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Job Oriented Short Term Java Course Modules

Core Java


Introduction to Java, Introduction to Java Virtual Machine, Overview of Java and Buzzwords, Java Classes and Oop Implementation, Packages and Interfaces, Exception Handling, String Handling, New in Jdk 5/6, Windows Programming, Swing, Event Delegation Model, Applet, Multithread Programming, I/O Streams, Networking, Reflection API

Advanced Java

Collection Framework, Remote Method Invocation (RMI), Database Programming Using JDBC, J2EE Architecture Tier Architecture, UML, XML, Java Servlet, Java Server Pages (JSP) & JSTL, Enterprise Java Beans (EJB – 3.0), Session Beans, Entity Beans, Message Driven Beans & JMS, J2EE Design Pattern, Java Mail, Utilities, Web Server, Application Server

Framework – Spring

Introduction, Spring Application, Spring with IDE, Spring in Myeclipse & Eclipse, IOC container Dependency Injection, Constructor Injection, Autowiring, AOP Terminology, Spring JDBC, RowMapper, Spring MVC, Spring CRUD operation, Security, Spring with ORM, Spring Integration

Framework – Hibernate

Introduction, Architecture, Dialect classes, Cascade, Connection pool, Inheritance Mapping, Relational Mapping, Query Language, Criteria Query Language, Named Query, Native SQL, Caching, Integration(log4j+Spring)

REST Web Services

SOAP vs REST, XML vs JSON, Web Service Provider, Web Service Consumer, Web Services Testing Tool

Design Patterns

Singleton, Abstract Factory vs Factory, Decorator, Command, Front controller, Proxy

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