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Job Oriented Short Term Basic & Advance Excel Course

MIS & Data Analysis in Excel


What is Excel?

Basic/Advanced Underst&ing of Excel, Introduction to Excel, Basic Underst&ing Menu & Toolbar, Introduction to a different category of functions like Basics, Mathematical & Statistical, Date & Time, Logical, Lookup & References, Text & Information.Mathematical Functions, Date & Time Function, Text Functions & Data Validation, Logical Functions

Macros | VBA & Dashboard

DASHBOARD & VBA / Macros Programming Objective, High-Level Overview of the Business, Define KPIs, Customer Service Dashboards, Programming Introduction, Events, Preparing to ‘Macro’, VBE – Features, Options, Intelligence Technology, Debugging Mode, Establish Connection Between – VBA & Internet Explorer, Excel VBA & power presentation to create power point, Excel VBA & Access database to update the data in access

MS – Access & SQL

Access is a relational database management system (RDBMS) from Microsoft that combines the relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine with a graphical user interface & software-development tools.

Access environment & tools, RDBMS, Create Query, Data Migration & Importing, Adding Design side & runtime of Queries, Design side of Forms, create a functional specification

Basic SAS

Introduction to SAS Programming, Basics of SAS, Accessing Data, Creating Data Sets, Data Step Processing, Advanced SAS, SAS Macros, Micro Processing, Accessing Data using SQL, SAS DI Studio, Data Integration, Data Structures, Data Validation, Propagation and mappings, handling for transformations and jobs, Table Loader transformation, slowly changing dimensions

Basic Tableau

Getting started with Tableau, Overview of Tableau, Tableau Architecture, Installation & Configuration of Tableau, Connecting the Data from multiple database (Excel, SQL, MS Access), Tableau Dashboard, Managing Metadata, Parameters & Formatting, Sorting, Filtering & Grouping, Managing Extracts, Data Sources, Cross-Database Joins Data Aggregation & Data Ports

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MIS & Data Analytics

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