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PHP Full Stack


Frontend – UI – Part I HTML5, basic XHTML tags, Adobe Dreamweaver, CSS2, JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3, HTML5, Twitter Bootstrap 3 Framework, Website Hosting, Understanding Compatibility issues, HTML and XHTML|CSS3|Java Script | Jquery |Bootstrap, Backend – PHP & MYSQL, Controlling Program Flow, Loops, Strings, Arrays, Functions, Classes & Objects, Regular Expression, Graphics, Sessions and Cookies, AngularJS, Node.js

MEAN Stack

MongoDB Introduction , CRUD Operations, Mongoose, Extending Models, ExpressJS Introduction & Setup, Routing, Middleware, Debugging, Realtime programming with Socket.io, Scaling nodejs applications, AngularJS, Node.js Introduction, Comprehending, Events and Streams, Express Framework, Creation of web application, Unit Testing, Database and sessions, Scaling Node application, Monitoring and advanced features

Python Full Stack

Introduction to WEB, Core HTML, Advance HTML5, Core & Advance CSS, Core JavaScript, JavaScriptJavaScript, Core & Advanced Python Introduction, Different Modes, Variables, Python Conditional Statements, Loops, Lists, Tuple, Sets, Functions, Bootstrap, Exception Handling, Object-Orientedandling, Class and Objects, Regular Expressions, Django Admin Interface, URL Mapping, DTL, Models, Sending E-mails, Cookies Handling, Static files

Java Full Stack

Frontend – UI – Part 1 – HTML5|CSS3|Java Script|Jquery|Bootstrap, HTML and XHTML, HTML attributes, Adobe Dreamweaver, CSS2 , JavaScript, JQuery, CSS3, HTML5, Twitter Bootstrap 3 Framework, Website Hosting, SEO, Angular2, AngularJS UI – Part II, Core & Advanced Java, Java Virtual Machine, Java and Buzzwords, Classes and Oop Implementation, J2EE, Framework – Spring & Hibernate, MongoDB Introduction, CRUD Operations in Mongodb, CRUD Operations, Python

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