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Cake PHP Training @ Delhi & Gurgaon

Inquiry for Cake PHP Training

Cake PHP Training Course is another PHP Framework Training provided by SLA Consultants India to strengthen the ability of the students to deliver high quality and responsive web development. Our Cake PHP course will enhance your PHP skills in web and app development using Cake PHP open source that is very easy and reliable framework for PHP programming. Our course is taught by teachers who have been doing this job for decades and have the curiosity to help students in any way possible. The Cake PHP Certification is just the right course you need if you want to see yourself a professional programmer in the future.

Programme Highlights


Industry acceptable certification for all training which help fresher/Experienced to up-skill at corporate.

Expert Trainer

Expert CakePHP Engineer Lead with 8-10 Yrs of helps you for rapid and enormous application development.

Placement Assistance

After completion of 70% training our dedicated placement team arrange interview till placement.

Lab Facility

Practical Training help to gain exposure like corporate level with technical test series.

Workshop Sessions

Real time projects & best case study makes SLA workshop very unique and lively for learners.

Admin Support

For Learner's, Our admin team fresh batch schedule/re-scheduling classes/arrange doubt classes.

Cake PHP Training is a highly beneficial course for students and working professionals who want to become an expert in PHP coding and wish to build a promising career ahead. The course will enable you to perform in a structured and rapid manner without losing flexibility and accuracy. SLA Consultants India offers the candidates with all the vital means including trained and certified instructors who will assist you open doors for a brighter future in IT field. Our main aim is to help you gain the professional knowledge of Cake PHP in order to build an essential web application for your company with minimal effort.

The Cake PHP Training will provide you vital information on

  • Installing and configuring Cake PHP, layout and components
  • MVC pattern, using models and controllers along with installation process.
  • Configuring Cake PHP and setting it up with apache environment and database.
  • Utilising Cake components, understanding behaviour and cake conventions.
  • Building models, tables and updating data in the user defined functions along with data validation.
  • Using controllers and interacting with views and models.
  • Understanding Helpers, Javascript, Ajax and working with the cache.

Benefits Cake PHP training will provide:

  • Easily build innovative web applications using various tools and techniques at a minimal time.
  • It will save the business owner a lot of money and important resources as it is the free and open source.
  • Organised code structure allows the programmer to easily produce codes from top to bottom.
  • Cake PHP is very active and has a friendly community with easy licensing.
  • It is compatible with PHP version 4 and 5 and offers fast and flexible templating.
  • Offers a greater job scope as compared to many other programming languages.

Course Duration: 30-35 HRS with Highly Skilled Corporate Trainers
(Cake PHP Training) for 8 Modules - Weekdays / Weekend

SLA Consultants India - Cake PHP Certification Training Delivery Method:

Web / Desktop Base.
Instructor-Led Classroom Sessions.
Presentations/Demonstration/Practicals of concepts.
Handouts/Assignments/Real-time Exposure to work on Clients.

NOTE: Classes Are Also Available On Module Basis

programme modules

Cake PHP Training Course

  • Importance of Cake
  • OOPs Programming
  • Encapsulation and inheritance
  • Abstract classes and objects
  • Class constants
  • Models
  • Views
  • Controllers
  • Working with database
  • Setting up Cake PHP
  • Scaffolding
  • Helpers
  • Set up routines
  • Designing database
  • CRUD operations
  • TMP folder for Cake
  • Default behavior of MVC
  • Naming controllers, views and models
  • Best practices
  • Convention over configuration
  • Core components and behavior
  • Create views in Cake PHP
  • Launching Bake to build views
  • CRUD Views
  • User interaction
  • Form submission
  • HTML Form
  • Pagination
  • Methods for reading, finding and saving
  • HTML Helper
  • Cake’s in-built helpers
  • Form, Ajax, Javascript Helpers
  • Paginatior, Session and Text Helpers
  • Reverse Routing
  • Rewriting URLs in the Router
  • Admin Routing and Route Parameters
  • Using Components
  • Authentication
  • Session, cookie, email, vendors
  • Installing third party plugins
  • Data sources and behaviors
  • Live Project

Please find the Cake PHP Course Duration

Course Module Course Duration
Cake PHP Training 30 – 35 Hours




What is CakePHP?

Written in PHP, Cake PHP is referred to an open source web application framework. No doubt, it is one of the highly admired web application development solutions, as it offers an easy as well as efficient coding platform for the purpose of security. It also reduces the costs related to project development, its quick development features boosted productivity. Moreover, it is a time saver option and it has flexible development standards. Immensely motivated by the Ruby on Rails technology, these days it is used by several businesses all over the world to offer dynamic web applications.

How to install CakePHP?

Installing an innovative Cake application is straightforward and needs very little configuration to garb and running fast. Just keep in mind to unload the main Cake install file and rename the consequential folder to whatever you desire your application to be named. By read-through the welcome screen, you can find out whether Cake is running properly or whether a localhost mistake is present. Removing errors is not too hard. Just place the permissions properly or regulate your Apache server configuration to hold Cake, and those errors must, in most cases, vanish. Your Cake application will need a few system routines which include getting ready the tmp folder, modifying the Security.salt value in the core design, and connecting Cake to a working record. Once the routines are end, your application will be all set be extended by making views, models as well as controllers.

What is Object Relational Mapping?

Object-relational mapping (ORM) is a right mechanism that turns it easy to address access and control objects without having to think how those objects linked to their data sources. ORM allows programmers to maintain a constant view of objects over time, even as the sources that send them, the sinks that get them and the applications that contact them transform.

What is OOPs?

Object-oriented programming (OOP) is a well known programming language model managed around objects instead of "actions" and data relatively than logic. Previously, a program has been noticed as a logical process that takes input data, works on it, and creates output data. The main challenge of the programming is how to write down the logic and not how to classify the data. Object-oriented programming takes the analysis that what we actually care related is the objects we wish to influence rather than the logic necessary to control them.

What are drawbacks of CakePHP?
  • The certification for CakePHP surely requires some job.
  • In the way of using CakePHP, one requires to update the default routes for making Fancy URLs. If evaluated with other frameworks named as Symfony, CakePHP directly loses battles.
  • Some people think that CakePHP is easier to learn. However, they haven’t come across frameworks which include CodeIgniter which turns learning all quite easier!
What is Zero configuration?

A zero-configuration network is refers to an IP network that is arranged without making use of any manual configuration or even configuration servers. This system helps somebody without networking proficiency to join computers, printers and similar network devices and get automatic network functionality. Moreover, the automatic functions comprise allocating IP addresses, changing domain names and IP addresses, and locating services which include printing without using a directory service.

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