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Laravel PHP 5 Framework Training

  • Importance and usage of Laravel
  • Request Life Cycle
  • Installing Wamp and Xampp Server
  • Installation and configuration of Laravel
  • Folder Structure
  • Basic Routing
  • Route Parameters
  • Named Routes
  • Route Groups
  • Creating Responses
  • Redirects
  • Other Response Types
  • Introduction
  • Defining Middleware
  • Registering Middleware
  • Middleware Parameters
  • Introduction
  • Basic Controllers
  • Controller Middleware
  • Resource Controllers
  • Dependency Injection & Controllers
  • Opening A Form
  • CSRF Protection
  • Form Model Binding
  • Labels
  • Text, Text Area, Password & Hidden Fields
  • Checkboxes and Radio Buttons
  • File Input
  • Number Input
  • Drop-Down Lists
  • Buttons
  • Custom Macros
  • Generating URLs
  • Introduction
  • Template Inheritance
  • Displaying Data
  • Control Structures
  • Accessing The Request
  • Retrieving Input
  • Files
  • Form Request Validation
  • Working With Error Messages
  • Validating Arrays
  • Available Validation Rules
  • Connecting to the Database
  • Using Raw SQL and Query Builder
  • Database transaction
  • Accessing connections
  • What is Migration
  • Schema Builder
  • Concept of Seeding
  • Eloquent ORM and queries
  • Relationships
  • Sorting and filter
  • Ways Generator
  • Using login and registration system
  • Profile pages
  • Updating and deleting profiles
  • Authentication of profiles
  • Laravel Framework Live Project Session

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What is the best way to learn Laravel?

Laravel is a highly popular PHP Framework and is considered one of the most desired skills any aspiring PHP developer need to have. If you are also looking to become a professional PHP developer, then you need to learn and master Laravel. You can learn Laravel through online YouTube video tutorials where you will get an information on Laravel from the beginning. By practising your learning on your computer, you can increase your skills and understanding of Laravel. However, it would give you a partial knowledge due to lack of interaction with the teacher. Thus, it is highly recommended that you join a reputed training institute where you will receive proper knowledge and training and can clear any of your doubts.

Why is Laravel the best framework?

There are various frameworks that can be used for programming in PHP, however, it is difficult to know which one is the best. However, Laravel seems to be the best PHP framework one could use due to its remarkable features, usability and performance. Some of the main reasons why Laravel is the best framework are:

  • Easy Authorization makes the user configure and implement Laravel easily and organize authorization.
  • Offers remarkable Object oriented libraries which are pre installed in the tool and can be used extensively in PHP.
  • It's Artisan feature that allows the user to easily interact with Laravel framework using the command line.
  • And it's MVC architecture support to clearly define the logic and presentation.
Why should someone use Rails over Laravel?

It would be unfair to differ between  Rail and Laravel as both are a different programming language. Rail works for Ruby while Laravel is for PHP. Some prefer Ruby while other prefer Laravel and thus, the concentration on each tool varies dramatically. However, if you still want to know why use Rails over Laravel, then below are mentioned few points which could help you:

  • Rail framework is quite mature and develops high-end product easily and effectively, beating the PHP capabilities.
  • PHP is quite frustrating and is generally avoided by the developers, thus Rails are more preferred over Laravel.
  • Programming in PHP is often meet with high errors, causing delays and frustration, which is not the case with Ruby. Rails help the programmer to write effective codes.
What is the Laravel framework? Is it a CMS for PHP?

Laravel framework is free and open source PHP web framework that supports MVC architecture and allows the user to build programs using PHP language easily. No, it is not a CMS as CMS refers to complete application filled with different functionalities that helps the user to perform various functions. Whereas framework helps the user to develop that application. Thus, Laravel is not a CMS but it can be used to develop a CMS where the developer has to write everything on their own. A common example of a CMS is WordPress, which can be used by anyone in order to develop a blog that performs many functions, however, not everyone can use Laravel without training.

What is the best book to learn the PHP Laravel framework (for newbies)?

Books can play an important role in learning PHP Laravel framework, but only if they are used alongside a reliable training you are receiving. There are many PHP Laravel books you can study as a beginner which will help you understand the basic concept of the programming tool and strengthen your base for advanced learning. These books include Laravel: From Apprentice To Artisan by Taylor Otwell, Laravel official docs, Learning Laravel 5 building a practical application by Nathan Wu and Laravel: Code Bright by Dayle Rees. These books are designed to help the beginner who has no previous knowledge of programming, understand PHP and programming using Laravel.

Is Laravel the best PHP framework?

Yes, Laravel is the best PHP Framework which is used currently by millions of PHP developer all over the world. It comprises with built-in database query builder to develop and manage a database that supports database tools like MySQL, SQL Server, etc. Laravel also support unit testing, which is rare in frameworks, allowing the user to test each feature individually and eliminate bugs. It's Artisan command line interface is one of the most powerful and unique features that help the user to perform any function using the command line. Other best features of Laravel include Lumen, REST API, Envoyer, and scaffolding. All this makes Laravel certainly the best PHP framework.

What is a website built on Laravel 5?

If you want to how a website build on Laravel 5 looks like, then below are provided with some websites which you can look out for.

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