RPA Training Course Details.

Duration of the Module:-

Course Module Course Duration
Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 30 – 40 Hours




Who Are The Trainers for this course?

Corporate trainers who will be teaching you 8 separate modules of the RPA training course. They are highly experienced and certified corporate trainers with incredible knowledge of the field, allowing the learners to comprehend its concepts profoundly and become a professional that would make the complex requirements of the business industries.

Why does my organization need an automation platform?

Business organizations that require developing various processes on a regular basis can employ the services of robotic process automation as it would help them reduce the time of the business process by removing the repetitive tasks and increasing the quality of the work done.

How will Robotic Process Automation benefit my career?

Learning Robotic Process Automation can make you one of the most daring candidates in the business market due to the increasing significance of RPA in large business enterprises. The process helps these companies to accelerate their desktop process and increase their productivity, thus making you an irrepressible asset for the company.

Does RPA Certification Training beneficial for career?

Acquiring RPA certification from SLA Consultants India would make you an experienced and trained professional that would help you attract the attention of the employer during the interview and give you a competitive edge over other candidates. Furthermore, your professional experience and knowledge received from RPA certification would also help you grow your career a certain Heights in a relatively less time.

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