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Advanced Excel


Lookup & Reference Functions, VLookup, HLookup, Arrays Concept, Text Functions & Data Validation, Logical Functions, Data Management, Analysis, Advanced Chart, Graph & Dashboard, Advanced Filter (Filters (Basic, Advanced, Conditional), Sort (Ascending, Descending, Cell/Font Color), Conditional Formatting, Data Validation, Group & Ungroup, Data Split. Pivot Table and Charts, Import and Export Data, Protect/Unprotect Sheets/Workbooks, Worksheet Formatting, and Print Display)

Advanced Dashboard & VBA / Macros Programming Objective

Define KPIs, Customer Service Dashboards or Project Management Dashboard (Gantt Chart), logical thinking flowcharts & algorithms, Data Types, Constants, Arrays, Operators, Expressions, Loops, Logic Decisions & Power of Macros, Form Controls vs. ActiveX Controls, For-Next, If-Then-Else, Use of Arrays in VBA programming, Effective Error Handling, Testing and Debugging Your Code, Connection between Excel VBA & other platforms

Financial Modeling

>Exercise/model in excel, Understanding Business Model, Creating a Financial Model Template, Modeling Assumptions, Infusion of debt and equity, Creating macros and Breaking Circular Loops, Modeling the Depreciation Schedule, Modeling Working Capital Tax Modeling, Modeling MAT and MAT credit, Custom formatting for checks and balances, Creating and Modeling financial statements, Understanding the Project Finance Mode, Understanding the Escrow Arrangement, Risk and contractual arrangement to Mitigate Risk, Making modeling assumptions, Calculating viability & returns

Equity Research

Equity Research theory and apply, big picture of equity research, equity research is fun, Prepare Equity Research Model, Prepare a blank excel sheet with separate Income Statement, Balance Sheet and Cash Flows and use neat formats, historical financial statements, adjustment for non-recurring items, Perform the Fundamental Analysis, Prepare Equity Research Financial Model, Forecast the financial model, Balance the balance Sheet, Valuations, Discounted Cash Flows, Calculate FCFF, Calculate WACC, Suggest “Undervalued” or “Over-valued”, Calculate Target Price – Based on DCF & Relative Valuations

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Financial Modeling Training

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